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Today, my mother in-law made dessert. It was a beautiful chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, and every other thing had chocolate in it. I'm deathly allergic to chocolate and she knows this. FML
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Every desert was chocolate? I'll be right back, I have a trip to the Sahara scheduled.


friedpwnadge 25

What a bitch. Next time you host anything be sure to find out her least favorite food and make a ton of things with it.

Or, perhaps, OP should not give the mother-in-law the satisfaction of stooping down to her level and instead be the [somewhat] bigger person and just ignore what she does. Show her that these shenanigans are beneath you and that she's not worth your attention.

I hit the your life sucks button as soon as I read you're allergic to chocolate. Nobody deserves that fate :(

This reminds me of the fish in Spongebob...'CHOCOLAAAAATE! CHOCOLAAAAATE! CHOCOLAAAATE!'

@45 Be mature? Boooring! Ex-Lax! Ex-Lax! Ex-Lax!

naarz 9 we now that your not her favourite in-law, hopefully she understands how you feel about what she did, cuz that's just straight up mean.

caohm 18

make her something and put laxatives in it. then she'll have plenty of chocolate.

She hates her so much she wants to kill her. I'm sorry, OP.

deepunder 17

The mother in law loves the OP to death ;)

Adree 15

#26 Well... Wouldn't that be a... Shitty situation...

I_Hug_Cats 26

Or maybe she thinks its unfair that no one should ever get chocolate dessert just because op is allergic to chocolate. Let them indulge for at least one day. If it continues though, you should have a talk because denying anyone dessert is pure evil.

119- Yeah...go ahead and indulge OP...we can work out the possible death later...

I_Hug_Cats 26

148 I meant let the family indulge, not op. unless op wants to die, then go ahead op and indulge with them.

bunny973 4

making ALL the deserts chocolate was really rude of the mother in law. Knowing OP is allergic she could have made or bought something where OP could have enjoyed desert also.

Not sure if I'd like the desert, I hear it's very hot and dry... If the desert was made of chocolate on the other hand, I'd probably live there.

skyttlz 32

119 means that the mother-in-law shouldn't have avoided making chocolate just for OP if there were other people there who could have eaten it. She should have made OP a little something. But if everyone else could have chocolate she shouldn't avoid making it.

I think maybe your mother-in-law wants to kill you or just really doesn't like you

I say OP deserves this. He should have been more respectful to her, and she probably wouldnt have despised you. Next time be respectful if you want respect back.

You're making some pretty big assumptions.

56, you must see things we all don't, I don't see where it says that OP did anything to make his/her mother-in-law to do this on purpose.

56 - Haven't you ever heard of what's called the monster-in-law? Someone doesn't have to actually do anything wrong to get their in-law's to hate them. Simply marrying their child is enough to induce this behavior. I should know as my mother is absolutely horrid to my husband for little to no reason at all other than he's male and he married me. And before you ask, no she is no longer a part of our lives because she would rather keep her pride intact than apologize for being a witch. Sometimes you don't have to do anything at all to make someone hate you.

Yes, because NO ONE EVER IN HISTORY has been mean to someone else for no reason...

Exactly my point, respect their wishes and don't marry their child. It's not what you want, it's what they want. And if they don't want you marrying their child then you JUST DON'T DO THAT! What is wrong with you people?

what about love? why should you and the one who loves you be separated because of their jealous mother or father?

Because they know whats best for their child, and if you try to interfere you're basically telling your spouse and your spouse's parent's that they're stupid and you know everything. Would you like it if someone insulted you like that? I thought not. You have to let them come around on their own accord or else easily avoidable shit like this is going to happen. It's just how the world works. If you don't like it Oh Well bub.

I have found it. The stupidest post on the internet!

jazzy_123 20

56 that's really ignorant of you to say. My boyfriend's mom would say mean things about me and didn't seem to like me because I'm Hispanic and they're Asian. I didn't really do anything and she just assumed things. Are you going to tell me I deserve it?

You did do something, that's Why she doesn't like you. Probably lying like are doing now.

KingRay, I suggest you stop before looking even more stupid then you do now!

You FML people don't know anything. And you call me stupid because I speak on a level of intelligence so high above you gross bottom feeder people that you can't Understand. Yuck ,leave my presence, the whole lot of you people.

Every desert was chocolate? I'll be right back, I have a trip to the Sahara scheduled.

The_Big_Boss 20

Oh I get it!! The OP meant "dessert" but said, "desert"

Well, take your time. It's a long weekend.

alex_the_tiger 14

It said desert at first, but now it is changed somehow? I noticed it before, now it is changed. Da fuq

Even if she doesnt like you, theres no reason to be that much of a bitch

All I'm saying is that according to the fml op's mother in law made chocolate dessert. It doesn't say she made it specifically for her. Op is getting all butthurt about it cause she's allergic to chocolate. it's really not an fml. I doubt op's mother in law is trying to kill op.

Rainhawk94 27

Sometimes people don't think, when I was little I gave my friend a huge chocolate bunny for Easter, forgetting that she is also allergic to chocolate.

"I'm deathly afraid of chocolate and she knows this." I'm not sure how you can forget something like that.

Afraid of chocolate? Is that a new phobia?

