By kidyounot - 18/12/2012 00:29 - United States - Statesboro

Today, my fiancé called off our engagement after I contested his belief that women stop having periods after they are married. FML
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xMiss_Maggot 7
lesserofallevils 9

Is that the only reason he wanted to marry you? So he would stop getting his period?


smbio 17

And all babies would have to be made pre-marriage.

My god, if that were true many more ladies would be married just to get rid of the damn thing!!

BlueFlatts 20

I believe 71's statement is a reference to the following FML, but I don't see how the two relate. Being a complete idiot vs. being a complete idiot with gender issues. Or being a complete issue vs. a sensitive guy. Idk which.

xMiss_Maggot 7

Either he's a complete dumbfuck as you say, or he was looking for a way out of it, and came up with that.

Which would still make him a dumbfuck, regardless.

There are worse ways he could have gotten out of it...

Although, that'd be a pretty good deal....

If it's the latter, it makes him a piece of shit asshole, not stupid.

Where would anyone get such an idea from in the first place?

^your pic with your comment made me laugh soooo hard. but also...I think the people who came up with this, also probably created the myth of illuminati....

Yes, we're a myth.. *looks around sketchily and disapears into the night*

Stop revealing our group secrets, do we need to have the tar feathering discussion again >:(

I know!? Even if it was true, it's stupid that he would marry op solely for that reason.

lesserofallevils 9

Is that the only reason he wanted to marry you? So he would stop getting his period?

I can't blame him. I hate getting my peri.. What? You mean I'm not supposed to be bleeding from my penis once a month? Uh oh..

Don't worry it's probably just kidney disease. It's nothing a hug won't fix \(^o^)/

Sounds like you narrowly avoided marrying an idiot there OP...

mackell5 3

In a way you learn to love that little monthly notification...

KuuipoSays 1

I never did!! That was one of the few massively cool benefits of getting cancer! Haha, but to each their own. :)

I wish I was one of those women who could appreciate their period. But having cramps, migraines and back pain for 2-4 days every month is something I will never learn to love. :(

maimengming 10

I totally understand what you mean. Last year I only got my period twice because of some health issues, so now I have a love- hate relationship with it. If I get my period, I know I'm staying healthy.

Pregnancy scares made many appreciate their periods!

Two years of having the contraceptive implant has made me appreciate not having periods, migraines and cramps, I'm quite sure it's going to suck going back to that again! That 'monthly notification' can kindly sod off!

By contraceptive implant do you mean Implanon/Nexplanon (depending on where in the world you are)? I've had it for two years now but I still get my period, all be it twice/three times a year instead of every month. I love this thing, sorted out my hormonal issues, sex drive and period migraines. Yes, that was my PMS, I'd get migraines the day before I started, every month.

dixiefoxx 22

Well, that's a unique thought.. you have to give him that..

It may be unique but it's still dumb as hell.

Well just think of the time spent with him as wasted "period"

That'll really get the blood flowing....

Mr25_fml 14

no, but he also thought a tampon would stop her from getting pregnant after the condom broke, so we know he isnt too bright.

kut17 11

Not gonna lie, it would be nice not to get screamed at for breathing too loud.

Shadow_Phantom 26

@11: Do chicks really do that? ._.

I have never in my life met a girl who screamed at someone for breathing too loud *just* because the girl is on her period. Honestly whatever lady did this to you was probably a psychopath already.

It sounds like it was meant as a figure of speech, but still, it's not like we can control our hormones.

I'd gladly trade "getting yelled at for breathing" with "getting 5-7 days worth of blood pouring from my ******, cramps, migraines, random pains, and nausea". :(

1215116a 14

Yeah, because every women goes on a yelling rampage when they're on their period. Grow up.

CharresBarkrey 15

"Seriously, breathe louder, Ross, that's great."

^I think I just fell in love with you a little bit...okay, a lot a bit...