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Today, while driving out to the countryside with my new boyfriend, we came across a deer lying in the road. It seemed badly hurt, but instead of letting me get out and make sure, my boyfriend decided to just run over its head to finish it off, then continued driving with a smirk on his face. FML
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At least he ended its suffering

Sorry, I accidentally down voted your comment with my clumsy thumb. I agree that although it may not have been the most humane way to put it out of it's misery, if the poor thing was hit by a car to begin with it probably wouldn't have made it, and would have spent the last few hours of its life in agony. As a police officer, my dad often times has to put down deer at the side of the road that have been hit. Sad business :(

true, at least he ended its suffering, but smirking about it afterwards made him a dick.

#11 - would your father get a smirk on his face after doing so? I am guessing no.

There is also a fairly good chance that the deer would kick OP if she went out and took a closer look. Those things can kick hard... it can easily be fatal. I hate to admit it, but what the boyfriend did was better than what OP was going to do. Not that I think it was the right thing to do in the slightest. Driving around makes sense, while informing authorities. Driving over its head does not, and DEFINITELY not smirking afterwards. FYL OP, but he DID potentially just save your life!

driving around it and waiting for authorities? that's just making it suffer longer.

I don't understand why 38 is downvoted? I would dump the guy - this FML shows that he's cruel and finds the pain of animals funny, judging by the smirk. I personally would never be able to be with someone who could commit such an act and then have the audacity to smirk afterwards.

Yeah escape while you can OP. It starts with devaluing the life of animals... Then it's people

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It was horrible, and he is a dick for enjoying it. But as someone has already pointed out, he ended the deer's suffering. And he also probably saved OP from injury. Never approach a wounded, wild animal.

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He enjoyed it. That's the problem. she should leave him ASAP.

You people think that dumping people and suing everyone solves everything

This would definitely be a deal breaker for me! Especially in a new relationship. Anyone who treats animals like shit, is definitely not someone I want to associate myself with.

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PLOT TWIST: the smirk was a grimace and you're all judgmental douches who thinks that the way they think is best! bonus: you think doing one thing defies the rest of you life! what did you win? a braaaand new car! (excuse the deer blood)

#154, how does him ending its suffering, by killing it mercifully, show he finds their pain amusing? He was smirking because of their argument. The deer could have killed her if she'd gotten out, gored her with its antlers if it had been a buck, though seeing as he ran over its head, it was likely a doe, or they would have punctured the tires. He "won the argument," ended the creatures suffering, and continued on his way.

I understand what you mean about the smirk, but enjoying the pain of animals? If anything the boyfriend did the deer a favor. I wouldn't want to live my last hours in agony. And when you say cruel, running over the head of an injured deer sounds cruel but at least it was quick.

One of the first signs of evil. Intentionally hurting or killing animals. Run OP.

Now if she had been dating a bag of big dicks it would have been a different story...

#65 I would argue that he was helping it more than hurting it, the deer could have had broken legs in which case it was for the best that he put it out of its misery. Also, killing or hurting animals =/= evil.

But they didn't know if it was injured in the first place.

I wasn't aware that deer enjoy laying on the road in front of cars.

#104 are you insane? You think it's okay to hurt or kill animals? Why would you think that? Did they do anything wrong to you? They have feelings too you know!

Well... animals have to die for us to eat meat. Sometimes an animal will be so sick that a vet will have to put it to sleep, rather than allowing it to suffer. These things aren't evil.

Ending the suffering of a living being is not an evil thing but when someone is smirking after killing an animal I doubt this was at the front of his mind.

Okay, it is weird that he was smirking about that, but he did the right thing with the deer. He put it out of it's misery. He could've left it to suffer in the middle of the road, but he didn't. If the deer wasn't injured, it would've a)run from him or b)not been laying down in the road, as they rarely lay on their side(which I'm assuming it was). (On a distantly related note)As for the people who argue that killing animals is a terrible thing, y'all are entitled to y'all's own opinions, but y'all obviously don't understand ethical hunting. I hunt all types of animals for food and while I look for large animals and enjoy the thrill of putting a animal on the ground, I eat what I kill.

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*sigh* i guess my fishing business is dead. because i smirk when i catch a huge load of fish. i guess i'm a monster. forever shall i carry this burden.

And would being a hunter, who kills deer to feed myself make me evil? I am intentionally killing them because they are over populated, I studied wildlife management for years and I refuse to buy meat; I provide for myself. Granted I kill them humanely with a bullet through the heart and lungs.

if it wasn't injured it won't lay in the street

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I know I am, and I'm okay with that

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You should feel bad, that's horrible

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What 69 meant to say is "you're bad and you should feel bad!" gets the point across better.

#3,#5, and #151 I know plenty of FMLS that would beg to differ, such as the one about the guy yelling at his cat, which he has owned for 14 years, while he was arguing with his girlfriend, and the cat had a heart attack from him yelling and died. Or the other FML about the grandma passing away on someone's shoulder while on the bus. Oh but of course, losing someone close to you must be absolutely hilarious. Granted yea, FML is meant to be funny, but there's some stuff you really need to be serious about, this one included.

Me too. I would have done the same.

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Euthanizing a suffering creature that definitely has no hope of recovering for the purpose of alleviating its pain is humane, but that's completely different than the situation described in the FML. I'm rather perplexed as to how anyone could fail to recognize that, based on the account of the boyfriend's behavior.

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Yeah he's a real ******* hero. Kill first, check to see if actually injured later.

humanish!? he drove on with a smirk on his face! He didn't do it to be humane he did it cause he's an asshole.

