By Widowmaker / Monday 9 August 2010 04:03 / France
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  cstrat  |  0

I would say that's not an fml as the marines will make a man out of you, but seeing as how it's the French, they'll probably just teach you how to raise both arms.

  AlterEggo  |  0

Depends on the state where the child support agreements were made. In Colorado a parent can be made to pay up until age 26. Of course, the child can, at age 18 anywhere, put a stop to it. But some do not because free money > love and family.

  saint_jimmy  |  0

17 is the youngest to enter into the Delayed Entry Program, where technically you've already signed up but you don't go to basic training until your 18th birthday. To enlist at 17 you need parental consent.

  caboose261  |  0

I served as a Marine. If you don't like a course of action, either be part of the solution or quit your bitching. It doesn't help anyone and it only makes you look like an ass.

  kaijapapaya  |  0

81, if you don't like the US, get out. I am perfectly aware of what's happening and of the first amendment. I don't think that insulting Marines is helping in any way.

  kaijapapaya  |  0

112, I'm assuming you're referring to the part of the first amendment that mentions free speech. If I didn't understand it, then I wouldn't be voicing my opinion, would I?

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