By goldie09 - 18/02/2010 17:36 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend and I were fooling around in bed, when suddenly, he turned to me and started playing with my breasts as if they were turn tables and he was the DJ. FML
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WIN for dj hero!

better than him being the drummer


WIN for dj hero!

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I agree... at least he has a sense of humor. Not really an FML

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4 real it's funny cuite not FML! ; D

It's really just all of you misunderstanding the point of FML..

@the_toxic_mite- why do u have to be a lil bitch and complain about every FML

did he make your bed rock?

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I'm gonna try that; it sounds fun.

LMFAO @ 34

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W00t for your BF, this is an excellent idea

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this. that was clever.

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def have to try this one :)

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yo he isnt me (my name is DJ) hahaha

10 haha that's a good song

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At least he didn't try Rock band (drums mainly)!!!! ouchhh

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ahahaha nice

lol @2 that songs awesome

why is this a fml?

hey #1, your a meow

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chicka chicka

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hah, my boyfriend did that to me. only it was Christmas time so he had to do it to jingle bells..

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What's so bad about it? Sounds fun.

hahaha good boyfriend. try some disco next time! :)

no, metal it would be funnier headbanging and headbutting her...

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hahahahaha amen that would be hilarious

you deserve it for fooling around with you're boyfriend

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fuck you

sterl13 0

fuck you

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well is he a good dj ?

better than him being the drummer

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So true! ESP using his cock as a drum stick.

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I'm a drummer.

haaa the best!

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I agree.

Real question is, why'd you let him?

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How the fuck did this get here? :/

I know, this isn't even an fml...

I actually got confused about this being an FML, thinking that she might have liked it!!!

He was being silly. So?

Your boyfriend sounds awesome.

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Well I suppose if the opportunity to get laid doesn't come very often you should be serious. lol.

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fukk yeah!!

boobs do amazing things to guys, you never can say for sure what affect they'll have

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yeah, my ex used to sit there and say "woah, it's like, you have breasts, and like... I don't. woah."

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36 bahahahaha!!!

lol!! 36 cracks me up xD

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Oh give him some credit! Someone eventually ruins the mood. It'd be a real FML if you killed it by playing with his penis like it was a snake.