Chocolate allergies only hurt you if you eat it, right? This isn't like a nut allergy, where you get sick by being near it, right? Because if that's correct then I think it's a little over the line for you to think that everyone else should give up chocolate just to make you happy.

How do you know that? Maybe that's what she's made for the holidays for the last 20 years. She's supposed to just stop doing it now?

There are things that I can't eat and there are times I have to fend for myself. No, I don't take it as an insult. I guess I'm in the minority here.

Maybe OP is a SIL. Gender isn't specified.

I am allergic to shellfish and married to an Asian man. When we go for Chinese food, there are still lots of seafood dishes but dishes without seafood are ordered so I can eat. I would feel pretty horrible if I had to sit and watch my family eat while I had nothing. It would be completely disrespectful to not take me into consideration when ordering, just like it was completely disrespectful for OP's mom to bit that him into consideration while baking.

It would seem easy to make one dessert even cookies that weren't chocolate. A lot of times I have to fend for myself due to food allergies, but when we have a big family get together my family accommodates for me. Even if it's just one dish. This way I kinda know I'm not hated.

XTheDesertSongX 17

I'm sure since OP posted this FML, either a) She and her mother-in-law have a shaky past, or b) They were the only desserts created and they were made on purpose to spite OP. I'm pretty sure OP isn't conceited like that, and especially since the FML said "deathly allergic," she wasn't being "over the line" or dramatic in any way.

cryssycakesx3 22

as I don't think it applies to this post, I hate the "I can't eat it, I don't want it around me" types, vegetarians/allergies/ect. don't like it, don't eat it. I can't stand people that can't let people eat what they want. (really 44? you can't just eat something that doesn't have shellfish? everyone has to give up what they'd like to eat?)

Exactly, #75. It wasn't like the mother-in-law had to bake a separate dessert necessarily if, like was previously mentioned, she makes certain desserts every year due to tradition. She could have bought something or requested that OP bring something for themselves. I'm vegetarian and also have allergies. I'm aware I'm difficult to provide for so am more than happy to bring my own food. As it was, the mother-in-law knew about the dietary issues and, it seems, deliberately excluded the OP. That's not okay.

cryssycakesx3 22

there are certain other things to do to keep the peace too. like eating something that doesn't have chocolate. it's just dessert(or desert even, not like it was the main course. as someone else said maybe it's tradition. MIL doesn't have to check in with everyone to OK the menu. even if she wanted to make an all chocolate smorgasbord it's her right, find something else to eat. does everyone have to check in and run their dinner by you so it's OK? something else to do to keep the peace....

If I was making dinner/dessert, of course I'd check beforehand with my guests that they could all eat it.

To 67: 44 never said that she makes the entire family only order non-shellfish dishes. She said that they ALSO order non sea food dishes for her so that she can eat as well. And it sounds like they voluntarily do it, so it's not like she is forcing them to do it. And what about people who have allergies where if they are even in the same room as the food item they can go into anaphylaxis? Oh, just suffer through a possibly deadly situation so that the family doesn't have to deal with making a change to the menu? Yeah, one could just not eat dinner with one's family, but I feel like that is kind of rude of the family to do. If you really care about some one, then making a change to the menu, or even just making or buying an extra dish (for less serious allergies) is well worth their happiness.

67, that's not what 44 said, I suggest you reread it!

I'm allergic to chocolate and the smell of it cooking is enough to give me migraines. (Smell is just your body absorbing the particles in the air.) That said, as EVERY desert was chocolate, this was at best thoughtless of the MiL. To make several deserts and not make even one that a guest can eat is extremely uncalled for. As a host, you should take all reasonable precautions to be accommodating to your guests. That's just simple manners. I doubt it would have caused an issue to make ONE desert without chocolate. The only way this is even slightly acceptable is if the MiL thinks that "no one can be allergic to chocolate." I've run into this and I've had real problems at restaurants about it. I've had people get quite nasty when I'm given something with chocolate, despite asking for something else. One old woman threatened to call the police if I didn't pay for a chocolate malt, claiming that I had ordered chocolate and I was clearly making my allergy up.

Actually, #44 didn't say they ONLY order non-seafood dishes, just that non-seafood dishes (plural) are ordered, while saying that there are "lots of seafood dishes". There's no indication as to the percentage of seafood-to-non-seafood dishes. They may be all non-seafood, or there may be only two non-seafood. There's not enough information to say either way.

fredward47 16 you know what allergic means....

#85, it's not about 'being OK' with the food. It's not that OP doesn't LIKE chocolate, she can DIE from eating it. That's a whole different thing than just not liking something. If there's anyone in your family with a severe food allergy (and you know it), you just don't make the food. Or she could've at least made one dessert without chocolate. So everybody's happy (and safe, in this case): the ones who like chocolate, the ones who don't and the ones who can die from eating it. Being nice is not THAT hard if you try it. Also you're saying "like eating something that doesn't have chocolate", but there wasn't any dessert without chocolate! That's the whole point of this FML.

67, yes, I can eat the foods that do not contain sea food, but they need to be ordered first. As the in-laws do the ordering when we go for Chinese, I have to eat what they get. If they were to get only seafood dishes, I would be unable to eat. I never said anything about expecting or making them opt out of sea food.