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Today, my husband was looking at a bariatric surgery website and asked him what he was reading. He said, "Oh, your anniversary gift. Surprise!" He wasn't kidding. He got mad when I politely declined his gift, then angrily said "You know, it really hurts when you don't like the things I get you." FML
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you should get him a ***** and see what his reaction is!

Some people don't know the facts about the surgery. In order to even be considered for the surgery, you have to be at least 100 pounds over weight. Maybe the guy is just a superficial prick who wants a super model instead of a normal weighted women. She may be slightly over weight but not enough for the procedure. People that just assume she is obese is just making a jack ass of themselves.


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bariatric surgery is only for ppl with bmi over 40. if you are that fat then you should ask your doc. if not then the benefits do not justify the risks. but as any medicine you should not be buying it without your own docs advice. Don't ask a bariatric service if you need one. Thats like asking a barber if you need a haircut.


I don't think I'll be getting one of those any time soon. I have a BMI of less than 25

you should get him a ***** and see what his reaction is!

agreed he might actually like it though, then your ******

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Actually it would be him that's ******. lol

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at least he remembers ur anniversary!

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i know right? my dad forgets their anniversary every year!

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This is the best hair I've seen in my entire life.

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Mr. big hair and Mr. hat should get together.

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-144 On the planet of earth, it known as an "Afro". Say it with me, aaaaaa-frooooooo.

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The one bandwagon I will jump on. Your hair is amazing.

If you need to drop down to a healthier weight, then do it.

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I think he's telling you something..

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surgery has risks of complications, and generally stupid if diet and exercise are an option.

she might not really even be obese. we don't know her weight.

Who says she's over weight. it could have been a boob job or nose job u ******* idiot.

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You dumbfucks made my day. "Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, includes a variety of procedures performed on people who are obese." - Wikipedia

And who posts info on wikipedia? people who supposedly know the material or people who did study the topic?

Yes, the husband thinks she's 'fat' when she may have a few extra curves. He may simply have a warped view of ideal body image, and is overreacting. I guess that makes you the dumbfuck.

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I didn't go look it up to find out what it was, I looked for it on Wikipedia because it's a generally accepted source of knowledge and a viable form of proof which I hoped would put to rest the ignorant replies to my comment. Sadly, I was mistaken, as I seem to have incurred more. I already knew what the surgery was, but rather than say, "I know it's this because I know it's this" I posted what a 3 second Google search could have procured for the ignorant ***** replying to my god damn comment, you ******* twats.

Never fully trust wiki... it's often written by similar dumb ***** :)

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I'm pretty comfortable with what Wiki says, since multiple resources seem to converge on the same description in this case...

If you take the two seconds to Google "Bariatric Surgery" and glance at the first three results, one is the Wikipedia article on bariatric, and the other two are other bariatric surgery resources. STFU with the "OMG IT'S WIKI IT'S FAKE HURR DURRR" bullshit.

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hahah wikipedia articles have lists of sources at the end skeptics could in theory not be ass holes and click those links and yes no punctuation its too annoying on iphone

yah, only if the doctor says you're obese. if your husband says you are doesn't mean it's true.

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Go look it up. Wikipedia was proven to be similarly consistent in its level of correctness and also errors with Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Mr Zachary. You're a wanna be gangster, not a doctor. Stop. Just stop.. :)

mr Zachery just has a small penis and is trying to compensate by using big words and trying to make people feel inferior!!! lol. they have surgeory for that to.

Whoa. mr_zachary, you seem to be very angry about things. That was the second rant from you that I've read on different FML's. relaaaax :)

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In what way does having a superior vocabulary (and intellect, apparently) than you suggest that I am a wanna-be gangster in need of male enhancement services? Besides, I didn't know you knew me so well - oh right.

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@45, I'm a big ******* meanie pants.

I did enjoy the other one, however. You ended each post with something along the lines of "I said **** off!". I lol'd a little at that.

