By wow babe - 19/11/2012 17:46 - United States - Arnold

Today, my boyfriend went down on me for the first time. He definitely killed the mood when, while down there, he started saying, "Nomnomnomnom." FML
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Dear God, I might never think of Frosted Flakes the same way again....

I generally don't like to think of flakes in combination with the genital area..

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At least he wasn't going slurpslurpslurpslurp. That sound would gross me out so much more than nomnomnom. I'm more of a fan of "kywaaa" cuz I imagine karate chopping the the evil "Chuck Norris" with my tongue. Lol.

As long as she doesn't snap, crackle, or pop when she gets wet.

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My boyfriend jokes about doing this...

@69...HAHA the irony in your comment number and the post.

Anyone else actually read it in the tigers voice? Or was I the only one???

It's Cookie Monster that makes that sound

V is for ******, that's good enough for me...

Should have been "P is for pussy" because cookie is 2 syllables.

Forgive me, I've been reading the V for Vendetta comics. My mind is on the letter V.

That was enlightening. Ever considered writing a book?

I believe that was the blurb right there.

Why does this have so many negative comments?

Okay I have to ask. Is that a noodle sticking from your mouth? That's what I've always thought it was. What is it?

He's holding up a fake mustache genius. It is the stick from it.

hotPinklipstick 24

It's a mustache on a stick. It's so people who want to participate in no shave November, but can't due to lack of facial hair, can actually partake in the activities. Edit: 84 beat me to it. Also I'm sure that's not the true reason behind it, but it sounded good in my sleep deprived head.

Picture was taken in July, sorry ;) maybe one day I'll post my real stache.

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I guess it's better than, "Wakawakawakawakawaka"...Eat all the ghosts! Now eat the cherry for bonus points!!

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Wow that would definitely kill it for me or maybe just make me laugh :)

I don't understand why that would kill the mood... I'd laugh too if my boyfriend did that.

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Well at first I thought it would be weird then I actually thought about it and I would just laugh and tell him to get back to it lol

You say snake's are adorable???? They scare the hell out of me!

As for this comment, it's a League of Legends reference - I can imagine the bf saying this next ^^

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You OP don't have a good sense of humor! I would laugh my ass off and pay him back with something funny and nice as well !

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He was probably having a PTSD flashback of his time in 'Nam. It reminded him of the steamy jungle with untold danger lurking ahead.