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  lilai1396  |  0

1- What if she told him to stop and he wouldnt? She could have tried to stop him and failed.

OP- I would talk to him about that, and if he doesnt listen break up with him.

  swimmerstud  |  7

I've always wanted boobs for a day.I'd play with them all the time. I can't see how girls can refrain themselves from doing so. I'd prob be like Peter Griffin in tht one episode where he and Lois switch bodies. dada dada da da.

  Melgros  |  0

Freeze, stop being a fucking buzzkill and have your small penis and/or Internet ego evaluated. If you're a chic, you're a dyke that can't help the human race. Pour your period blood elsewhere.

  aellovesbdk  |  0

[email protected]

  iLoveUnionJ  |  8

um.. explain this to me. How is OP a hoe? It was her boyfriends queer behaviour, not OP's. That like saying "Today I choked on cereal. FML." and people like you replying "YDI for eating."

  joeinthedark  |  18

There is a group in Halifax and there is also one out in Victoria/Vancouver for sure. i don't know about the middle lands. I only fly over them to get to better places.