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Today, my 19-year-old son told me his girlfriend is pregnant, and was diagnosed with an STD. He's sure that he's the father. He's also sure he doesn't have an STD, because he's a virgin. I had to give him the sex talk that his school never did, as well as explain to him that his girlfriend is a cheater. FML
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Why do parents expect the school to do everything for them? It's not their job to teach your child about sex so YDI


More like ignorance because no one ever sat this poor kid down and gave him "the talk".

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Instead of the talk, have him watch the episode from South Park. Just get a boner, slap her ******* around a bit, then stick it inside her and pee. All the sex education you need.

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In fairness when I moderated this earlier it's wording was more similar to "Looks like I need to give him the sex talk again" So he very well may have once already...

If thats true then I knew something like that was missing!

She probably told him he was the father and then knowing how naive he was made up a story about how it happened without them having sex.

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I've never been given the sex talk, and sex Ed didnt teach shit here. I took it upon myself to myself before I got into my first serious relationship.

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Hes never been forced to read shakespeare? Shakespeare loves sex jokes. And some poor english teacher always has to explain because no one catches them.

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The girl gave him the whole, "You ejaculated in the hot tub and they swam over to me" excuse.

Oh Glee how you make teenagers look even more ignorant.

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#96, I'm glad you took it upon yourself.. Some people, if they're curious enough, will take it upon themselves to self education, but as they say, ignorance is bliss.. And the government knows people can operate this way.. Schools are corrupt.. All under a state of law jurisdiction for what material they bring to the school to be 'acceptable'.. And they control it so much, that they teach kids the fundamentals, but not be creative with life. Only what gets you by in life to contribute to how the system is. Serious lock down to keep every aspect the same. (Rant, somewhat off topic) sorry OP, but perhaps since the schools couldn't do it, get some sense into him with real talk and teach him how to think for himself.

And #148.. Really? Did you not read the fml.. You don't know what to say and then add -that-... Joke? (Questionable)

The boy must've got an "abstinence-only" (read: completely ineffective) sex education.

I thought that #148's joke was that if the girl had AIDS then OP's kid might be afraid that somehow he got that from her too?

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You should have talked to him about sex. Why leave it up to the school system? You are the parent, it's called parenting

I wasn't joking! If the mother has HIV, the baby will be an HIV+ infant! Why would I joke about an issue like that!?

More embarrassing that his mum (mom) had to break the news to him.

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On the brightside, he didnt recieve the STD from her due to the fact that he's still a virgin

He would have learnt alot more and alot sooner if he were on FML like his dad.

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smiley1014 23

I agree. The sex talk is the responsibility of the parents not the school!

But usually the schools teach it atleast as part of health class..

In Indiana the government has their Health Department guys come Ito the schools and do it twice in 6th and 7th grade

My school just showed us this vague video in the 5th grade. Good thing I had already heard, else I'd be damn confused. The only thing they put any effort to was this dude that came and talked about abstinence. *rolls eyes*

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I'm amazed the kid didn't hear from any of his friends or any type of online source first. But YDI for expecting the school system to take care of YOUR responsibility. They're not even fully efficient at academics, let alone health classes and such.

41, we had sex ed in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade. It was always a week long, with graphic videos of a woman giving birth and how painful labor is, explaining how embarrassing it is for when a girl gets her first period, why boys get aroused so easily, why girls start puberty earlier than boys, made us take care of a baby for a week (those battery operated ones that cried, needed to be fed, cradled, and all the works!), going over the STDs, etc... Needless to say, we were scared shitless to have sex. They didn't even push abstinence; they made it clear that you should only become sexually active when you feel ready, make sure you take birth control and/or carry condoms, and be safe. Essentially, they prepared us for how hard it would be to have a baby, while you're still a child. We were left knowing that if we felt mature enough to have sex, we sure as hell would have to be ready to raise a child. This was in Alaska. I know each state is different but I can say it was really effective.

at my school we did it in 5th which was more about puberty then briefly in 7th and 9th and for your second health credit you could take a class called sex and health relationships. my mom also gave me this amazing book called changing bodies changing minds.

Yeah, because teens need this sort of things to be explained to them by their parents. On the Internet, with their friends, it's uncommon to hear about sex, right? Come on, I never had a sex ed class in school, nor my parents gave me the sex talk, but I still grow up fine. I discover what sex was by myself when I was "old" enough to understand that sort of things. If I needed to I could ask anyone, my parents are not prude or close-minded, but I think people "find out" at some point, especially in this Internet culture. OP's son is just extremely naive, and I just don't get how he, at his age, never heard of sex and how it works. I don't think sex ed in school is wrong, I think it's necessary! But teens (children, in most cases) would understand sex at some point. I just don't blame OP because he thought his son already knew about it. (Sorry for any mistake, English is not my first language)

fed_up_thespian 9

It's the parents' job to give 'the talk'. Ideally, sex ed in schools would be detailed and useful, but even if that was the case everywhere, parents should pretty much always be providing age-appropriate sex ed. When i was 4 i knew babies came when mommies and daddies love each other... By 7 i had a little more specific info, and knew that parents had to decide to do something physical, and that might make a baby. By 10 I knew the biology, and that you wait until you're married (yes, i consider this appropriate at 10, keep reading). Around 13, i got the big bombshell, that marraige isn't necessary, (yup, see, not a scary abstinence thumper) and being careful is, complete with std info. this was all effective. Tl:dr? I knew more than op's son at 7, and that's op's fault, not the school's

Why do parents expect the school to do everything for them? It's not their job to teach your child about sex so YDI

Middle school is usually when it is initially taught.. Then it's usually covered some more in health class..

