By jaxattax - 20/10/2009 20:17 - United States

Today, my boyfriend gave me a fancy chocolate candy and I got angry at him for forgetting that I'm allergic to chocolate and threw the candy into the garbage disposal. Turns out, he had spent a ton of money getting a chocolatier to put an engagement ring inside the candy that I just destroyed. FML
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KaylaKiwified 0

I'm going to say you're incredibly stupid here, and YDI. And HDI, too. He should've remembered something like that, and maybe put it in something you aren't allergic to, like roses, or something. And why didn't you just throw it in the trash? Do you always throw things down the garbage disposal first?

But still...why would he hide the ring in something he knew you were allergic to?


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Edit: Oh what the ****. This was a comment directed elsewhere. Either way, #1 is an idiot.

Reyo 2

Maybe you can try being less of an emotional ****-bag next time?

bugmenotmofo 34

My boyfriend is allergic to: peanuts, eggs, dairy , chocolate, seeds, nuts, legumes, and coconut. Somehow, I can manage not to give him gifts that will result in anaphylaxis. It's not that ******* hard to remember the things that your boy/girlfriend is allergic to, I would've flipped a shit too.

If he doesn't know your allergies then it's too soon to be married.

OP I can't decide what is worse. You throwing away the engagement ring or you being allergic to chocolate!!! If you are allergic to chocolate then you are missing on some real good things!

Scrantoncity 0

#66 try again. Penuts are legumes you imbecile. Try to make your story plausible if you're gonna lie...

#66: While you are right that peanuts are legumes, people usually don't think of them as such. Legumes bring to mind lentils, beans, and peas. So it's likely that she didn't even know this. If he has just said "legumes", she might have had peanuts around him without realizing. Don't just assume she's lying.

Yeah, FYL OP for having someone who thinks he knows you well enough to be married to you but doesn't even ******* know your allergies. Time to have a serious look at this relationship.

Sugar_lipsXo 0

Yea chicagochick is totally right. Legumes = beans. Think before you speak/type.

Your boyfriend's an idiot and you overreacted. YbothDI.

maynvfrunblsoqes 3

a ton of money? how much can it cost to get someone to put a ring inside a bit of chocolate?

Exactly, #200. You WAY overreacted, it was just a sweet though misguided act, and well, you threw it away!! Even if you are allergic, you shouldn't have been so mean about it, you could have kindly stated that you appreciate the thought, but you can't eat it. As for your boyfriend, If he was going to propose, he should know things like your allergies. That isn't something he should forget.

Well, maybe her boyfriend did know her allergy, and expected her to say "Hon, I'm allergic to chocolate" then he would say "open it up" where she tears up and says yes. He probably didn't count on her being a **** bitch.

Nobody cares. ^^^ --Patience is a virtue. Even if he didn't have a ring in it, it's the thought that counts... They can't all be winners.

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meganpineapple 0

you're a dramaqueen and you're boyfriends a douche

purple_gurl 1

ydi for being rude and selfish. I hope he dumps you and finds someone more grateful

well he's the idiot for forgetting ur allergic to chocolate. if she just simply didn't like chocolate thts be a different matter

lichen_fml 0

She's not a bitch. I had a reaction when I touched a doorknob after my college roommate ate Chinese food (because of the peanut oil, I guess). All of you who think the OP overreacted don't understand how difficult it is to have a lifethreatening allergy to common food items. If they've been together long enough to consider marriage, it's something he definitely knew. His creativity doesn't cancel his thoughtlessness. He doesn't know the OP well enough to be proposing, which is the true FML.

