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By Bob H. - 26/10/2014 13:54 - Canada - Québec

Today, my son asked for my help with a personal matter. I was flattered that he trusted me, since he's a paranoid, untrusting psycho. Turned out he wanted to use my locksmith skills to break into his ex's house and "teach her a lesson" for breaking up with him after he cheated on her. FML
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dancer824 18

great, in the sense he needs to be locked in a psych ward.

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One plausible cause in this situation is that she tried to break up with him and he wouldn't have it so she just moved on.

acerredrum 23

#78, Really? THAT'S the issue you find with this? Don't get me wrong, cheating is terrible. Compared to breaking into someones house to teach them a lesson though?

OP's name is Bob, and #2 and him have been friends since childhood, but they haven't seen each other in ages. *wipes tear* It really is a beautiful reunion.

@23 too bad it's buried under all those unlikes

At first, my thoughts were "what kind of parents have those thoughts about their own kids?" But then I finished reading it, and ya, this dude needs some help!

I think this kid needs more than just counseling.

A parent that's honest and actually admits what their kid is like a person. I prefer that attitude over our cultural obsession of parents being persecuted for not blindly adoring their children like little gods.

This guy needs more than counselling, he needs serious 24 hour watch professional help. Please see it that he's given serious treatment OP, before he kills his poor ex girlfriend

I think you should have a talk with him...

If the parent already feels that way about his son and under the context given, I think it'd be safe to assume that many talks have already been had.

Son? Either your name is Jason or you need to get your kid some help.

OP's name isn't jason, we've been over this already silly. It's Bob.H

Why all the dislikes? The joke is we know the OP's name is Bob so it isn't Jason, therefore the kid needs some help.

Your son has a very high speech skill if he's able to get you to do that.

imtooshy 18

I'm hoping your response was to tell him that nobody likes to be cheated on and that he totally deserved to be dumped.

nightowl713 25

I hope his response also included why it is never ok to break into someone's home and, "teach them a lesson". I feel out of the two things this^ is much worse, than the cheating, for the ex.

I'm hoping his response involved a call to the local funny farm and police department.

ZY1431 24

but is his reaction due to the dumping or was he a nut job to begin with thats the bigger question

#10, at first, I read your username as I am Tooshy (thinking tushy) then I realised what it really was ^^"

Dude that kid is definitely touched a little bit. You may want to have a serious sit down with him.... And a shrink. Oh and the ex girlfriend sounds kind a slutty. Sorry about that .

11 I think the FML reads that he cheated on her not she cheated on him

So his ex is slutty because HE cheated on her??

#29 refer to #13 and #17's comment. Please and thank you.

If all else fails start from the top and repeat.

Thatguy334 7

Marine does after all stand for Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Expected. Oorah!