Who knows, maybe he felt like he did the right thing and that made him happy, or proud enough, to smirk. Not everyone can kill an animal to spare it a long painful death. Just think of how many people just drop off their dogs to be put down. They don't even go in there with them... Yet I'm sure those are the same people who judge the person that can put down a pain stricken dying animal. Naw.. I'm BSing. OP your bf a sick f*ck lol

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How do yo go from sounding like a reasonably intelligent person to sounding like a dumb 15 year old blonde?

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deer can kick. HARD. even when injured.

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right number six. this is just a bunch of people who don't realize that their food Is slaughtered with metal pins through the brain instead of a real bullet

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You say that like its a bad thing

#8 Which is different than a ***** with annoying emotions, right?

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maybe #28 likes bags with dicks inside of them.

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Who wouldn't like a bag of dicks.

Probably someone who likes when dicks are actually attached to a body.

Oh my gosh! That would be a deal breaker for me and his ass would get dumped on the spot, even if I had to walk home. As a complete animal lover, this does not fly with me and I cannot stand people who have no compassion for animals. Most of the time they're more loving and loyal than humans are.

He may have not had compassion for the deer, but that doesn't mean that what he did was not in the best interest of the deer. If neither of them were vets with treatment equipment on them, getting out and examining the deer would be worse than useless, it could be harmful for both the deer and the people. The deer most likely would have died either way, possibly injuring the people trying to help it in its pain and confusion. By killing the deer, he saved it possible hours of suffering. It may have been the most humane thing to do, but driving off with the smirk kinda proves it was done for the wrong reasons

Yes, I see what you mean, but the smirk is why I said what I said. Plus, if putting the animal out of its misery was his concern, he would've thought of a better, more humane way than running his head over. It's just, I know he didn't do it to be nice. He did it because he is one of those people that find it funny, and that's why he was smirking.

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What more humane way of killing an animal is there outside of offering it an instant death. Even if it didn't die the very second the tire ran over it's head (which I don't think is possible for it not to have, but I mean like it possibly lived for a few seconds), it would have disabled it from feeling pain with the nervous system no longer intact. A gunshot would to the head would have accomplished the same thing, except he may have missed. Getting close enough to the deer to shoot it point blank, and remove the possibility of missing, would have absolutely terrified it, it may have tried to run despite it's pain. Going into the woods, where it was beyond anyone's help only to die slowly; having it humanely euthanized would require the same risk but involve taking the poor thing in the car to the vet. If it even fit, or he drove a truck, it would have been traumatized and died in pure terror. Better it should die instantly without causing it more undue stress, it was best for the animal, even if it wasn't done with those intentions.

couldn't have agreed with you anymore. I'm far more compassionate towards animals than I am towards human! although he had to do what he had to do! instant death is better then painful suffering for hours or even worse days on end.. I guess he did the poor deer a favour...

While I agree that a quick death is fair, that deer would have been terrified seeing the car coming at it and not being able to run away.

What he could have done was contact a local animal rescue to see if they could help. I've volunteered at different rescues, and they all would have gone to the site and tried to save it. For all we know, the problem was a broken bone or something else that would be able to heal.

Killing a deer without knowing if it's actually injured in the first place is not humane, it's ******* meatheaded.

Now you know the another side of him which is cruel since he don't even bother helping the deer out but instead just ran over it. F the deer life honestly.

how was he going to help it. pick it up, put it in his truck, drive to the vet and have the vet put it down. Oh and take the chance of the deer kicking out at his stomach or neck, because they do, and possible cutting an artery or eviscerate him. yeah fun times.

Not to mention having the poor deer be in pain for much much longer with the same ultimate fate.

Mercy killing is acceptable when it comes to animals, however one should never enjoy the act. You've seen a side of him you haven't before, and I have to tell you this is an indicator that he's dangerous, perhaps even sociopathic. My ex abused animals physically before he started abusing me physically. You need to get out of that relationship as soon as possible before things get out of hand.

I've run into this type of human scum, too; your advice is spot on. Anyone who enjoys (and shows he enjoys!) this kind of kill is someone to get far, far away from. Now.

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My sister dated a guy like that. He would often hit her puppy when she did something wrong. After that, he started to hit my sister,

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I had a creepy foster sister like that. She would hurt little animals first by breaking legs or just trying to put them in massive pain before death, and I think she really was a psychopath. Eventually she started hurting little kids with knives and finally after she stabbed some little girl at the park, the cops were called (along with the older sibling who wanted revenge) and she was finally removed from the house. I also noticed that she would only pick on those weaker than her. Those who were smaller and didn't really have a chance were her prime targets. She couldn't be trusted to be left alone with little kids, babies or any animals for that matter without one of them or all of them getting hurt from "unknown" reasons. I also noticed that whenever the older siblings or parents caught on to her, suddenly she wasn't the big person and she shrunk down. She would be quiet and wanted to get away as fast as possible so she herself could avoid getting into fights with anyone bigger or stronger than her, because she didn't want to get hurt and didn't til orate pain well. My ex was the same way. Good thing both people are out of my life now. She literally scared me, and he was getting real Close to that point. Oops, sorry for the long post. Didn't realize it would be soo long. :/

Don't y'all think that's a little bit of a stretch? I'm sorry it happened to y'all, but that just... Seems like an overreaction to me. Enjoying the death of an animal really isn't all that terrible. Fishing and hunting both involve killing animals and people immensely enjoy the thrill of it - doesn't mean they're sociopaths. Also, every single time you eat a hamburger or any sort of meat and enjoy it... You're enjoying an animal's death. Of course the circumstances in this FML were a little bit different but I doubt that he's a sociopath.

I am not an animal lover (they terrify me) but if I were OP I would dump him on the spot for that, that is just evil

So a cute little innocent puppy terrifies you? lol

Yes I am, once a puppy attacked me with their cuteness and I've never been the same

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my granddad had a heart attack from the show "mlp" ******* fluttershy