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  julfunky  |  29

Don’t do a vending machine; they aren’t reasonably priced enough. If you find change pick up some Ramen from the grocery store. That’s much more likely to fill you for a very small price.

  vegantreegirl  |  26

Besides the fact that coffee shops and libraries have free wifi it's entirely possible they paid the internet bill at the start of the month not realizing they wouldn't have access to funds later.

To Op: Call around to religious organizations in your area. Many will help you even if you aren't a member or particularly religious. If you're in America call 211for assistance. If you've been an active member of reddit they also have many subs to help people do a search for reddit on "assistance" or "food_pantry." (You have to have an active account first to request things as well as an amazon wishlist.)

  chessu  |  21

And the utility bills for this month are likely already been paid for..

  jellenwood  |  34

That is so sweet!