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If you’re not told otherwise, why wouldn’t you think it was normal? I thought it was normal to have period cramps so bad, I looked like I had the flu (I even was told to go to the nurse once in high school because of it).

By  melissa1201  |  4

wait...what? really? guess I should see a doctor...

By  Yummi_913  |  15

I have the same problem. Sometimes it's just hands but mostly it's all the way up to the arms. My neurologist couldn't figure it out and neither could the cardiologist or psychological neurologist he referred me to. I hope you have better luck with your diagnosis.

By  jessgio1979  |  5

I have carpal tunnel and that can cause you to drop stuff more than normal. I have dropped my phone a million times. I've done serious damage even with an OtterBox defender