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Today, my fiancée and I were selecting our wedding cake. The wedding is now off since I refused to buy her the "dream" wedding cake she wanted because it was chocolate. She called me childish and cheap. I'm highly allergic to chocolate. FML
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Her excuse to break it off, i bet she has a secret lover

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how do you assume that? your logic is weird

since when do people marry cry babies and 4 year olds?

nolasaints, Whats more important? The Husband/wife or some stupid cake? If she manage to call off a wedding over a stupid cake then she is hiding something. especially if the OP(husband) is allergic to Chocolate. and I assume you never been in a relationship.

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let her go and don't say anything to her at all. she's going to call within a week or two and your job is to ignore her...completely. don't talk to her, don't answer the door, and don't answer the phone. if you do, you fail at life because you're going to end up getting married and we'll be reading another post from you about 6 months from now (if that) of how your wife is divorcing you because your she wants to move to Peru and you won't go because you have a job and this time you're going to be selfish, boring, AND stubborn. listen to the commenters dude...even the females are warning you here.  FML...we know what's best 

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That was a little extensive.. What if the OPs fiancé is just bitching about the cake and the issue is already resolved. I mean really..

Maybe she hates you and wanted you to eat the chocolate.

while she was a bitch for breaking off the wedding, you should have let her have it, that what YOUR grooms cake is for.

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True that! Many wedding fights have been settled thanks to groom's cake. Sorry about the fiancée though, OP. But hey, at least you are not tied down to that bitch! :) right?

totally true dude, if she new that you were allergic to chocolate why wuld she want a chocolate cake -.- Fyl for her having a secret lover but YDI for not pleasing her therefore her needing a lover.

What a triffling skeezer. She trying to kill you just minutes after she traps you for your insurance policy. Go grind up some apple seeds and kill her first.

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@Zero, comment #111: FTW!!!!!!!! It is a lie. It's probably not delicious OR moist either.

**** you 113. your one of those bitches. we are not made of money. one cake is fine and it should be something they both like. it's called compromising. if she isn't going to fold on this, just imagine when they are married and the shit he has to put up with. high matinance bitches are totally not worth it. eventually your pussy is going to get boring and cheat on you anyways.

Swag is right. She is selfish and childish and more than a little unreasonable. The wedding cake is for both of you, especially since most weddings have a cake cutting (and eating) ceremony. I want to believe she is just a bridezilla or really high-strung about the wedding but this is just too extreme. This marriage would not go well for you.

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Say "fine we can get the ******* chocolate!" then eat a big piece and get rushed to the hospital to show the stupid bitch she can't have the goddamn chocolate! (Sorry this kinda thing makes me mad)

you're better off without her. good thing you found out before the wedding what a selfish, superficial b|tch she is

Why is everyone going on about the wedding??? This person is allergic to CHOCOLATE. FYL!

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Maby she wants ur dick to puff up think young grasshoppa

Im confused as to why you didn't have a different tier be a different flavor? Most wedding cakes are more than one layer, and those layers usually dont touch each other. A lot of people have different kinds of cake on different layers....

i dont think that u would wantto marry her anyway then.

Where do these people come from? Did somebody just roll back a big rock and let them all out of a cave somewhere?

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Sounds to me like you got off easy, OP. You're lucky to not marry an entitled bitch who doesn't care about you. If you had married her, 15 years down the road you'd finally come to your senses when she's got you both into 100k of debt buying things to satisfy her princess complex, and you finally decide to divorce her, and you get half her debt and she gets the house.

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#158 just because #113 mentioned a groom's cake, that does not make her high-maintenance OR a bitch. Groom's cake is just a new trend going around that ALL social class people can partake in. Not just the wealthy. It's purpose is for the groom to get what he wants in a cake, because nowadays the bride pretty much picks everything. That being said, the OP's fiancée WAS wrong for breaking it off over a piece of cake, but like I said before at least he is not going to be tied down to the bitch now. FYL OP.

"Groom's cake"???!?! Just another B.S. way for the wedding industry to squeeze some more money from people who should be saving for their new life together...

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I thought grooms cakes were actually an old and somewhat out-dated tradition, that had recently stated to make its way back to the main stream?

Allergic to chocolate?!?! Definitely FYL >.<

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#245 Perhaps they are, I can't exactly be sure.. but either way, it is certainly a trend now.

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u oboviously didn't desevere someone shallow enough to call off a weeding because they couldn't get the cake they wanted

Yes, consider yourself very lucky to have gotten out of this! Unless you really LOOOVE the drama of childish ultimatums and selfish hysteria. But then, there are plenty of those kinds of fish in the sea. Find yourself a quality woman who cares about you, not her "dream wedding". Please note: quality women are not always as good looking as high-maintenance drama queen trophy wives. Decide what's more important to you.

it has nothing really to do with the cake, it is about how she acted and treated him, that is just one of those things that should be a compromise, throwing a fit because her fiancé is allergic to chocolate is completely un called for, we are not in elementary school anymore

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Groom's cakes are an old custom, and at least in my area they are traditionally chocolate and/or comical. I guess they're coming back because there are now so many extras being pumped into weddings. The trend that trips me out the most is the whole multiple wedding gowns thing. One gown, one leaving for the honeymoon outfit, the end, that's all that makes sense to me, I mean it's one day and you've already changed clothes three times at least, that would get tiring and expensive. Anyway, fyl but good riddance, anyone who pulls the "its MY day and i get whatever I want" crap about a wedding (the start of a married couple's life TOGETHER ) doesn't deserve a life partner anyway, particularly when she does it at the expense of your health.

