By thatsasquee - 21/05/2011 06:42 - Canada

Today, I called my mom and I got voicemail: "Hello, this is Joyce. I'm not here at the moment, so leave a message and I will call back as soon as possible. Except if it's Sophie. If it is, get the hell out of my life, biiitch." I'm Sophie. FML
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Such a lovely mother you have, darling...


sounds like someone wasn't happy with their mothers day present.

rawrsofi 5

sounds like someone's mom is really loving.. Gotta love your family!

did it cross anyones mind that OP. probably gave Joyce a reason to say that??

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Get out of her life, bitch.

Such a lovely mother you have, darling...

Xtra_Cheddar 3

Oh, come on, darlings! Leave my fans alone!!

Xquisite1 28

Bad mother or daughter. Which is it?

i dont believe this post one bit... shnanagin!

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Both Edit: love the rainbow avatar

I don't know if you've consciously done anything to deserve that or not, but in any case, having your mother say something like that must hurt. :( Good luck with sorting this out.

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You should've left her a sweet message to make her feel bad, then turned it around and bam bitch move

Either your mother is a oversensitive bitch, or you seriously ****** up somewhere. Or both.

lol i'd probably stop calling her...

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Your mum sounds like a mean bitch. FYL

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The mom just started taking steroids. So she's been having roid-rages, and taking it out on Sophie?