By je suis christy - 09/01/2015 19:04 - Sweden - Stockholm

Today, while heading to the bathroom, I saw my girlfriend putting some lingerie under my bed. I stupidly thought it was for some sexy time later. Well, later on, she dramatically "found" the lingerie and broke up with me. Almost everyone believes her story and thinks I'm a dirty cheater. FML
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I dont understand why people can't just honestly face eachother and breakup simply.

Did you confront her about it? You saw her put it there, call her out on her stupidity... Honestly what kind of moron has to go that far just to break up.


I dont understand why people can't just honestly face eachother and breakup simply.

Because that is just to easy and people like to be the victim of course :/

Some people have no morals. I hope karma bites her nasty ass, OP.

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Some people are very selfish and don't want to be the bad guy. They don't care what they do to the other person to make them look like the victim.

If simply break up, find less sinister and aggressive ways.

Oops my phone froze and took out like a whole sentence from my comment. I dont even know what that was meant to say.

That also takes respect... Which seems to be a dying factor in relationships nowadays.

Honestly, who's she trying to fool? She knows it's fake. OP knows it's fake. Why plant fake evidence in the bedroom unless she planned to bring others there anyway?

She's trying to fool all their mutual friends. That way she gets to keep them. My advice is to let her. Someone that manipulative will eventually screw them over too and they'll realise they were in the wrong.

beacause breaking up is in no way simple. Everything but simple.

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I just felt like I read a scene for a sitcom.

It would be funnier with a laugh track and overdramatic actors, because the situation alone is depressing. Actually, this might have worked on Louie...

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ya a sitcom where the boyfriend posts a fml trying to look innocent but when in reality he did cheat. where's the proof?

#59 why the **** would OP post a FML lying?

Where's the proof that he did cheat? Why do you assume that he cheated?

#59 are you the kind of girl who sits on Facebook and other social media sites whinging about how you can't find a nice guy and all guys are the same all they want is sex?

it seems #59 does the same as the girl did. and she is a bloody cheat

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I think the username was a play on the phrase stemming from the terrorist attack in Paris recently ..

Did you confront her about it? You saw her put it there, call her out on her stupidity... Honestly what kind of moron has to go that far just to break up.

I didn't cheat! She put it there! Not that believable especially if you already look like the bad guy to all your friends :/

But your "friends" should believe you if you tell them. I can't figure out why retards now a days have to make a reason to feel like a victim. Hope someone actually cheats on her ass and nobody cares then. Good luck getting this straightened out OP.

Ideally it would've been better to say it during her discovery. GF " OMG whose panties are these? YOU CHEATED ON ME" BF "You put them there yourself... "

I suggest you to turn it on her and tell everyone it was a surprise and she was paranoid an instantly broke up and left you right away showing she wasn't worth it in the end.

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Some people get some sort of satisfaction by ruining another's credibility/status quo or by playing a victim...

#6 And why do it anyway? She could have just lied to everyone else and the result would have been the same. It's not like her little drama scene was going to convince OP, even if he hadn't seen her put them there. He knows he didn't cheat.

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What???? Confused. What u didn't mind asking her why she did that? U sound like she overpowered u and she wanted an excuse to dump u so she planted it there

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OP's girlfriend wanted to breakup with him, so she planted lingerie under the bed and later acted like she found it and it wasn't hers, thereby framing OP for cheating.

Wow, what an absolute bitch. I don't understand what happens in people's brains that they're capable of doing such terrible things to people they were dear to.

Not to mention they make the other one seem like the bad person. Cheating is an awful thing to do, but faking someone's cheating at least just at much.

They were never dear to them, some people like this girl only date someone for the sake of dating someone.

You did tell her you saw when she put it there right? Either way, fyl

What a little immature little rat-squid. If that's the type of person she is, you're far better off without her. I hope you can clear up your reputation OP.

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I'd have gone with sack of ****-pus, but rat - squid works too