How was she supposed to know there was a ring in there?

noshitsherlock 0

Yeah, and she had an appropriate reaction, right? Hey genius, allergies do not excuse being FUCKING PSYCHO.

pancakes_n_syrup 0

I agree..while it may be aggravating to have to deal with an allergy and people forgetting about it..but that's no reason to go completely psycho and throw a present into the garbage disposal. Her bf was nice enough to even get her anything..she should be happy he thought of her at least, not flip out over it. Hopefully the bf saw this and took it into consideration when deciding if proposing is really the best idea

snake_Girl85 0

In her defense, we don't know how allergic she is, or how often she has to remind her boyfriend. Maybe she is constantly reminding him and just got fed up this time. Also, if she is deathly allergic, I wouldn't consider it that thoughtful of a gift... "Here honey, I got you a box of arsenic-laced candies with a surprise inside that I expect you to find upon eating said candies, unless you chip a tooth or choke on it. What's that you say? Arsenic is a poison? So sorry, I must have forgotten. Oh well, it's the thought that counts."

i completely understand OP's reaction. i'm not even allergic to anything, but if my boyfriend forgot something that vital about me, i would be pretty pissed. if i didn't throw it in the garbage disposal, i would've thrown it in the trash or at him. there would still be much yelling. i don't consider that being a bitch or overreacting, i consider that a reasonable reaction to someone essentially handing me a cyanide pill as a present. #194 has it spot on.

wow OP you are such a BITCH! get some help with that anger!

KaylaKiwified 0

I'm going to say you're incredibly stupid here, and YDI. And HDI, too. He should've remembered something like that, and maybe put it in something you aren't allergic to, like roses, or something. And why didn't you just throw it in the trash? Do you always throw things down the garbage disposal first?

americayay 0

He's not stupid. He tried to do something nice. She's an idiot for throwing it in the garbage disposal and throwing a fit over something so stupid. It's unlikely that her allergy comes up a lot, especially since she probably avoids chocolate.

the_stereotype 0

i agree with #3 and #31. He is stupid for not knowing that someone he is going to get married to is allergic to chocolate and is that much of a drama queen. OP, you and your possibly fiance deserve each other.

Maybe he was going to say, "I know you're allergic, but TRUST me. You'll love this chocolate!" *shrug* She could just split it in half, not eat it.

CyclonePsycho 1

They're both just ******* idiots. *facepalm* You'd think he would know her well enough to know what's potentially lethal to her. You'd think she wouldn't be so damn melodramatic about it.

FaithX 0

#37, are you retarded? Chocolate allergies aren't as common as, say, a peanut or pollen allergy, but when someone has it it's bound to come up frequently because of chocolate being so prolific. And someone as close to her as boyfriend is a ******* moron for forgetting it and had no business trying to propose if he can't remember something like that.

__no_one__ 0

Some allergies are so severe that you can't even touch what you're allergic to. Or eat something that's been in /contact/ with the substance. Guess why there's the warning "can contain nuts" on all sorts of things that don't usually contain nuts? BTW, what's with putting an engagement ring into food? I mean, isn't that disgusting? The ring gets dirty, she might accidentally swallow it or bite down on it especially if it's not directly visible, and I wouldn't be happy if I ate a dessert and all of a sudden tasted metal either... What happened to just presenting the ring to her and popping the question?

xmagster 0

dear lord... so now 37 is retarded...? seriously overreacting. It is also quite possible that she isn't deathly allergic to chocolate, and her throat just gets itchy if she has it or something... then she would probably just pop a benadryl and not complain, and it wouldn't be a big deal... I have a good friend who is allergic to peanuts, but she can be around them and everything, she just can't eat them. There ARE varying degrees of allergies.. not just ones that lead to anaphylactic shock..

Just a comment: having your throat get itchy is the development of anaphylaxis. I know this because I go into anaphylactic shock if I eat hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, etc. and when I was younger it used to just be this scratchy feeling in my throat, so my parents didn't think anything of it, until I started actually having my throat close up on me when I got into my preteen/teenage years. And the OP is probably anaphylactic to chocolate, otherwise she probably wouldn't have reacted so negatively.

xmagster 0

good point... but it still seems a little stupid to throw a custom made gift down the garbage disposal...

iliketoreadfmls 0

how does it make sense for her to assume something she's allergic to was custom made for her? And for people saying it would've been okay if she at least threw it in the trash - garbage disposals are for food. It makes perfect sense.

Yeah, he's an idiot for doing it, and she's an idiot for throwing it out instead of giving it back. I hate when people waste food. If you don't want it give it to me and I'll save it for when I'm hungry. I'd be rather annoyed to see someone just throw away a gift of food like that when people are starving to death in the world. Putting a ring in the food is just asking for a choking accident too. People, turn the brains on when you do things.

