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Today, I hit a deer. The worst part? Papa deer saw me hit mama deer, and proceded to ram into my car. FML
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Oh my gosh! Did you live, Anonymous? I hope you did :(

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I'm pretty sure he's dead. His ghost probably wrote that to tell us what happened to him. Very thoughtful oh him.

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If you live in an area with a lot of deer and you hit one, you aren't necessarily a bad driver. Especially at night. They jump out of the darkness, right in front of your car, and you crash because you don't have enough time to stop. Deer really aren't that smart. Instead of hiding when they see the headlights, they try to cross the road and die as a result. This isn't a YDI. @OP: FYL. But I favorited it anyway because it's funny. (:

Dude, I've never hit a deer either but that doesn't mean they don't leap out at directly in front of cars for some people. I've had some close calls where if they'd jumped out just a little later I probably would have smacked them because there wouldn't have been time to brake, particularly on the highway. I also had a friend who was hit BY a deer because it ran into the side of her car while she was driving. It's not always inattention.

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Not to mention that they normally decide to run out into the road at night, a time when your attention should be on the road and not scanning the surroundings too often. So it's hard to see 'rustling off to the side' when you only have the headlights to show you what's in front of you...

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so a deer has never run out in front of you before? sorry, but most of the time its unavoidable. idiot

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So if you're going 55mph down a stretch of road with woods on either side at night and a deer leaps directly in front of your car and you hit it, it's all your fault? No. I doubt you're going to see any "rustling" in time.

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mercy it kills me how narrow minded you've been in this argument, you think that just because its 40 in your neck of the woods its 40 everywhere? I was driving down I-40 one day in clear daylight and I-40 happened to have woods on one side and the speed limit happens to be 70 through that stretch. and guess what? someone going east while i was going west nailed the **** out of a deer whilst they were in heavy traffic, i'd love to know how that would make them un-prepared or out of focus. You think that when people hit owls at night its their fault? sometimes you don't see shit coming because it would be impossible to avoid.

Can you please tell me how fast you're driving when you manage to avoid hitting a deer there, #59 mercyFML? Because when deers see the lights they run since they can see the road clearly, which is why they almost at all times run in front of your car. BUT if you actually drive faster than 20 mph that bambi is as good as fried. SO either your car has an ultimate brake-system that can make your car stop instantly when you drive fast as hell, or maybe you're just a sissy who never drive faster than 15 mph... I think you are a sexist who think women can't drive just because OP happened to hit a deer, when it's men who mostly does it. So you are indeed a retard who everybody hates and you are probably all alone, ordering 10 pizzas just so a delivery guy think you have friends. On topic: OP, happened to me to, hate those stupid deers. :)

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51- actually at night, deer like to cross the road in light (from headlights) rather than in darkness, which is why they cross in front of cars rather than waiting for them to pass.

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oh my god. i am cracking up right now. hahaha i so remember that. best thing ever. haha

Later after Mercys last post she got in acident.

That's awesome. You should have run the other one over too.

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People eating tasty animals oh wait a minute...

It isn't your fault, Deers always run across roads and you cant avoid them in time. At night they stare at headlights which is the worst part.

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I don't mean to be an ass but you mean deer, right? :D