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Unless you're driving something that's heavily reinforced at the impact point, a large animal like a deer will usually do much more damage to your vehicle than you will do to it. Just do a Google image search for "deer car accident".

There's an especially nasty one of a deer going through the windshield of a red Durango...

  nitewlf12  |  10

Dude, it was a joke. Chill. I think op realized what hitting a deer can do just by what happened to the side of the car. This guy was just trying to be funny. which he succeeded in by the way. Props bro.

  ViolentBears  |  0

I beg to differ. I used to live in a place with at least 30 deer that would run around in the neighborhood and if you hit one, it'd just get back up and continue on with a broke leg if they even get that. Depending on where OP lives, the deer can be huge to almost moose size compared to the scrawny deer that I was speaking of. You're more likely to damage your car than those deer.

  fthku  |  13

.. Even if you did do more damage to the deer than it did to you, it's KIND of wrong to go on ahead and run over an animal just because you don't wanna stall an extra minute.

By  ViolentBears  |  0

It wasn't really attacking. Deer are nature's clumsy and dimwitted children that you're just better off avoiding. They manage to run into you because they forgot where the scary vehicle was. Who knows what goes on in a deer's mind?