But still, he is 19. People usually find these things out by word of mouth at the least. Does he not have many friends? Poor kid

jem970 19

I will tell you why. Because there are a lot of parents out there that don't believe that kids need to learn about sex for religious reasons and are having schools take the program out of health class and then don't talk to their kids about it. Parents who don't believe sex before marriage is the devil expect it because it is apart of HEALTH class. Also it is embarrassing to talk to your kid about. And kids don't always listen to their parents.

If OP did not want the school to teach them about it they would not have complained about them not doing it. However, that is still not the schools responsibility. If they did not want to have that conversation with their child then they should not have had children.

Laurenlou 24

28- If parents don't want their children to know about sex for "religious reasons," or any reason for that matter, they are just plain stupid. It is more responsible to teach children about such things at the right age. My mother, who is religious, told me before my school did. I knew what a period was before I got it, which was super helpful. And I even asked her questions about my body. It wasn't embarrassing or awkward and it shouldn't be for any child and parent. I wouldn't care if every school took out teaching kids what sex is because that is a parent's job. It's better for a child to hear it from mom and dad than the school or friends. OP- YDI for not giving your son The Talk. The school system is not responsible for such things. You are the parent.

Who the hell said they never gave the kid "The Talk?" Just how much do you pay attention to your parents.. I admit I ignore mine 3/4 the time..

That's just plain stupid. I'm religious and intend to fully teach my kids about sex before anyone else does. As a religious person, I want them to understand sex from a religious standpoint otherwise they will eventually hear of it from word of mouth. Every single parent should be the first one to teach their kids about sex/love/girlfriends/boyfriends if the school does it first, you're doing something wrong. And honestly if you're too embarrassed and childish to talk to your own kids about sex you shouldn't be having children.

4: No, but it should be. Why do so many people think that parents can't be ignorant too? Schools are staffed by professional educators, so why not let them educate kids about sex too? Side note: "Abstinence-only sex ed" is shit, and no responsible person should ever endorse it.

jem970 19

Here is how I see it. My school brought it actual educators from planned parenthood and the the local hospital to tell us about sex. My mother has never been able to really answer my questions about sex. I would rather have someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about teach me. And also just google the damn issue if you think what I am saying is bullshit it is going on all over the country. People want sex Ed pulled out of school because of religious reasons. I'm not crazy here.

I agree #4. Really sex education shouldn't even be necessary because if you can't get over yourself enough to have an awkward conversation about a subject that's hard to talk about with a kid for the sake of your own child, you're not much of a parent anyway. When my kids get to that age sure they'll just go through the dam class, but I'll have already told them the stuff myself. The school can just give the detailed anatomy crap. The important things about being safe and responsible should already be covered by the parent.

fed_up_thespian 9

I think the problem is that you keep just saying 'religious reasons' in a general way. It is ok to say that this tends to be a conservative Christian viewpoint, as they often say so themselves. These other commenters might feel the need to defend themselves as religious people who aren't anti sex ed. Contrary to frequent internet opinion, Christianity comes in MANY flavors, and 'religious' doesn't just mean Christian. It's not that people don't believe what you're saying, it's that they want you to know it doesn't apply to them, imo.

Queen_of_Night 20

And that's why the Bible Belt has more teen pregnancies than the rest of the US.

Okay, so everyone here feels that sex ed SHOULD NOT be necessary. But obviously, IT IS. Can't we just agree on that? You cannot rely on all individuals, that are parents, to do the right thing. Some people just shouldn't be parents, but they are. And some people didn't get sex ed, got children because they didn't know about protection and then you expect them to teach their children about protection? No. That is not how the world works. Sex ed is necessary in schools. There is a reason the USA has the highest teen pregnancy rate. Almost all countries in Europe are obligated to give sex ed and it pays off.

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The school didn't give the full talk, because that is the parents' job. YDI.

But schools teach you how people get pregnant.. Atleast here they did..

Your son is 19 and you've never talked to him about sex? Shame on you. Sex ed is supposed to supplement knowledge, not do your job. Be a parent.

Aw poor kid. A little naive for 19, but still, that sucks.

For some reason I doubt he's a virgin. I dunno why I just doubt it.

I think he's s virgin but has done foreplay, oral, etc (everything but sexual intercourse)... But he probably never stuck his dick in his girlfriend's baby-making hole.

Always have the sex talk with your children or else something wacky like this happens. Haha. "Wacky".

Maybe STD should stand for Sex Talk Disorder.

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