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Today, I'm getting married. A few months ago, I allowed my mother in-law to take care of catering. She begged to be a part of the wedding, so I gave her the caterer's number and order info. It appears that I will not be eating at my own wedding because she decided to order food I'm allergic to. FML
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I'm getting the vibe that she doesn't like you, if in fact she knew you were allergic to said food.


ir doesnt say her soon to be mother in law meant to get food OP was allergic to. it is unacceptable for her mother in law to deviate from the food that was actually meant to be ordered by any means, but I think there is a chance she is just self centered, not intolerant.

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you misunderstand, 19 I believe 1 was referring to food intolerance, not literally being intolerant

I think it was a pun, saying "she's so intolerant" talking about the bride to be and how she's intolerant to the food. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt though

Especially since OP is a man, so it's not the bride that is food intolerant.

I'm getting the vibe that she doesn't like you, if in fact she knew you were allergic to said food.

If she did in fact know, then I'd say more like she's wants her dead.

*Him. OP is the groom. I will admit though, I did assume at first it was a female as it's normally the males mother that despises their son's other half!

I bet she didn't get a good reaction when she told you.

Early to wed Early to die Makes a mother in law Laugh and not cry! She's just not that into you....

Not the best way to start a new life together.

In truth, a lot of people don't get to eat at their own wedding anyway. The whole thing can whizz by and before you know it, it's finished and you never got a chance

You should have mentioned your dietary preference to her. Specially things that are you allergic. Sorry OP.

He's getting married to her daughter.. I would assume they dated for a little while and in that time he ate at their house.. Surely the topic of allergies had to come up sometime..

5 - "So I gave her the carter's number and *order info*"... I may be wrong, but I took that sentence as in she gave her the order she wants (aka, the food she wants in the menu). Anyone else?

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should have indeed come up, 5 months into my boyfriend and my relationship, he somehow ate a pecan in a casserole on thanksgiving! as we left the house in a dash for the emergency room, i think my whole family figured out his nut allergy.

if literally every last thing she ordered he can't eat I'm pretty sure she knew and did it on purpose

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Time to take back your wedding...

I'm not sure I'd stop a wedding because of the food. If only OP has the allergy maybe they can arrange something different. If the caterer worked in the place the reception was held there's a possibility they could whip something up. Not convenient I know but I wouldn't cancel a wedding because of food. :)

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#6 meant time to take back your wedding by taking control of catering not cancelling the wedding.

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till peanut shrimps do you part.

I clicked YDI for this one. As nice as it is to let your mother in law be a part of the wedding plans, letting anybody else have control of the catering is a big no-no. Not only to avoid stupid (and potentially dangerous) situations like this, but also because it's YOUR wedding - why would you want someone else to choose what food you eat on your special day? Hell, I don't even let people choose my birthday cake because I know they'll either choose something they like or something they don't know I hate. >_>

She said the catering info which leads me to believe she told her what to order.

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Well aren't you a pessimistic person... the friends i would give that responsibility to would already know my likes/dislikes. Generally people aren't out to be jerks, just mother-in-law should have given this away.

Maybe I am pessimistic but I just couldn't imagine letting anyone other than me or my husband plan the food for my wedding. Sure, my family and friends know what food I like...but that doesn't mean their choices are always going to gel with mine. And sadly, I think it's far more common for someone to be an asshole about another person's food allergy, than a person with a food allergy "forgetting" to mention that they have an allergy. Food allergies can end in death, so it pays to be extra picky when it comes to ordering food. But that doesn't mean there aren't people who think food allergies aren't THAT serious or that it's "funny" to get a person with an allergy to eat said food.

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I would agree to a point. If my in-laws begged to be a part of my wedding, I'd probably let them lead the dinner prayer, or something mostly out of the way. I MIGHT let them host the rehearsal dinner. Given that catering IS extremely important, OP should have thought to double-check her order with the caterer. And 11, you clearly have never had vengeful in-laws. I used to think it was something of a sit-com type thing, but then I met my future father-in-law. He makes the movie "Monster-in-law" look like a picnic, and probably WOULD try to poison me if he could. Just because most people aren't that mean doesn't mean that some won't be when their role in their child's life is no longer the center.

Even that wouldn't necessarily save you. At my best friend's wedding, the caterer CHANGED what they served at the last minute to stuff she was allergic to. She didn't find out until biting into it, because they were all sandwiches (it was a 'Victorian tea' theme). She told the caterer about her allergy to all things fish. And she was very specific about which sandwiches she wanted. How do I know? Because, as her MOH, I was there for every meeting with the caterer, and there again when she confronted them about it. What did they say? Well, she wasn't the only person eating, and people like fish, and there were other non-fish options, so they figured it would be okay.

She probably could've sued them. Whether she had a reaction or not, they still put her in danger of having a reaction.

She chose to settle for a refund (possibly partial - I never did ask) and a bunch of negative reviews on various wedding sites. She said it was guaranteed, and didn't require her to spend MORE money after just having a big wedding for a possible payout years later. In retrospect, I wonder how many other brides who used them decided a lawsuit wasn't worth it...

YDI for not knowing what "Needless to say" means.

Well there is always a sexy dessert after a wedding if you get what I mean...

We get what you mean but that's possibly not until the evening and regardless of how much OPs "eats" (I really think that term is vile for sexual activity!) I don't think it will cure his actual hunger!