By Jim - United States
Today, I decided to ask my girlfriend of 3 years to marry me. I made brownies with walnuts and put an engagement ring into the brownie I gave her. Not only did she choke on the ring, but on the way to the emergency room, I find out she is highly allergic to walnuts. FML
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  keyofdestiny13  |  24

Well not everyone knows each other's allergies. I only found out a year ago that this guy I've been really close with for nearly four years is allergic to bees.
And not everyone I've dated has known my allergy to root beer.

By  Inspired22  |  11

I second allergies are pretty serious. You would think you'd know about that by now...

But it's not like it was on purpose. If she loves you, and if she understand that you're human and humans make mistakes, she'll forgive you and just say "Wow, that was a really horrible situation! But won't it make a great story to tell our kids!"