By arirx12 - 25/02/2010 22:29 - United States

Today, after five months of not working, I have a check waiting for me at the office. Too bad the office is in another city. My gas tank is empty, and I have no money to put gas in my car. FML
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You could ride the bus, get a ride over, bike (if it's not TOO far), ask them to mail it. A number of things.


Done. I saw it and was hoping no one had caught it yet, but nooooooo. ;D

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Most companies will mail checks to you when you are no longer employed by them. I don't understand those suggesting direct deposit, usually applies to future checks, not ones already made out.

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^ WTF? lots of people don't have credit cards because they don't want to live the rest of their lives in crazy debt! might as well just say ydi for not borrowing money from the mob.

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It's depressing that people like you dont have the maturity and self control to handle a credit card, that was really a stupid response. credit card =/= massive debt.

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how do you suppose he payed for the Internet to post this?

@78: No, the mob is at least honest about their lending practices. They give it to you straight up. " If you don't give me this money back in one month, I'll break your legs." Credit card companies give you a ton of legal fine print bullshit.

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Oh dear... so many Grammar Nazis... snickerdoodles, you've started a trend. Edit: Hey, that makes her the Grammar Fuhrer. Heil snick! Heil snick!

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God people are just strange..

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People have been grammar-nazi-ing FML since WAY before snick's time here.

Yes, but I didn't notice it happening as much or as frequently, and very few users do it with such passion...

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uhh no it's just easier to type like that on my itouch. sorry grammer people

grammar*** What I do, is a way of life. I strive for the perfection of all grammar/spelling on all of FML. MWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH. But, **** NO! I'll never listen to Snickerdoodles.

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@27, xCrackerx was grammar nazing on FMLs even before snicks was born, but I agree, snickerdoodles is the grammar führer...

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5 months of not working? Apparently you can afford internet service, so getting gas for your car doesn't sound like a huge issue.

Yes, and I'm sure that it's not possible for the local library to have internet service.

have someone drive you there? unless your a hermit someone should be able to.

No. Please leave a message after the tone.

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yes, have them mail it to you, OP. kind of a "duh" answer.

You could ride the bus, get a ride over, bike (if it's not TOO far), ask them to mail it. A number of things.