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Awww isn't it sweet to see a preteen hypocrite like jess2gd4u? Also someday you'll learn that saying someones dick is small makes you look retarded.

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Awww isn't it sweet to see a preteen hypocrite like jess2gd4u? Also someday you'll learn that saying someones dick is small makes you look retarded.

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Awww isn't it sweet to see a preteen hypocrite like jess2gd4u? Also someday you'll learn that saying someones dick is small makes you look retarded.

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Feel free to correct me... Or leave more ambiguous statements that don't hold water.

Zachary, your English is just fine. However, I disagree with your original comment. To all the commenters out there who may not trust Zachary's knowledge or wikipedia, OP was talking about bariatric surgery, which is obesity surgery. That is fact and indisputable. Bariatric surgery has numerous potential complications, depending on the type of surgery. I don't have tine to explain all of them, but suffice it to say some of them are devastating. The surgery, no matter what the type, is neither free nor a magic bullet. Major lifestyle changes are necessary for any type of bariatric surgery.

Nice one @69. We all know to little about OP to sit and judge what weight she is. The argument is fully of falacys. If an argument is what you call this mess of ad homein.

Doc is, of course, exactly right. In addition to what he said, the American Society for Bariatric Surgery has some pretty specific guidelines about who qualifies for the procedure. (And no, I did not get that info on wikipedia.) Having a few "extra curves" doesn't qualify you, and if the husband isn't a total idiot, he'd find that out while doing his research. I'm guessing this gift wasn't out of the blue. It's likely that OP struggles with her weight, and maybe her self-esteem too. His gift was probably well-intentioned, if a bit insensitive. Maybe he should offer to join her in a weight-loss routine, or fitness routine if he isn't overweight as well. Healthy cooking classes and a fun physical exercise program would be enjoyable for them to do together. Although it may be tougher for him than just paying a bill, and tougher for her than going under the knife, it could be the start of a long-term healthier lifestyle, as well as a way to spend quality time together to strengthen their marriage.

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Some of you people take this website way too seriously..

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yay for irish and doc for covering all the bases and showing why mr knew what he was talking about when he said she was obese( this is all assuming of course the husband is not a DA)

Since when is wikipedia a, "generally accepted source of knowledge and a viable form of proof..." Seriously, try to use wikipedia as a source in a scholastic paper, or any type of research paper, see what happens. I'm not saying wikipedia isn't a decent way to get a general idea about something, but to claim it's an, "accepted source...." is just wrong.

generalasskicker, reread my comment. As for the rest of your comment, I haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about. I was just commenting on bariatric surgery, not if OP was obese or not.

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Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you knew the OP personally and knew her exact weight. I also didn't realize you were a doctor and knew all the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery. My apologies.

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87, this isn't a scholastic paper. On FML wikipedia is definitely an accepted source.

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51, 52, and 53, triple posting makes you look retarded.

HallowBlue- to whom is your comment directed? If you are referring to me, I have some bad news for you.

Zachary - Please look at your 7th and 46th comments. It seems as though you should be focusing on earning a high school diploma, instead of continuing to degenerate on this website.

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I'm pretty sure he was addressing me. No worries.

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I was obviously referring to mr_Zachary. If I was referring to you I would have said so.

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I was obviously referring to Mr_Zachary. If I was replying to you, I would have said so.

Hallow, had it been obvious, I would not have asked. There is no reason for you to be rude about it.

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wikipedia is never accepted thats the first thing they tell u not 2 use.

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Punctuation would have been more trouble than typing "and yes no punctuation its too annoying on iphone"?

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o my gosh. seriously! nobody cares! you can't all be mr im so right and everybody else is wrong and duh that's the way life is! so get a life outside of a website for people to rant about how much their lives suck and stop being such bratty know it alls! gosh! you guys don't even know op! move on! it is so pathetic that 36 people actually care enough about impressing people they don't know to continue to waste time on this! in fact, what the heck am I doing here? goodbye and if you have any life at all you will discontinue posting to this discussion!

