By KBL3 - 11/08/2010 09:16 - United States

Today, my boyfriend started talking to my breasts in public. As if that wasn't bad enough, he then started to jiggle them in his hands. FML
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YDI for letting him. Jeez.

Women don't have a choice when a man jiggles their breasts? What strange and perfect world do you live in?


YDI for letting him. Jeez.

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now that would be a sight to see

What would?

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she didn't have a choice! they are much more pleasant than her personality

Women don't have a choice when a man jiggles their breasts? What strange and perfect world do you live in?

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y r u so annoying freeze?

yeah that's embarrassing.. but I don't think it's a fml. if you think it is op, then tell him to not do it again.

ydi op u don't have to sit there and let him..

YDI for dating a man with mental deficiencies

I did not.

Haha Freeze, both comments 13 and 29 made me laugh :)

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lol come see the amazing tit juggler

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"Women don't have a choice when a man jiggles their breasts?" Haha, Freeze that actually made me laugh out loud.

YDI for going out in public YDI for getting out of the house YDI for having a house YDI for paying for a house YDI for wasting money

he was manhandling her in public :0

32-Can I jizz on your face?

it's funny because that is akward

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Can I light yours on fire?

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wow 41

No you can't but I'd love to bust a nut on your sexy face.

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43-I don think she is going for it. I would stop. On this public forum, nobody cares what you want to do to her. Just saying.

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1- What if she told him to stop and he wouldnt? She could have tried to stop him and failed. OP- I would talk to him about that, and if he doesnt listen break up with him.

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my friends uncle has a saleen s7. I've rode in it before, it's extreemly fast! I want one so badly!

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I agree with #1. This isn't an FML, it's an "I desire validation and attention so much that I don't stand up for myself when I'm being disrespected."

Well, aren't you the devil's advocate, #52? You also sound like a candidate for easy rape victim.

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I agree with #1. YDI for letting him. My girlfriend would have stopped me if I even thought of trying that.

your boyfriend is a WINner with capital WIN

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lmfao whattt?

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I've always wanted boobs for a day.I'd play with them all the time. I can't see how girls can refrain themselves from doing so. I'd prob be like Peter Griffin in tht one episode where he and Lois switch bodies. dada dada da da.

Hahahahahahahahahaha 33 I love you

i so agree with u.

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Freeze, stop being a fucking buzzkill and have your small penis and/or Internet ego evaluated. If you're a chic, you're a dyke that can't help the human race. Pour your period blood elsewhere.

I am a male. Thank you for your concerns.

#27 I don't think he had mental problems I think he knew exactly what he was doing =D

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haha sounds like a good time for everyone?

@33, you fail at the art of YDI

that's very good.

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22 I'd like to jiggle your tits. ;-) :-P

54 - I reject your thread jacking attempt and substitue it with my own.

114- I don't know about the others, but I have a pretty clear idea of who's the buzzkill here... *cough* Melgros *cough*.

4some (.) , (.) , op , kreepy bf

125 join the club

Awesome idea! What's the secret handshake or should I say boobshake?

Artemis7th 2

142- Where do I sign up?

Have some self respect for youself and stop him.

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Hey that's what boobs are for YDI for whining

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did he name them?

twinny_sc 13

My boyfriend wanted to name mine. I said no.

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That is so.. Odd. :/

atleast op isn't a man, thatcwould be a tad worse...... 0.o that is awkward op, talk to him about it?

ydi for being a hoe in public.

um.. explain this to me. How is OP a hoe? It was her boyfriends queer behaviour, not OP's. That like saying "Today I choked on cereal. FML." and people like you replying "YDI for eating."

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ydi for not enjoying it


YDI fir having boobs! YDI for having a boyfriend! YDI for being in public!

Stop copying number0 >:(

#127, just a little FYI, but number0 is a cheap ripoff of me. I'm the YDI artist, and I do it with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

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4- True that!! Haha I love it when my boyfriend plays with my boobs.

at least he didn't take your shirt off.. :/

Maybe he did and OP left out that part...

ydi for dating a retard. Knowing how to behave in public, especially with your partner, is common sense.

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ydi for having nice bewbs lol.

ydi for spelling boobs wrong

YDI for not using a period. Period.

Ydi for not using a period,(note the comma) Period

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what a gentleman. he should atleast wait until y'all are in a dressing room together or something.

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haha. YDI! she should have said something!

perdix 29

Learn ventriloquism and make them answer. You two (or three) could make a fortune in burlesque, if such a thing still exists.

It sure does. At least in my part of the world anyway.

perdix 29

Awesome! I might be coming up north pretty soon. It's always been one of my life's dreams to see the Talking Titties act in person.

There is a group in Halifax and there is also one out in Victoria/Vancouver for sure. i don't know about the middle lands. I only fly over them to get to better places.

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you know you liked it >.> lolololol xD