They call him Mighty Force

By Stiny - 01/06/2011 18:44 - United States

Today, I got kneed in the stomach by a sixth grader. I couldn't breathe. I have a black belt in Taekwondo. FML
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Watch Kung Fu Panda 2, that shit teaches the best moves.


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Now you're both the same height! :)

Well, getting your breath knocked out does suck... and little kids are sometimes steroids induced midgets so yeah....

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Either you're short to get KNEED in the stomach by a 6th grader, or you were bending down when they kneed you. Either way, FYL.

Dude, it's a kid. OP wouldn't beat up a kid, that's low.

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he probably didn't give him candy

saaaalt 4

Pain Is Pain. Try telling that story to a pregnant woman then tell me how bad your life sucks.

"Today, my body reacted in the manner that it was designed to, even though I have studied a martial art." I don't get it.

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hahaha funny, now pick a real martial art

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that is what actually happens when you get knee'd in the stomach, knowing martial arts doesn't prevent people from feeling pain (except those shaolin monks, they can take hits to the balls and smile it off)

118, I couldn't agree more.... having a black belt in a martial art does not make you invincible.

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ummm it could have been a girl who posted this

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so did suprise attack you or something? if you were then being a blackbelt wouldnt matter. plus the kid was only in the 6th grade. loll

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ok seriously why does everybody think that because they have a black belt makes them freaking Jesus really you can still get hurt

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172- EXACTLY! my friend just got her black belt. then, she fell down the stairs and broke her arm and two ribs. black belts don't give you super powers. you still get hurt, and surprised, and attacked by little kids.

Tuesdaythe10th 11

And honestly would you be proud of beating up a little kid ?

tae kwondo hand out belts to easy, should do a real dicipline like Muay thai. can't lose bro!

lol taekwondo is a useless martial art

taekwondo isn't useless at all. it can have many practical applications. I think op is upset that he couldnt read and/or deflect the attack. I don't believe it has as much to do with pain. but yeah that sucks op. give him a sky-tearing snap-kick of doom to the face next time!!

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you should train in some Hawaiian kenpo or kajukembo, both are very similar... and help to hive you superhuman abilities. you could even take two to the chest ad shrug it off!!!!

And now you have a black stomach :) kids these days

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Either that or the sixth grader is tall.

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well he was obviously a midget ninja disguised as a sixth grader.

This comment would have been hysterical if OP was really a girl xD

Watch Kung Fu Panda 2, that shit teaches the best moves.

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Kung Fu Panda 2 was badass. It got me in the mood to kick ass but I didn't. I would have gotten thrown out the movies for breaking cardboard cut-outs.

Like getting obese and sitting on your opponent?

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He might learn something if he did watch it. How to properly spell Tae Kwon Do, for instance.

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Eerybody was Kung Foo Fiiiighting!

90- You mean he might "have" learned something.

126, "have" is kind of past-tense.. but it could work either way,I guess.

DonZilla_RAWR 6

Sorry, please don't get mad ): But had is past tense....Unless you say have had. (:

what's Wrong with Being Obese? skadoosh.

136- Again, don't get angry, I'm not usually a Grammar Nazi, but since I have nothing else to do, I guess I will try it out :P. When the words 'has' or 'have' are used with the past participle of a verb (i.e.-'have tackled') the perfect tense is formed. When 'had' is used with the past participle of a verb, it forms the past perfect tense (i.e.-'had tackled'). Thus, the word 'have' is not past, but perfect.

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At least it wasn't a black eye ^ | Educate yourself.

sxe_beast 11 " outcome contrary to expectations" According to that definition this FML would be ironic. What happened to the OP was opposite (contrary) of what he thought would happen.

You didn't really just prove that this post is ironic... Unless he learned taekwondo because he thought someone was going to knee him in the stomach, and thought that learning taekwondo would prevent them from kneeing him in the stomach... Which he didn't.

sxe_beast 11

But one of the reasons he probably took taekwondo was to defend himself from assailants. This would include being kneed in the stomach. He was unable to defend himself from this assault, which is contrary to what he expected. So in a way it could possibly be irony.

You're both right in a way. It isn't very direct irony, but it COULD technically be situationally ironic.

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it's not like he would kick the sixth grader back and backflip her onto the ground ....

You have a point. And I'm not being a kiss ass, there is a point.

Good point, you sexy beast. Maybe this is better? v

Good point, you sexy beast. Maybe thus is better? v

Good point, you sexy beast. Maybe this is better? v

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either way ydi for learning a martial art made in America and tailored to Americans. next time try karate or anything authentic.

Good point, you sexy beast. Maybe this is better? v

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it really isnt ironic. why would he hit a sixth grader anyway?

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your stupid. why are you on fml.

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Give the kid a candy, wouldn't ended up kneeing you in stomach.

Would've got the kid's parents called you a perv though

Yes because giving a kid some candy would get you into a better situation. Also OP he could've been a black belt too and the element of surprise is... well suprising.

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Yes, let us all reward bullies...?

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yes, let us reward the bullies. With poisoned gum.

For ***** sake op is dumb he took taekwondo.....absolute bullshit try something usefull

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hey, the kid could have been really dumb, older and bigger than OP just held back?

ThatOtherMegan 30

Looks like you need to practice Taekwondo more often.

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you guys...sheesh. if OP wasn't expecting the punch (and it sounds like he wasn't) it really doesn't make a difference whether he has 0 training or, as he says, a black belt in taekwondo. Furthermore, as such a high rank in taekwondo, he should know for a fact that a hit to the stomach (or worse, 8 inches lower) can be painful and even dangerous if the victim is caught unawares.

TheDrifter 23

Either way, if he's slow enough to be taken off guard by a 12 year old his instructor hasn't really been teaching much. These days it seems every failed karate instructor claims he's a Tae Kwon Do master and "teaches" students in his unique style.

children are evil and do what they want. duh.