By dream_girl_3 - 08/03/2010 09:37 - United States

Today, I let my boyfriend drive my car, knowing that he doesn't have a license. While he was out, he ran a stop sign, collided with another vehicle, and then left the scene of the accident. Then he lied to me about how the accident happened so I "wouldn't be so upset." FML
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you totally deserve this one. you probably knew he is a douchebag and you let him drive your car anyways. he doesn't have a licence for a reason !!!!

First.. YDI you silly bitch


you totally deserve this one. you probably knew he is a douchebag and you let him drive your car anyways. he doesn't have a licence for a reason !!!!

yeah why the he'll is wrong with you lol you don't let people without licenses drive. ydi.

stupid iPod... what* hell*

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Exactlyy .. YDI. You couldnt even think aboutt it first.

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Not an FML! You're an idiot! If your boyfriend is enough of a loser that he doesn't have his own car to drive, or at the very least a license, then why would you think he was responsible enough to lend your car to? This is an FML for the innocent person that he hit!

TrekkieGirl, while the OP did in fact deserve it, it's very ignorant to conclude the boyfriend is a loser. We don't know what his life is like to make such assumptions.

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YDI for being a dumbass..

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@ 31 DerangedFox.... I don't think it was ignorant of me at all to assume that the boyfriend is a loser. The fact that he fled the scene of an accident and was willing to lie about to his girlfriend in regards to what happened with her car, doesn't exactly make him sound like he has his sh*t together. Hence, the loser reference.

ydi.why why why? that's not very sensible at all, you deserved it

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31 yes we can say he's a loser. you're a loser for thinking that not having a licence, running a stopsign, hitting a car, fleeing the scene, then lieing about it isn't justification for calling a person a loser. TOTAL loser is more like it and on top of that it's not even his own car, not only that but his gf's car. dump the loser

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You know this one has potential to be one of the biggest ''You Deserve It'' FMLs of all time. It's just SO stupid. This one's to easy, OP YDI, BIGTIME!

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oh is that how you really feel?

report the car stolen. problem solved.

I agree it is fair to call the bf a loser.... and the OP a dumbass.....

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Amen. My thoughts exactly.

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uhh YDI "knowing that he didn't have his lisences" wow idiot

YDI for trusting someone without a licence to drive your car.

YDI the first thing they teach you in drivers ed it not to let any one drive your car ESPECIALLY if they don't jav a liscense yet. that's stupidity.

how do you blow a stop sign? hablo ingles? it says peckin STOP in bolded caps on a big ass sign, how do you blow a stop sign knowing you'd be in huge shit if you got caught

So true, the fact OP put "knowing he doesn't have a driver liscence" makes me push YDI very hard!

@ 98 I can see blowing a stop sign because I have one time too (yet again I only have my permit) but that is no excuse for blowing it. but if you don't have a license you should be 500% more careful about getting pulled over.

op if you're reading this I HOPE YOUR LICENSE GETS SUSPENDED!!!

o yah 106, I have nearly blown one before, but I was meaning what you said that you need to be 10x more careful if you didn't have a license, sry for not being clear :P

YDI enough said.

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just a few days ago some idiot crashed into my dad's truck causing it to flip over and kept on driving!if he doesn't have a license then don't let him drive! common sense much? also people can get hurt or lose their lives!

@#97 in australia they don't but i am pretty sure they just assume someone who can pass the multiple question test on road rules would not be stupid enough to lend their car to someone not on their insurance policy... let alone someone without a license

Agree with the Sir above. dont expect any sympathy here for stupidity

First.. YDI you silly bitch

Well, I failed on the first part, But. you still deserve it you silly Bitch

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I lol'd

we'll be seeing you on judge judy or some show, looking like a dumbass for giving your keys to a fellow dumbass... pro tip: have him snip snip. you shouldn't be reproducing.

So true!

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ydi for dating a loser.


And for enabling him. He isn't the only one who did something stupid

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you completely deserved this one. in no way will you get pity. you will however get a good revenge method: tell him "no, honey, I'm no upset. I'll bet you're stressed after that wreck. here, let me help:" you proceed to suck him off. get kinky with it too! and then, just before he cums, stop, look up at him, smiling, and say,"okay, we're through!" and then just walk away.

if she blows him for bashing her car he'll take a ******* sledgehammer to it next time...who knows what he'll get by way of 'punishment'

only works if she says "I'm no upset."

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yeeaah, iPhone typing fail on my part LOL

Obviously he doesn't have a license for a reason. I'll bet OP knows why. Probably left the scene of another accident. What a douche.

Oh. I forgot to say... YDI!

Wow, I hope he mans up when the cops coming knocking at your door.

or she can just say he didn't have her permission to take the car, he took the keys and went without asking. He sounds like an asshole, so it won't be a big deal if she adds "grand theft auto" to his list of charges.

Was he driving himself to daycare? He sounds like an immature prick.

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^^ this. what a twat waffle.

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the biggest failure I've seen in awhile! why would you let him drive when he doesn't have one! obviously there is a reason to that. and you just learned first hand.

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Exactly! +1000000 more YDI's.

y is every1 assholes on this. she doesn't deserve it. she was just trying to be nice. not her fault that her boyfriend pulled a dick move

She DOES deserve this because she KNEW he didn't have his license and couldn't legally drive.

Hey, snowking! Do you ask if someone has a license before loaning your car to them? No? Who's the asshole now? DUMBASS! Wait, are you her boyfriend?

ummm yes it is her fault if someone isn't on your car insurance policy they shouldn't drive it ESPECIALLY if they aren't even allowed to drive. it is completely her fault he didn't have a license she knew it she gave him his car now due to his **** up she will be the one in a lot of trouble and its all her bloody fault for being so god damn retarded