By Anonymous - 24/08/2010 07:29 - United States

Today, my boyfriend compared my boobs to a flat tire. FML
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Just compare his dick to a dead engine ;)

Now, I hope you bitch-slapped him with that tire..


beelo44 0

hahaha! at least he didn't compare you to the Michaline man.

#5 wins :) although he spelt it terribly wrong. I'm not a grammar Nazi, but that's messed up.

just go to the air pump insert 25 cents and stick the air pipe so far up his (________) fill in the blank.

DesiGir324 0

Say something 'bout his small dick.

IphonFML 6

haha atleast he could have said it nicer

so.. just go down to a gas stationnand have someone fill them for you, could be worse

maybe he meant run flats, even after they've been used and abused they're still good to go for a bit longer until they need to be replaced :)


If your boyfriend had a Twix bar right after he said that then he would of prevented this FML.

Jafozza 0

You ought to compare your boyfriend's willy to a needle pointy enough to flatten tires.

AbsoluteTurtle 0

F his life then. but, he is still with you isnt he? quit crying.

lol@ people thinking the only comeback has to be about his wiener what are you all, 6? oh wait no they're more mature..

ceejster 0

LOL! I see what you did there #6!!! *I applaud you*

And just like a 'flat tire' you can change them. :)

number1playa 0

#100 How do small-chested girls "deserve it"? It's not like women can choose their chest size unless plastic surgery is something they can afford (and even then, not everyone wants to go that extreme). You can't choose your dick size just as women don't have any control over their boob size.

macgruberiscool 0

Just compare his dick to a dead engine ;)

Maddiiiex 1

or tell him his dick looks like a baby carrot!

Lol! Your boyfriend is creative. You should keep him and fix your boob situation.

PeaceOutx24 0

ydi for having boobs as flat as marinus's back

maybe I'm hungover or something... why don't I get your joke?

Ooh, yeah. Good burn. That probably took a lot of thought, didn't it? But it still didn't turn out like you had hoped..

Now, I hope you bitch-slapped him with that tire..

hairt 4

say his dick is as discusting as the exhaust pipe.