By Harry - 13/05/2014 22:37 - United States - Milledgeville

Today, I went to a restaurant with my friend, where my credit card got denied in front of everyone. The staff teased me and made me sit in the restaurant while my friend begged for money outside. FML
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You got declined, but your friend has to beg?

So this restaurant lets its staff tease and ridicule in this situation? After being treated like that, I'd be talking to the manager about making the meal free. It's embarrassing enough to get declined; the staff were just being dicks.


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Sorry OP, but you should always check your balance. Technology is great nowadays :)

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I agree! spread the word about this restaurant so we all know where not to go. op needs to tell us the name of this place!

He might not even have no balance. I once tried to pay for something that was £10 when I had over £200 in my account. My card wouldn't work, and I had to borrow money from a friend.

Yea there's actually a bunch of reasons why your card might not work. They shut mine off without notifying me because of the whole Target Scam that happened. I went to buy lunch at school and my card wouldn't go through.

I agree that you should always check but sometime it will get denied for no reason. where I work it happen a lot and half the time it our machines. I have one lady who come in all the time if she swipes her card it gets denied but if we type in her number it works.

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Sometimes, if you make multiple purchases after making a large one, the fraud detection alert will occur and your card will be denied until you call the credit card company.

Put the card in a plastic bag and try swiping again?

Dafuq? Have you guys even used a credit card? You pay it with money you don't have and pay it back with interest. Well if this is in Britain then idk if it's the same thing.

Cards can fail on you in so many ways even if your balance is plentiful. My favorite one is if I make two separate purchases that are the same amount the second won't go through. Gets me every time.

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#93 Have you never heard of a credit limit? You can only spend as much as it allows.

#93 Debit cards also get called credit cards in the states. Debit cards are hooked up to your bank account, so you are spending your money.

You got declined, but your friend has to beg?

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You can offer to clean the dishes.. LOL

#2, you are one of those special people whose comment and profile picture go together perfectly.

I love how your photo and your response match so well together!!! Hilarious! :)

I'd say f your life and f your friends life... He was really taking one for the team by begging for money.

OP probably wasn't allowed to leave the restaurant.

Wow that's really unfortunate. I hope you find out why it didn't work, op.

So there really is no such thing as a free lunch.

Depends. Unfortunately, OP has no boobs. The power contained within a bra is unimaginable.

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In the great words of Kanye, "It's dishes in the back, y'all can't leave."

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Kanye has never said anything great. Never.

"Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed. I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book's autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books." - Kanye West Oh yes, pearls of wisdom there.

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Ok well what about that time when he interrupted t-swift? That was great! Or when he makes uneducated comments about social issues? You can't just deny that kind of greatness. But that's ok to hate, Kanye knows that that don't kill him, can only make him stronger

For some reason, I've noticed Sarcasm doesn't go over well on here. I guess it just goes to show how many people don't always understand it. I thought your Kanye comment was pretty true and funny. He makes a ton of hilariously uneducated comments and he thinks he's brilliant.

It's okay, 26. I read it as sarcasm, and even cracked a smile.

So sorry about that OP but did you guys get the money?

So this restaurant lets its staff tease and ridicule in this situation? After being treated like that, I'd be talking to the manager about making the meal free. It's embarrassing enough to get declined; the staff were just being dicks.

Agreed, and if local management does nothing or was involved call the corporate office.

Agreed! I can't believe how many people aren't mentioning the fact that the staff teased him and the whatnot. Completely unacceptable!

#16 I agree. I can't believe people aren't mentioning how unprofessional and rude the staff was. You don't do that to your customers no matter what.

Unprofessional, true, but if they can't pay then they're as good as deadweight to the restaurant in any case. If I realized I couldn't pay I would EXPECT to be teased about it (mind you, my town is a bit more laid back than most). They'd find a way to settle the bill one way or the other.

Agreed. I work in a grocery store and see people whose cards get declined or who forgot their wallets and can't pay multiple times a day. I would never laugh or embarrass them because aside from being unprofessional it would also be rude and unfair because these things happen to everyone at some point. I highly doubt that none of those servers ever got declined for something. (And yes, I know it's different in a restaurant, but still, no need to be assholes)

So what you re saying is that it's okay to insult customers, gotcha

i hope op left the tip... or the fml community will go all crazy.

Exactly! If I were OP, I'd be writing a bad Yelp review on this place!

I think I'm the only one who gets this! Lmao! I was thinking the same!

How long did it take your friend to have enough money for paying?

What, no option to wash dishes? FYL