By Anonymous - 31/10/2011 16:22 - United States

Today, I convinced my teacher to let me resit a very important test I failed. I got a lower score the second time around. FML
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you should try this new cool thing, it's called STUDYING REALLY HARD (:

Hopefully you're learning golf.


if you had another chance, a chance you asked for yourself, you should learn your ass off

N that my friends is the definition of hopeless

ducttapewallet 7

Was the test on quantum physics? Jesus...

crazychick1269 7

hey most people study really hard and just blank out due to nervousness when taking the test:(

n_epic_fail 14

Then you better start busting your balls, and if your lucky (and pray like it's Jesus's second coming) McDonalds MIGHT hire you.

Hopefully you're learning golf.

ikickgingers 15

I feel like a joke about the back nine and a ball washer should be put into play...

had sex with him/her for nothing.

Doesn't matter, had sex, so it wasn't for nothing.

you should try this new cool thing, it's called STUDYING REALLY HARD (:

ask yur teacher for another retake

I'm kind of ashamed to have the same first name as you. -.-

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Yeah right...

CookieMonstr19 0

Are you,by any chance, home-schooled. I don't think u understand how teachers work.

You my friend, are retarded.

Pinkkmissymoo 7

49- why the fuck would you say that? No matter how dumb op is, like wtf? would YOU like it if who you were was used as an insult? Jus sayin.

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I think 49 wouldn't give a fuck

Do you understand that the teacher was being extremely nice by giving a retake in the first place? Usually if you get a bad grade you have to suck it up and study your fuckin balls off for the next five tests to bring your average up

Third times the charm?

GVirdi 11

I honestly don't get how u get so many thumbs up by implying OP shud retake again but megan_love gets so many thumbs down for saying OP shud retake again o:

Because im being sarcastic dumbass

Solution: Do work.

Did you even try to study?

Usually you study for a retake...usually

Snowstar 0

Didn't you know at least some correct answers from the first one?

Maybe he answered randomly the first time xD so he couldn't know which were correct or not..