Cool move, dude

By Anonymous - 09/12/2010 09:47 - France

Today, my boyfriend thought it would be sexy to pick me up and throw me on the bed. I rolled off and broke my collarbone. FML
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meganasoarus 0

why did you roll off? you're supposed to stay on the bed.

Maybe she's really round, so that's why she rolled off.


aww :( boys are dumb. hope you get better soon :)

hey #1 she rolled off, you sexist bitch. :)

xXpeachesXx 0
pwincessa23 1

I agree with peaches. hahahahaha btw, I don't think peaches is ugly. as a girl I can appreciate how pretty another girl may be. I'm not bisexual or lesbian,even though I fully support the gay community, but I can tell u that she's pretty.

persianjr1 7

I do realized he faile. but at least you know he cares about you. He was trying to be sexy remember!!!

Why'd you roll off? should stayed on the bed he threw you on...

Sweetpea137 0

i guess he took it too far when you said you like it rough

Maybe she's really round, so that's why she rolled off.

knibbsy 4

He obviously knows hospital sex is where it's at, so he was trying to spice up your relationship and provide a new spark in your love lives.

smokeymcpottt 3

You actually landed safely. What really happened was, Chuck Norris round house kicked you in the face as soon as you landed. He moved so fast, you didn't know what hit you.

Not saying YDI because it sucks but women are always saying us guys need to be sexier and more romantic so maybe next time define what sexy is.

ya I know like what do they want be more spontaneous how is a roundhouse kick not spontaneous.