By anonymous - 18/12/2010 09:11 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were playing around. He threw me over his shoulder and turned around, smacking my face against the wall. Then he smacked my head into the fridge after turning round to see "what that loud bang" was. FML
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He wanted to bang, that's all.(:


Nah, pretty sure she enjoyed it so much that she accidentally put it on FML.

#49 I did to! :) lol I feel a little bit fucked up after laughing tho.

49-Toronto represent!

that takes practice

WTF,, that's like abuse.

I agree. That is LIKE, TOTALLY LIKE abuse!

like totally and some junk!

fer shure or something.

that's not abuse! that's foreplay!

you look amazing lol

wtf i would have slapped him!!!!

she was too fucked up to slap him

LMFAO! that's too funny (:

so Domestic Violence is your thing?

He should dump the OP and go out with her. them he would be able to smack her against all sorts of things.

This is actually the first fml I've read that made me laugh out loud.

thought that shit only happened in tv ...rotflmao classic!

Is your boyfriend Buster Keaton? :D

No, Buster Hymen.

perdix, lmfao.

hahahahaha you've outdone yourself with this one, per

Ah, if only he did it again to see what that second noise was.

Or if he did it nonstop in an endless cycle... bang, swivel, bang, swivel, bang, swivel, bang... until OP was a goner.

lol @ ninjafriends

He wanted to bang, that's all.(:

He sounds like a real Einstein.

Lmfao that's epic!!!

20, I just died laughing lmao xD