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Today, my boyfriend started talking to my breasts in public. As if that wasn't bad enough, he then started to jiggle them in his hands. FML
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Women don't have a choice when a man jiggles their breasts? What strange and perfect world do you live in?


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now that would be a sight to see

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she didn't have a choice! they are much more pleasant than her personality

Women don't have a choice when a man jiggles their breasts? What strange and perfect world do you live in?

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yeah that's embarrassing.. but I don't think it's a fml. if you think it is op, then tell him to not do it again.

ydi op u don't have to sit there and let him..

YDI for dating a man with mental deficiencies

Haha Freeze, both comments 13 and 29 made me laugh :)

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lol come see the amazing tit juggler

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"Women don't have a choice when a man jiggles their breasts?" Haha, Freeze that actually made me laugh out loud.

YDI for going out in public YDI for getting out of the house YDI for having a house YDI for paying for a house YDI for wasting money

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No you can't but I'd love to bust a nut on your sexy face.

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43-I don think she is going for it. I would stop. On this public forum, nobody cares what you want to do to her. Just saying.

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1- What if she told him to stop and he wouldnt? She could have tried to stop him and failed. OP- I would talk to him about that, and if he doesnt listen break up with him.

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my friends uncle has a saleen s7. I've rode in it before, it's extreemly fast! I want one so badly!

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I agree with #1. This isn't an FML, it's an "I desire validation and attention so much that I don't stand up for myself when I'm being disrespected."

Well, aren't you the devil's advocate, #52? You also sound like a candidate for easy rape victim.

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I agree with #1. YDI for letting him. My girlfriend would have stopped me if I even thought of trying that.

your boyfriend is a WINner with capital WIN

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I've always wanted boobs for a day.I'd play with them all the time. I can't see how girls can refrain themselves from doing so. I'd prob be like Peter Griffin in tht one episode where he and Lois switch bodies. dada dada da da.

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Freeze, stop being a ******* buzzkill and have your small penis and/or Internet ego evaluated. If you're a chic, you're a dyke that can't help the human race. Pour your period blood elsewhere.

I am a male. Thank you for your concerns.

#27 I don't think he had mental problems I think he knew exactly what he was doing =D

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haha sounds like a good time for everyone?

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22 I'd like to jiggle your ****. ;-) :-P

54 - I reject your thread jacking attempt and substitue it with my own.

114- I don't know about the others, but I have a pretty clear idea of who's the buzzkill here... *cough* Melgros *cough*.

Awesome idea! What's the secret handshake or should I say boobshake?

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Have some self respect for youself and stop him.

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Hey that's what boobs are for YDI for whining

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My boyfriend wanted to name mine. I said no.

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atleast op isn't a man, thatcwould be a tad worse...... 0.o that is awkward op, talk to him about it?

um.. explain this to me. How is OP a hoe? It was her boyfriends queer behaviour, not OP's. That like saying "Today I choked on cereal. FML." and people like you replying "YDI for eating."

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YDI fir having boobs! YDI for having a boyfriend! YDI for being in public!

#127, just a little FYI, but number0 is a cheap ripoff of me. I'm the YDI artist, and I do it with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

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4- True that!! Haha I love it when my boyfriend plays with my boobs.

ydi for dating a retard. Knowing how to behave in public, especially with your partner, is common sense.

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what a gentleman. he should atleast wait until y'all are in a dressing room together or something.

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haha. YDI! she should have said something!

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Learn ventriloquism and make them answer. You two (or three) could make a fortune in burlesque, if such a thing still exists.

It sure does. At least in my part of the world anyway.

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Awesome! I might be coming up north pretty soon. It's always been one of my life's dreams to see the Talking ******* act in person.

There is a group in Halifax and there is also one out in Victoria/Vancouver for sure. i don't know about the middle lands. I only fly over them to get to better places.

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you know you liked it >.> lolololol xD