By Cheesey_Dorito - 28/09/2018 15:30

Today, it has been 57 hours since I have last had food. The fridge is empty. The freezer is empty. The pantry is empty. Even my bank account is empty because my pay has been delayed. Again. FML
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Emma Marshall 19

Pretty sure they can't legally keep delaying your pay?


Walk around town and pick up some spare change on the sidewalk. It might take a while but when you have enough then get something from a vending machine.

Or if you live in an area that pays for recycling you can collect cans and bottles as well. (Assuming you have any energy left to walk around.) So sorry OP.

julfunky 29

Don’t do a vending machine; they aren’t reasonably priced enough. If you find change pick up some Ramen from the grocery store. That’s much more likely to fill you for a very small price.

sel3578898553255 7
Emma Marshall 19

Pretty sure they can't legally keep delaying your pay?

No friends or family? No social programs? No cash advance from work due to their error? So you pay for internet to post this but not feed yourself. #Priorities

Besides the fact that coffee shops and libraries have free wifi it's entirely possible they paid the internet bill at the start of the month not realizing they wouldn't have access to funds later. To Op: Call around to religious organizations in your area. Many will help you even if you aren't a member or particularly religious. If you're in America call 211for assistance. If you've been an active member of reddit they also have many subs to help people do a search for reddit on "assistance" or "food_pantry." (You have to have an active account first to request things as well as an amazon wishlist.)

chessu 21

And the utility bills for this month are likely already been paid for..

sel3578898553255 7

you dont know ops life. shut ya aas up

You’re only 3 hours away from completing your 60-hour Keto Fast. You can do it! Stay strong!

bodino 6

Come work with me. One thing that pisses off my boss the most is screwing with payroll.

Nothing jokey to say, but please go to a food pantry. They exist to help in situations like this.

ciph3r 9

Where are you? I will send you money for food or send you a pizza or something like that.

Hey it's almost like being in a survival show. Flip the camera to your side and record yourself eating bugs and plants, while becoming a millionaire.

I think it may be time to get a different job :(