By Anonymous - 7/9/2020 13:01 - United Kingdom


Today, on my first day as a community support officer, a 7-foot meathead in the middle of a domestic argument told me to “piss off shorty”, and when I asked him not to swear at me, he picked me up one-handed and threw me in a builder's skip full of mud and wet cement. FML
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By  coius  |  18

And so you then file an assault report and have the bobbies incarcerate his 7-ft ass for a few months. As a community support officer, it doesn’t allow people to abuse and assault you anymore than a citizen, but you can still get justice by filing an assault report with law enforcement.

By  iamnuff  |  11

Yeah, community support officers are completely useless, aren't they?
Fake cops get no respect, and have no authority or ability to actually enforce anything.

If the best thing you can do is to pull out your phone and call the real police, then it sorta makes people wonder what the fucking point of you is.

Go become a real cop instead, and learn to fight while you're at it.