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Today, I gathered both mine and my girlfriend's families secretly to a restaurant. I paid the restaurant to play romantic music, and paid for the best table available. As soon as we finished our meal, our families gathered around and I proposed. She laughed and said no way. FML
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OH MAN!! :( She's a bitch... :( FYL DEFINITELY!

Wow that sucks. But on the flip side, why would you propose to someone without being at least 99.9% sure they were going to say "yes"?


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Says the slow douchebag who replied to the wrong person.

God that really sucks. If u went to all that trouble for her, she doesn't deserve u. Good luck with ur next girl ;) Maybe if you were older than 16 this would have gone better. Either that or this is totally fake and you're an asshole.

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you wanted to marry the kind of girl who would publicly humiliate you??

OP Is this your ex-girlfriend?

@76: HOLY SHIT LOL If this is real... No wonder she shot you down OP. Seriously, why so young? Were you scared you'd lose her to someone else? Well you definitely lost her now man, FYL for that, but YDI. (Before we get into a WHO CARES WHEN PEOPLE MARRY argument, obviously OP's girlfriend cares)

you all have to realize the area he lives in. he lives in nova scotia. the capital of novascotia is halifax. halifax is compariatable to a little village in ontario. people ther get engaged and married a lot younger there than in a big city. so stop worrying over how young they are. buy yeah... she shouldnt have laughed aobut it in the restaurant... especially if both parties parents where there...

109 .... so all small towns are automatically behind a couple hundred years? (I say that because you seemed to imply it happens quite frequently, and young marriage only happened quite frequently back in the olden days) Lol, our town size is 3000, next one over is 1800, and I just went to my cousin's wedding, she's 25. We're a bunch of backwards, southern Illinois rednecks, and yet we seem to be marrying just as frequently at not-so-tender ages as Chicago. Actually, don't chicks in the big cities get unplanned preggers more often, and thus probably marry young more often as well? See, I can make stupid assumptions too.

Ummm... I live in Halifax and the population is about 400,000 which, while not gigantic, does not make it a small village. We're not "backwards", or "behind the times" and there are only 6 cities in Ontario (a province about 20 times the size of Nova Scotia) larger than Halifax. So 109, I recommend doing some basic research or picking up an atlas every once in a while so that you can actually have an idea about what goes on in your country and not look like an idiot when one of us 'village folk' know more than you do and put you in your place on the internet.

you all have to realize the area he lives in. he lives in nova scotia. the capital of novascotia is halifax. halifax is compariatable to a little village in ontario. people ther get engaged and married a lot younger there than in a big city. so stop worrying over how young they are. buy yeah... she shouldnt have laughed aobut it in the restaurant... especially if both parties parents where there... Ummm, no. We don't marry at 16 here (In Halfifax). How about you visit us sometime? For our American friends, we are similar to the city of Boston, only much friendlier. Unless we've been insulted like this. And we're not like a little village. Haha oh well... I just hope you're not from Ontario, because that would be sad. Guess what? I don't own a cow OR a chicken either.

What she's supposed to say yes just because her boyfriend needs to do this in front of his and her entire family? I never understood this. Proposals should be a private matter, don't need a freaking audience for it. Puts too much pressure on everyone involved.

YDI for playing Never Gonna Give you Up by Rick Astley. That's NOT romantic.

(i think) 115: Actually, more people in small towns get pregnant because there isn't anything to do. I have proof by living in a town with a very large high school, and only seeing 3 pregnant girls, and then going to a small high school, and seeing about 5...

maybe with the next girl, he should find out if the girl wants to get married to him first. when and where the proposal takes place should be the surprise, not that it's going to happen.

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maybe. the stories sound so similar. @OP: FYL

YDI for having a family. Wtf is wrong with you?

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Thank you! I also live in Halifax. It's not small at all. In the top 15 most populated cities in Canada.

Do you seriously think all the FML's on here are real? Most of them are obviously fake and it shouldn't be a big deal. They still get people to laugh and thats what the site is for.