#64 why would she be like, "hmm well this chocolate may be life threatening for me to even touch it but my 'ring inside life threatening food' sences are tingling so for some odd reason im going to rip this in half even though i shouldnt even marry someone who doesnt know how to keep me alive"

americayay 0

No 74, I'm actually not retarded and I don't appreciate being called so for saying that her allergy may not come up a lot. You know, since it MAY NOT. You don't know the details anymore than I do, so back off and don't be a dick to people you don't know. And again, he WAS just trying to make a nice gesture. Whether he forgot or not.

giving someone poison is not a nice gesture, ever. it doesn't matter how infrequently it comes up, that is vital information to know about a person and forgetting it shows extreme insensitivity on his part.

74 wasn't calling you retarded, they were asking if you were. but yes you are now in fact retarded.

I really hope he didn't ask you after that. You don't deserve someone being that nice to you.

But still...why would he hide the ring in something he knew you were allergic to?

Sun_Kissed18 25

My thoughts exactly. What, did he think that she would look at it and go "I'm allergic... OM NOM NOM ooh hai! A ring!!"? He should have thought it out. OP, I would have been mad too, maybe not garbage disposal mad but still.

anniemeece 23

Yeah. As tempting as it is to say that she deserves it, I really don't think so. If my boyfriend gave me something I hated or was actually allergic to, I would get pissed too. Who wouldn't? How was she supposed to know her boyfriend was stupid enough to propose in something she's allergic to?

K410 18

Because he's a dumb ass and she's a bitch case closed...

That's a sweet gesture, sort of, except how did he expect you to get the ring out of the chocolate? He probably should have thought of a different way to propose to you...

You eat the chocolate part. AROUND the ring.

@ Emily - if she's allergic to chocolate, how is she supposed to eat the chocolate and get to the ring?

He forgot that she was allergic to the chocolate.

if she ate the chocolate (assuming she would have been able to if she wasn't allergic), she could potentially swallow the ring, or break her tooth biting down on it

nonynony 0

Seriously. Though I think the OP MASSIVELY overreacted and is ultimately at blame, the bf sounds pretty stupid. 1. How can you forget an allergy of your future spouse, and 2. How can you think that hiding a diamond in ANY food is a good idea? The potential for bodily harm is way too high.

It's cute that he did that...but seriously, if he's proposing, shouldn't he remember that you're allergic to chocolate? Definitely sucks :(

And this is why you don't throw temper tantrums. You shouldn't be getting married if you have the mindset of a 12 year old.

I'm sure this is why so many people get divorced. Just think if he would have been late on a mortgage payment. lol.

I don't think you deserved it...why would he spend a lot of money to put an engagement ring inside of something you couldn't eat anyways? Not that this is a FYL, but I hope his second attempt at a proposal works out better....if he tries again.

...because he forgot that she was allergic to chocolate. The poor guy thought he was being romantic, but his girlfriend threw a fit.

i don't feel sorry for the guy for FORGETTING her allergy. he deserved what he got, maybe next time he'll actually remember important shit like that.

^ Agreed. He probably got the idea from somewhere else, and got caught up in it, forgetting the detail of you being allergic to chocolate. Anyways, why would you throw a bitch fit? Just remind him your allergic and hand it back - your allergy isn't always gunna be the top thing on his mind all the time. If he forgot that you mentioned it, why do you have to go crazy and ruin it? Overreacting much? Maybe he should have remembered for something this important, but your reaction is just stupid.

My best friend is allergic to peanut butter, and though its not at the front of my mind 24/7, I always remember not to eat peanut butter around her. If someone as close to her, and who loves and cares about her if he wants to marry her, should forget, I believe she has every right to be upset. You'd think on their first dates or something she might mention, I'm allergic to chocolate, but that's just me. OP, while its unfortunate that this happened, I hope that you can talk it out with him and not break up. Obviously he loves and cares enough about you to want to spend his life with you, but I guess he slipped up this time.