By jacquelle - 25/02/2010 18:12 - United States

Today, I came home to find that my roommate had done the laundry. At first, I was very appreciative. However, I wasn't so thankful when I found out she brought home the wrong basket from the laundromat. FML
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lol. xD btw, there's "." missing 0.0 GRAMMER NAZI GOGO

na homey hahaha u think thats jus the wrong basket

Reyo 2

Again, chick making pancakes for her B/F...the B/F not liking the fact that he had to clean up after breakfast...this ringing any bells?

I put the period in. Thanks for pointing it out. I must not be on my game today. :O

Averizzle 0

Disagree. It should be your main priority to get your own mother ****** clothes from the laundramat.. Like I could understand a middle schoolers but considering the OP said room mate I am guessing college and above. Or boarding school.

Agree with Averizzle. How does that even happen? Both the roommate and the person whose laundry she stole would have to be incredibly absent-minded. I would freak if anyone else touched my clothes at a laundromat.

yeah! don't worry, cos every little thing, is gunna be alright! she brought the wrongs clothes. ok. she made a mistake. just scold her and move one :)

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tottaly agree with number 5 haha lol

I like to think that this FML is a symbol for the modern world. The 'basket' actually means the 'kid'. By saying one had the right 'basket' at first but returned with the wrong one is like saying one had a white kid at the start and returned with a black one. This FML is trying to tell us people bring the wrong kid home all the time. Cleverly written. :)

This. Though i suppose if you count the roommate who now feels horrible for the error, that makes three.

Eep. When I replied to this one it said thi was a FML for two people: OP and the person who has OP's clothes.

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Free_Hugs10 0

Lol. Consider yourself hugged. Now what does it mean?

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I think it means OP's roommate went to do the laundromat and brought home the wrong basket. But still cleverly written

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Shit I hope u don't have any designer jeans o_O

perdix 29

I don't know why you are upset -- any random shit is probably better looking and of higher quality than the cheap, ill-fitting rags you throw on. The person who gets the FML is the sucker that ends up with your crap.

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What if her clothes were very expensive but not so expensive that they require dry-cleaning?

perdix 29

Possible, but leaving expensive clothes at a laundromat doesn't really add up. What if she needed "special" clothes as if she were very tall or fat or needed a special pouch sewn in to hold her colostomy bag? Think about that. . . hmmmmm.

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how can someone confuse their clothes?? especially a girl