By Anonymous - 30/05/2015 07:28 - United States - Plainview

Today, while driving home from work, I saw my boyfriend mugging a woman on the sidewalk. FML
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Should have hit him with your car like GTA.

juturnaamo 29

Because it would've been fine if he had been mugging a man?


Should have hit him with your car like GTA.

Or should have broke up with him.

in GTA you'd be running over the woman, not the mugger ;)

In GTA you are the mugger lol

And he would have saved himself like a pedestrian in midtown madness

in GTA she would have pulled out a flamethrower

moh907 10

Am I the only one who goes after the mugger in GTA?

Now why would you JUST break up?

I do too sometimes.

but in GTA I always hit both...

In Soviet Russia, you'd be the woman.

christinamarie17 29

97, it would have been funnier if you said something like in soviet Russia, pedestrian mugs you!

#20: well you must be fun at parties. you stupid twat

MdMan2 23

Sorry about that, OP. Sounds like you need to have a long talk with him.

Maybe I'm just a really fast talker or something, but "You're dumped" doesn't seem like it'd take very long to get across.

What the hell is wrong with you?! You're basically saying "Don't call the cops, just break up instead!"

sonasonic 34

I'm sure a talk would snap him right out if his deadly criminal tendencies, among other things.

69, assuming you're talking to me, that's not what I'm saying at all. I was replying to MdMan's moronically naive opinion that a long, meaningful chat with a scumbag mugger is a good way to go. Of course she should report him to the police.

If he's disrespectful to other women he does not deserve you

juturnaamo 29

Because it would've been fine if he had been mugging a man?

If he's mugging someone he deserves to be arrested

because disrespecting a certain gender is the problem a hand here....not the fact that he's MUGGING a PERSON, right?

sonasonic 34

Awww the gender discrimination is cute. Not.

Guys, stop being dicks. There's a good chance the asshole picked his victim in part or wholly because she was female, since, as a member of the physically weaker sex, she'd be less capable of defending herself than a man. That's what violent criminals do. They are opportunistic and therefore prey on those who pose the least amount of threat to them. Part of respecting women is not brutalizing them and taking advantage of their physical disadvantages. That is clearly what #3 meant. And she's absolutely right. If this piece of shit is capable of brutalizing one woman, he's likely to brutalize another.

rabid_otaku 29

He should've gone to a Dane Cook show instead. I love me some Dane Cook.

the actual ****?

Yeah...I'm pretty sure both are illegal.

mif_fml 27

well.. yes.. but very inappropriate comment nonetheless.

I'm going to down vote you #4. Better than sucker punching you.

What if it was another man

That's pretty disturbing, #4. But everyone's entitled to their sick preferences.

I swear this comment was about rape the last time I checked the app.

It was. FML staff cleaning after the sick minds. Nothing new in there!

We're talking about the FML, then all of sudden you just jump in about how you love Dane Cook. EXPLAIN!

I think both sounds like a good option.

Dane Cook is the Little Caesars Pizza of standup. You can't possibly get any worse

Friends, comment #4 was originally a comment about rape, and then the moderators changed it to be about Dane Cook. We don't need none dat ish on this site.

Well now he hopefully doesn't have a girlfriend to spend any of that money on.

sonasonic 34

Or better yet, the freedom to use the money at all.

Stop him and say, "No no no, what have I told you?! You're doing it wrong. In the Alleyway sweetheart. If I see you mugging a lady on the side walk in plain sight again, you're sleeping on the couch!"

tantanpanda 26

"stop stop stop. you're going to get arrested. besides, you're mugging him wrong." -edited version of Hermione Granger

Time to look for another boyfriend

You should have run him over.

Which would send only one person to jail and the other to a grave.

I guess that's your ex-boyfriend now? That's messed up

Now your "X" boyfriend?!

Please explain why you just said that. Please?