By foreveralone - United States - Franklin Park
Today, I went to the doctor, only to find out I can no longer eat chocolate, my favorite food. When I got home, my boyfriend took the chocolate cake I'd been eating from the fridge, sat down in front of me, and ate the whole thing without breaking eye contact. FML
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  slooby_fml  |  25

I think it would have bothered her whether she could see it or not. I think it's just the principle of it: him eating the cake right after she got that news. if I was him I'd wait at least a few hours so as not to be a douche

By  yerbduebeenehe  |  16

Ouch. Kinda funny, though.

  yerbduebeenehe  |  16

You 'avin a giggle m8?

By  DaMann360  |  19

He did you a favor. If he hadn't, the temptation would have taken you over and you would've eaten it. Take it as an act of love (even if it didn't have the best intentions).

  Bibliovore  |  26

A cruel act that has a silver lining, maybe, but really NOT an act of love, and self-deception to try to frame it as one. Unless, perhaps, OP is a masochist and her (his? the post doesn't specify) boyfriend thought that that kind of taunting would actually be appreciated. Otherwise, it would've been far more an act of love to give the remaining cake (and any other chocolate in the house) to a friend/neighbor/relative, or to throw it out. Or even for the boyfriend to sneak it to his workplace so he could finish it himself out of OP's sight.

  mdw7  |  12

Yes, let's throw out perfectly good good because OP can't eat it. Don't worry, hungry people will understand throwing away good food to spare OP's feelings.

  Mshrodes  |  13

Soo... If we assume the whole act of eating a chocolate cake lasts around 20 minutes, she won't have sex with him for 20 minutes. Yeah. That'll teach him.


just so you know, you can't portray sarcasm over the internet because people only know it's sarcasm partly because of the tone of your voice, and partly because it's usually something a bit outrageous. denying sex because of that is not outrageous at all, although kind of stupid.