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@110 They? They who? The only they who is even remotely relevant here would be the FML Staff, and I don't recall them ever telling us not to use Wikipedia. I'm assuming you mean "they" as in the people who grade your papers, but I'm pretty sure that they also tell you "2" use proper spelling and grammar. Since you aren't following "their" rules, you shouldn't be enforcing them. @121 First of all, calm down. The comments section on FML was made for commenting. If we weren't supposed to comment here, there wouldn't be a special place designed for it.

Oh my gosh seriously! I was hoping someone else would say it!!!!!!! ha ha jeez it's her life. There are people with FMLs that are way worse than this so why spend time arguing about it!!!!

curvy is not fat. Kim Kardashian has curves. Scarlett johansson has curves. Beth dito is obese. people in that weight range are obese not ******* curvy. I'm sick of fat chicks being called curvy, seriously wtf. fat is fat man! it's not curves- it's ******* rolls of flab!

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You are so right man. He should write an FML for having to snuggle up to somone so obese that they need bariatric surgery.

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I highly doubt she is at a healthy wait if he is considering bariatric surgery as an option.

Ever stop to think maybe he's an overjudgemental fuckhole? Screw you for assuming. Maybe she IS a heathly weight but he thinks she should be an effing stick figure. Think before you speak, asshole.

ahaa I just love how being fat is now called "curvy"

Stupid phone added my comment before I was done typing it. @Mr_Zachary how do you think the gift was free? Their money is most likely combined since they're married. There is no way to know if OP is really obese to need such a drastic surgery. I think the situation is FYL for OP and her husband. OP for having such a clueless man and FYL for the husband no longer being attracted to his wife.

@ mr Zachary: I gave you a thumbs down because you sound like an arrogant jerk, not because of anything else. Also, yes, I agree that most of the time wiki has correct information, however, there is a reason that you aren't allowed to cite it in academic situations.

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Give him a punch to his face...and when he bitches, complain that he doesn't like what you give him.

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aaah nice smile. i cant smile with my teeth

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No, it's a stupid gift, maybe she's barely overweight. This type of surgery presents risks during and post-op. Don't insult people based on assumptions as she didn't explicitly mention she's actually obese, the husband may have a warped view of ideal weight. It makes you appear sort of dumb when you act like an asshole.

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No it can't be a nose or boob job, bariatric surgery is weight loss surgery.

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Wow 18... rude much? She's not "a tubby" at all. Also you're the idiot. It IS a weight loss surgery. NOT a nose or boob job.

Bariatric surgery is hardly anything like a haircut, a new wardrobe or a complete makeover. You also cannot compare it with free liposuction or a free boob job; it is more serious than cosmetic surgery. If OP's husband is as shallow as you make him sound, then she should just leave him.

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Keyword being "if". This kind of surgery is only for the morbidly obese anyway, not just fat or chubby. Besides her husband might find that healthy weight means fat and needs major surgery.

94 - She never said she WAS morbidly obese however, which would make it an FML. If she was fat she would most likely be thrilled. Maybe a little offended, but not enough to decline. That would be my reaction, anyway. *shrugs* Nice profile pic though. lol

Having surgery won't automatically keep her around longer. First of all, bariatric surgery has a very high risk of serious complications, including death. Secondly, if she is obese, she will still have excess plaque built up in her arteries and will most likely have an inactive lifestyle and/or eat too much unhealthy foods. That can kill you weather you're fat or skinny. The only way to definitively prolong your lifespan if you are obese is to change your lifestyle for the better. Surgery is not a magic answer to everything.

okay what a should buy him some male enhancement and say happy anniversary now I won't have to ask If it's in yet! hope you like it!

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Surgery won't make her healthy. Skinny by itself is not automatically healthy. If she is obese, she needs to change her lifestyle. Skinny people can also have plaque in their arteries and high blood pressure and such.