198 your right he's missing out on something

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uhhhhhhhhh y r u with such a person?????????

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But to call off a wedding over a cake is ridiculous.

Some people are just really stupid. My friend is allergic to kiwi, and a suitor (boy who is interested in her) knew, but still kissed her after drinking a kiwi drink.

Yeah seriously how did you not notice her being a massive psycho before this? Unless she actually doesn't know about your allergy, in which case you should just explain it to her...

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I think Op is the one being a problem. He's not going to be eating all the wedding cake. It's for the guests. That's why they have a "grooms cake" I made my own wedding cake. It was so tasty I didn't get a single bite. Let her have her dream cake & get a grooms cake you like. There are simple solutions for everything.

Apparently she actually wants to marry herself.

Didn't you know most woemen don't even want the man at the wedding cause he would probably mess something up but there is no choice if the actually want to be married.

well yes if u didn't have the man there u wouldn't get married dur duh dur

Aren't wedding cakes usually vanilla and white? o.O

No, lol. Get with the times! Just kidding. But seriously, they come in many flavors, just like birthday cakes. Yeah, the ICING is usually white, but other than that, it's pretty varied.

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When I get married I want a chocolate wedding cake!!!!

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#33 Just make sure your fiancé isn't allergic. Chocolate rules!

I know right, everything else at a wedding is white. "oh bloody hell, let's just go shoving brown stuff all over each other so we can have some jolly well dashing stains"

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my wedding cake was half and half

Why would you still want to marry a selfish bitch like that anyway? Count your blessings dude...

Maybe he's ugly and the only girl he was able to date and attempt to marry is Rosie O'Donnell

you should have gotten a non chocolate grooms cake. a woman ALWAYS gets what she wants on her wedding day. u should always agree with the bride. thats why they have grooms cakes, so u think u have ur own little something. YDI

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I guess you'd have to marry a vibrator then, no man in the world would put up with your BS.

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I drop your ass with that attitude

You sound like a bridezilla in the making. You are a bitch and you need to learn the very simple fact of life that you don't always get your way. Especially in marriage. Marriage is about compromise, not abusive behaviors and hissy fits from idiots who were spoiled rotten. Like you and the OP's fiancee.

I agree with you, there are 2 cakes the bride has hers and the groom is his.

I think there's only 2 things to be said to you: **** YOU.

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You men need to step off the gender-train right now! Mandacakes wasn't being bitchy, she was just saying that groom cakes were created for that particular reason. So, RELAX.

No, she actually was being a stupid bitch. As someone planning a wedding at the moment, I can safely say OP's ex is a selfish ***** who deserves nothing but misery for the rest of her life. It's a ******* CAKE. So her not getting what she wants automatically means she gets to throw a bitch fit and break up with her fiance? Him being allergic to chocolate is something she's obviously known for a long time and if she couldn't somehow get over the fact that she won't get a totally chocolate cake she's in severe denial. She also must've forgotten that yes, your wedding cake can be various flavors. OP: she's probably hiding something.

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If mandacakes' only point was that the concept groom's cake was created for this reason, OK. But the rest of her comment was bitchy and 'zilla-y. A woman does not ALWAYS get what she wants on her wedding day. I just got married and compromised on plenty of things because I wanted my now-husband to feel like it was OUR day, not just mine. Things that have to do solely with the bride, like her dress, hair, etc. -- sure, she should do what she wants. Things that are about the couple and the celebration in general should be agreeable to both the bride and groom. What a selfish beotch OP's ex was.

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I hope you never get married. You are a selfish bitch who will only cause your husband a lot of pain. Jump off a cliff.

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And you sound like one of the reasons this world sucks. Entitled *****.

@7- The fact that OP said that his ex-fiancee called him childish AND cheap tells me this: HE was paying for the wedding, therefore HE should have had SOME say in what was going into the cake, especially if his health was an issue. I've worked as banquet cook in hotels and catering halls, and the kitchen staff always has to be notified if ANY guest has a food allergy. IMO, Bridezilla was being a ****, and should have shown way more consideration than that, since he apparently was paying for everything and probably couldn't afford to buy a groom's cake for himself . OP you're better off without her.

EDIT- Just re-read Op's post, and he explicitly states that he was paying for the cake. If Bridezilla wanted a chocolate cake, then the bitch should have anted up and bought him a groom's cake in return!

Uh, no. Even if he weren't allergic to chocolate, he still should have had a say in what type of cake it was. Despite what you seem to think, the groom is still half of the couple, so he should be able to enjoy himself, too.

i hope you stay single forever because i feel sorry for the poor man you will trap into marrying you. Marriage is the start of a partnership.. not "the day of the bride to be bridezilla"

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Maybe you could have gotten a separate cake for you...?

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But yea, I also agree that she was a bitch about it.....CHANGED MY MIND!

you don't know who broke it off and who actually over reacted, he wrote it on FML that should tell you a lot

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what a bitch! she was probably tryin to poisen u to get ur money

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#13Funny, trying to kill him off at the wedding. There has got to be more to this story. OP was called cheap. Getting different layers of some non chocolate or a 2nd cake would not fix the problem because that usually would cost more money.