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Today, my boyfriend grabbed my boob, shook it savagely, and shouted "Earthquake!" FML
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Grab his dick, shake it savagely and say, "aftershock"!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Ow! Shaking it "savagely" would hurt! D:


Hiimhaileypotter 52

Ow! Shaking it "savagely" would hurt! D:

Secretly you're gay? Well, that's nice of you to come out of the closet. (Secretly We Are Gay, for those who don't know)

You're just a cat! What would you know?

65- You say you're a grammar (and spelling?) Nazi, but after each period you used in your description box, you didn't use a capital letter. Also, your username is 'isallwaysme' shouldn't it be 'isalwaysme'. People like you need To go back to Grammar Nazi school.

Sinamoi 18

69- You forgot to captialize the "G" in the first "grammar". Also, in your username, the word is spelled "s-k-e-l-e-t-o-n." Pro Grammar Nazi/lawyer/ninja.

You forgot to capitalized "Lawyer" and "Ninja". The period goes inside the quotation marks too.

well, I just tried it... no idea how they would react to an actual earthquake but I doubt it was like that.

Sinamoi 18

You put "capitialize" in its past tense form. Wow, we suck at this.

Sinamoi 18

You put "captialize" in its past tense form. Wow, we suck at this.

Anyone else hear the sarcasm in 55's post ? Just me ? Ok then.

Right_in_Two 5

I believe that grammar is not supposed to be capitalized, since it is not a propper name and it is not in the beginning of the sentence.

Girreth 7

Oh my god! Did you warn Haiti and Japan??

I luv grAmar soooo much! u gis r jst 2 funy! *shoots the part of me that made that shitty grammar possible* oh if only it were that simple :(

Grab his dick, shake it savagely and say, "aftershock"!

WhatYouMean 4

9 - Ouch? I'd say he'd probably like it. Now if OP grabbed the balls, well...

Wouldn't this be technically a hand job?

Wouldn't this technically be a hand job?

34) not if you twist that shit. And dig your claws in. God, I'm evil.

41 I'm sure that's more of a bondage hand job.. Some people are into pain.. Remember the S&M FML..

im still laughing. thank you you made my day!

well it isnt like every girl is amazing at hand jobs and know how to do them right. remember jingle balls girl?

And if you shake it long enough, the volcano will erupt! Pray that it's not inactive...

Wouldn't it be a compliment saying that your boobs were big enough to shake the earth. Litterally.

Silent_Thrill 17

And I thought I could never feel bad for being with my girlfriend intimately... thanks a lot!!

But chipmunks are tiny...that wouldn't cause an earthquake

14 How did we get a female baby pomeranian chipmunk named Joey then? D:

there is a point where boobs are too large for me personally...causing earthquaks isnt quite there though ;)

Well, return the favor. That ought to hurt him a lot more

Silent_Thrill 17

Unless he has the mmmmm..... certain kinky side in him like a few mmmmm... certain people do. ;) You know, people who like the pain! ^^ too creepy?

stepymac 15
1215116a 14

No, if he did he would have gotten arrested for ripping her chest off.

I wonder what the magnitude was for this one..

BlueFlatts 20

Let's hope it was below a 3.0, that way it didn't leave too much damage in it's wake. Cursed hand tectonics.

2RaRa25 6

You should've kicked him in the nuts and yelled "Meteorite!!!" Sorry, overreaction, but sometimes the boobs can be sensitive. Especially when savagely shook--you know what, that wouldn't be overreacting...

That would definitely be an over reaction big difference between shaking and kicking

While I don't have boobs myself, I'm fairly confident that a savage shake of the boob is no where close to the level of a nut shot.

Actually, I strongly agree both are equal in pain.

While I don't have breasts, I haven't noticed women falling to the ground in agony when something accidentally hits them in the boob. I'm not saying that boob shots don't hurt, just that it doesn't seem to be as painful as a nutshot.

The agonizing pain of a nut shot is not comprehendible to women.

85, some times in the month hurt more than others for some girls. Sometimes walking is painful. And how many times have you seen girls get punched in the boobs?

It's been proven nut shots hurt more than a woman in labour

jem970 19

Really 93? I want to see this "proof." I highly doubt it.

93 if you're talking about that del unit "fact" where a nut shot is conveniently over 9000 units, that's not real...

Lets put it this way. A nut shot can lead to impotence and infertility and MAY hurt more then labor. Labor MAY not hurt as much as a nut shot but it lasts longer.. So it is somewhat even grounds but it sucks more for men because of the potential life long effects...

92- again, not saying that boobs aren't inconvenient or painful. Just that being kicked in the balls brings a man to his knees, drops his voice an octave, and can cause loss of consciousness or even fertility issues. Being hit in the boobs causes none of those things. I've seen it happen quite a few times, surprisingly. My family is violent on occasion...

slimjim8094 12

I've devised a testing procedure. The trick is to use a shared phenomenon that's common to both sexes and similar amounts of pain and compare against that. 1) find men and women who have had nutshot/labor and kidney stones 2) ask which hurt more Most women I've asked/heard say kidney stones hurt more, and most men say nutshots hurt more. But please check yourself, no reason to trust my anecdotes.

85- its bcoz us women/girls are discrete.. gettin hit in the **** hurts more than you guys think. we just accept the pain, but the pain lasts for awhile. Its like labour, no men know the pain of it..

The_Water_Ninja 9

well it's been proven that women can take pain better than men, but then that also varies from person to person. I.e. one man might be able to stand much more amounts of pain than one woman

Lol 112 yeah that was a legitimate question. Boobs don't hurt as much as a swift kick between the legs might for either party I'm sure.

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