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Today, after recently moving to America as I've always dreamt of, I saw my first, majestic deer. My boyfriend slammed it with the rental car. FML
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You make it sound like he did it on purpose.

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How many points do you get for hitting a majestic deer?

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So you come to America and run over our deer huh? I see how it is.

I'm coming for your boyfriend OP. Why does everyone hate on deer?

41 your pic and comment is an awesome combo!

where I come from you get a ticket for hitting a dear if it isn't dear season or you don't have a tag or you hit it at night

Get used to it, you will run into bambi a lot

Did he alteast keep it, clean it, and get it processed?

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Road kill... An American staple. Yum yum! I love the winter when you dont need to worry about spoilage. Fur for a blanket and meat for the belly- and it's free! Can't go wrong there. ;)

Come up by where I live. They're in my yard every morning. The dear are the ones that hit our cars there's so many

I was hoping the first comment would be "America, **** Yeah!"… Sadly, it was not.

Where the hell do you live California it's not like you are hunting the deer with your vehicle most states if you hit one you can call the game ranger and when they pick it up you can go pick up the meat form them

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Land of the free and home of... slaughtered deer and broken dreams. :0

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This isn't the land of the free I came here seeking religious freedom to practice nudism I got a fine for exposing myself in public and a month in jail

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I'm still baffled by who the hell dreams of moving to America..

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67- People who don't have it quite as good as you do. I bet if you lived Africa your whole life you'd be plenty happy to move here to America.

People who don't like your Harry Greek men and big nosed Greek women!

59- Sorry, I meant to thumb down your comment.

Spoiled rotten Americans who say this country sucks... Ignorance at it's best. Welcome to the greatest country on God's green earth.

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84 idk why bash on Africans when you probably have no idea how they live. You probably have only seen commercials on tv and based your hypothesis on that. Cause I have a friend that says he likes Africa better. Just saying.

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121- Wow. You're an ignorant **** aren't you? Grow up in most parts of Ethiopia and come back later.

121- yeah. I totally forgot the word of one friend makes all the starvation, disease, and genocide just randomly go away. Somebody call the press. It's breaking news

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Just curious 129&134 have you guys been to Africa or did you get this all from the media?

I just love these comments. I have family living in africa (north) and most of them have alot more money than we do. I assume that you guys are talking about the other countries in Africa. You should be more specific instead of thumbing down the others. You do realise that africa is a continent and that there are huge differences between the countries.

158- just curious, did you get as stupid as you are from the media?

Quite a bit of Africa is pretty harsh though. Perhaps where your relatives live IS better, but I'm pretty sure the majority of the continent is in turmoil.

To all the people who are saying that America is full of ignorant people, as an American it is full of them, yes there is much that people are oblivious to the media manipulates many people but it is better than being under a dictator for anyone living in America there is lots of turmoil between the south and north, states rights are slowly being taken away and a civil war is close and could be set off easily if it continues going this way and every one saying all of Africa is bad no it is not but yes many places are very poor my sister just came back from Kenya and yes they do have less luxuries but many of the people are happy with there families and are very close together.

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In America, it's spelled "know".

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70 It's spelled "no" in the context he used it in. However I think he meant "hell no".

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Autocorrect might be a bitch, but apparently so is punctuation and proof reading.

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Don't worry topie, I get your Coming to America reference..

Which youtuber is that again? I can't remember exactly who uses it at the end of his videos...

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Well if it was Bambi's mom, then it must've came back from the dead as a zombie deer, so OP's boyfriend saves us from the apocalypse!

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was dasher, dancer or maybe did it have a red nose now whats santa gonna do

You see... this is how we do things in the ol' U.S of A. Now enjoy your meal and watch out for honey badgers. They really don't give a shit.

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In 'Merica we save on bullets by running deer over?

Might as well, more deer are killed by cars every year than bullets....not the smartest of Gods creatures

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24 But we go through a lot of cars though.

Honey badgers really dont give 2 ***** lol

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Where the hell did op come from without deer?

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Nice grammar, nice comment, and most of all... Nice rack...

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don't worry there are plenty of deers I'm sure you will see plenty more : )

i hear venison is great this time of year:P

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Only in America lol. My friend did that the other week. Hope you had insurance!

Ya like other countries don't have deer???????? Americans my God get your head out of your ass, it smells there and your too use to it to realize the Oder!

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170- he never said that other countries dont have deer he simply said that his cousin did that last week and said "hope you have insurance" get your head out of your ass and learn to read!