By wtf - 17/12/2012 19:38 - United States

Today, I was hit in the head by a golf ball. I wasn't near a golf course, and nobody was anywhere in sight. I'm still trying to figure out what happened. FML
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xXHollowIchigoXx 17

That's god telling you he doesn't like you.

Jesus: Fuck! Fore!!!!


xXHollowIchigoXx 17

That's god telling you he doesn't like you.

It's a sign of the apocalypse. Take cover!!

I think tiger woods is nearby, he can't seem to get the ball on the course these days

You sure it was a golf ball? Or was it realization? No I'm kidding OP. I hope you aren't really hurt.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Good balls be going crazy now a days.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Shit. *golf

TorturedXeno 27

This is almost as mysterious as that FML about the guy who saw the ninja on his neighbor's room every morning.

I don't believe in god and I think that's funny

64 I'm an atheist and I thought your comment was unnecessary at the very least

64 all you are I respect your opinion but please keep it to yourself all you are going to do is piss people off

we did have a very nice discussion about religion on a thread a few weeks back, but as another atheist, really not the appropriate time for a similar discussion. we should be talking about balls...GOLF balls...or balls...whichever one I guess

ging3r5 3

I thought of JD and Turk hitting golf balls off the roof of Sacred Heart

VengeanceChicken 12

I remember that FML It was priceless.

Jesus: Fuck! Fore!!!!

What's his handicap?

Was probably Moby Dickwad.

savage93 11

I hit a golf ball out of my back yard nd i dont noe where it went. :/

BellaBelle_fml 23

savage93 - You're from Madera, so I forgive your spelling mistakes.

savage93 11

Like i give a shit

Starts a ”squeaky! squeaky!” chant.

Crap. Ignore ^^

Maybe there are some angry squirrels out there

I know he's a chipmunk, but the commenter above still seems a bit suspicious.

Fuck you! I hate squirrels! Those bastards keep stealing my nuts! And I'm a girl.

*Hands squeaky the bag I collected for her* :) Just being a helpful pomeranian! :D

28/ you ain't fooling me, I know you're just sticking around b/c y'all had a dog/chipmunk child.

That's a lie, I really like her! :D She's cute riding that toy.. Just don't give her caffine..

Das messed up, 29

Don't call her an ungodly freak! :( She's adorable!

I was thinking that a bird might have dropped it. I've seen birds flying around with man-made objects in their talons before. :/

Keastwood, you have offended my child. Prepare to die.

*starts taking bets for the fight between the insane chipmunk that is probably on cocain against the orangutan who talks to his fingers* my bets on the chipmunk

I bet on squeaky! :D

Go buy a lottery ticket. This doesn't happen every day so maybe it's fate's signs to you :)

I wouldn't call that "lucky".

If it was a sign, I doubt it was fate telling OP that she was lucky, more likely that it was fate telling OP to stay in the house and never come out again

you are statistically more likely to die on your way to buying a lotto ticket, than said lotto ticket being a big winner.

im_bored_tired 12

That's what you get for running over bob!! -Other angry squirrels

seems legit...

sushichick 17

It was Happy Gilmore of course!

Thats what i thought! Haha i love that movie

There's a thumbing option for a reason.. Please don't let the hard work of the FML monkeys go to waste..

There's a thumbing option for a reason.. Please don't let the hard work of the FML monkeys go to waste..

WhatYouMean 4


Redoxx_fml 22

Squidward the sky had a baby!

mizuki123 8

Reminds me from gym today.. This kid chucked a ball trying to make that basket. He failed, almost hitting a kids head. Twice..

Your name says it all, "wtf" is right.