Why does everyone here think this is real? Even if you think a 16 year old is proposing in Nova Scotia then how the **** do you still think that a 16 year old can afford to pay for not one family but two families meals at an expensive table in a restaurant.

Yes but a city like new York has more people than those cities combined. If hailiflax is the 7 biggest city in Canada than that's pathetic.

LOL nice... but they're from different places maybe one of them moved away from the embarrassment aaah... F the OP's L

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129, that is not "proof," that's just a stupid, uneducated assumption. i went to a small high school and no one had a baby. it's all a matter of coincidence.

Halifax is the 13th biggest city in Canada, not the 7th (there are other provinces than Ontario and Nova Scotia). If it were in the US it would rank right around 45 (the size of Oakland). Also, New York only has a couple million more people than Toronto, which would rank number 2 in the States ("beating out" LA (Montreal is also larger than Chicago for 3rd rank, and Vancouver is about the same as Houston for number 4)), and the US as a whole only has 3 cities more than Canada with 1 million or more people (9:6). Why do people refuse to actually know things before posting shit on the internet? It takes only a couple minutes to learn these things, so do everyone a favour and stop feeding the flames of stereotyped ignorance.

no thats not true. it is possible to get married at 16 years old in canada as long as you have your parents permission first. @ the OP yeah maybe next time you should make sure that you 16 year old girlfriends actually wants to get married, i mean i don't blame her for the way she rejected you what sane person wants to get married at 16?

you, uh, you ever been to halifax? it's really nothing like you described

129: Uhm. You think people get pregnant because there's nothing else to do...? Generally... when bored, we small-town ignorants... go somewhere else, lol, not **** randomly. I'm pretty sure you can be just as easily bored in the city, especially if you've lived there for a long time or your whole life. But either way I was being slightly sarcastic in that part of my post. Technically speaking, a large town would probably have more pregnant underaged girls, simply because there are more underaged girls to be impregnanted. Ratio speaking, I wouldn't know, and don't really care lol

Well spoken. I've always kinda thought that too. It'd be kinda awkward if you had to say no in front of others. She might've been laughing in embarrassment.

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#161 I thank you so much for pointing that out. I honestly did not know any of that information but I hate when Americans try to insult us and make joke out of us

Man people get so angry over little things on the Internet, chill the **** out guys.

yes but they're in Canada you know north of us so they're you know different and not american and have their own traditions

Wow, this is amazing! Good catch, Chvdl! Someone definitely needs to post a followup on this.

To me, that's a giveaway. If someone drags along not only his family but <i>her</i> family, the focus is on him. "Look what a great proposer I am!" Meanwhile, from her point of view, her entire family and a bunch of strangers are standing there smirking at her knowingly. Literally everyone but her knew, and it's obvious that only one answer will be regarded as acceptable. She's basically just a prop in his show.

OH MAN!! :( She's a bitch... :( FYL DEFINITELY!

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wow imagine what happened next...

You must be a blond bitch yourself. You know nothing about her. We do know that he did not have much knowledge about his relationship with her. Is 1 dinner and romantic music all it takes for you to say "yes" to a marriage proposal? If so, we now know a lot about YOU. Like, you were probably born in New Jersey, are desperate for a guy, perhaps because you are a ****, a lard, or are an ignorant 14 year old.

Wtf does blond have to do with it douchebag?

Umm....he never said it was his "new" or "recent" girlfriend....I don't get why everyone's saying OP "doesn't know" her...Obviously they know each other pretty damn well, or else they wouldn't have met both sides of the family (which is a biiig step). Maybe she was surprised like, "omg no wayy!"....maybe try again, except by yourselves. My older sister did that. Her husband had to ask her twice because they had gotten into a fight, she was mad, and she was watching tv. She said "Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure."

Because it conveys, in an insulting manner, that the Poster is dumber than the OP's girlfriend. Go back to teen chat lines where the topics are purposefully simple enough for simple people like you.

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he's not saying the OP didn't know HER. He's saying the OP clearly didn't have the same perspective on the relationship as the girl did, because he was ready to spend his life with her, but she obviously did not feel the same way.

I cringe at stories like yours. It reminds us all that stupid-ass families like yours pro-create faster than **** roaches. He DID NOT know her intimate thoughts if he went through all the expense and work to set up an elaborate event and was unsure of the outcome. OP is the type who does things and gets surprised by the outcome. He is absolutely a future top contender for a DARWIN AWARD. Now do you understand shit-for-brains?

Oof someone's hostile. Better take a class for that shit-for-brains =) and thank you lem0n, that is a much less rude way of explaining it.

for real, how are you gonna ask without knowing first. a proposal is made after knowing the real answer. It is made in front of people just for show, to let people know that ya'll are really getting married. YDI, i'm glad ya'll ain't gettin married and having some stupid kids there's enough dipshits out there, i bet OP believes in love at first sight.

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ew. i would never want a proposal where i already knew the answer. i wanna be suprised. don't ask me beforehand then ask in front of a bunch of people. that's stupid.

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the girl isn't a bitch. this guy is apparently SIXTEEN no wonder the girl laughed and said no. she probably thought it was a joke you hardly even know what love is at sixteen, much less who you want to spend the rest of your life with jesus.

omg he's sixteen? =S I never both to look at these profiles...yeesh.

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#21: Um, how does "You were probably born in NJ" fit into any of that? You're a ******* idiot. Perhaps the person you're responding to just thinks she's a bitch because she said no to a proposal in general. She probably realizes that the guy wouldn't have proposed (with BOTH families present) if they haven't been together for a long while and expected her to say no.'re a ******* idiot.

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But where he is from, marrige is young there.. Its quite young there..

@94: You lose. But, you are used to a lot of that, aren't you loser?

No, the average age people get married here is actually quite late. Later than that of most Americans. Most people I know have gotten married for the first time around 26-28ish.

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thats totally untrue, y wud ur hair colour have anything to do with ur intelligence?? any1 who believes in this stupid stereotype is the stupid one... ur prob just jealous that u were born with some fugly brown hair that looks like dog shit

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clearly you're blonde. it's called a joke because its a common stereotype that blondes are idiots. and no, not natural blondes, girls who dye their hair platinum blonde (Daisy of Love anyone?) because they think "omg that's hot." anyways. stop being an annoying little bitch. it was a joke. get over it.

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First of all, you spelled blondE wrong, second of all, know NOTHING about her and you're a VERY negative person to be that judgemental about someone you've never even MET!! so shut the F*CK up!!!!

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oh and what i just posted goes to 21

Wow. That must have been awkward. What happened after?

Aah what a bitch D; after all that . &gt;

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how can you call her a bitch? she obviously didn't want to spend her life committed to someone. jeeze. she shouldn't marry him just cuz he went through all this trouble.

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I am gonna assume looking at the fml she dint say no in a nice way. So ya i would call someone like that a bitch

Wow that sucks. But on the flip side, why would you propose to someone without being at least 99.9% sure they were going to say "yes"?

He probably WAS 99.9% sure they would say "Yes" Well, at least the food was good! =P Positives, think positives.

But *WAS* the food any good? Actually this sounds more like it should be *HER* FML rather than his.

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This is also why you usually test the waters before making the actual proposal. Most people who are serious with each other will talk about marriage, so if the OP didn't discuss the possibility of marriage with his girlfriend before proposing, then he deserves it. Now, if he did talk about marriage with her and she sounded like she'd like to get married to him, but then she bailed during the proposal, then that's definitely a FML.

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Thats the end of any relationship to me honestly. the hassle to gather both families and the money put into all of that plus the ring....yeah FYL.

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It was his girlfriend, obviously she was into him. How can you even say he deserved it?

At least she gave it to you striaght instead of saying yes and saying no later.