By nemo518 - 23/12/2010 06:36 - Canada

Today, I was naked on top of my boyfriend looking lovingly into his eyes. He then started to use my boobs as punching bags while singing "Eye of the Tiger". FML
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sallen0046 4

So what? Every intimate encounter of your life will not be romantic. If you can't learn to appreciate the playful times, you're going to have serious difficulty hanging on to a boyfriend.

KingDingALing 9

You should do the same thing with his balls, OP.


ohthebloodygore 16

Yeah I'd have to agree with #1. Still funny though.

#1s description scares the shit out of me... I kind of feel like just quitting the game and going home.

ohthebloodygore 16

27, you should feel like hanging yourself as well.

42, I hope you know Kryptonite is spelled wrong.

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Acousticpixie14 6

She's just cranky cause she's posted 14 FMLs and none of them were confirmed. Hate to break it to you, ohthebloodygore, but saying "****" in the same sentence as a semi-intellectual word does not make you a badass.

Acoustic is my hero now. Just for saying that.

afroninjashuffle 0

I think that is just bad ass! I applaud this man! u must have a nice pair of breast :0

metman510 0

Lol this is the first FML to make me literally Laugh out loud!!

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sourgirl101 28

What's not right? Him doing it or her complaining about it?(: OP, tell him "Tune in to Tokyo, Tune in to Tokyo" is a much better game. This way you won't bitch because you'll be getting fine tuned.

soldier4life_88 0

what's not right is that she's complaining about is!!!

first, and I lold at this ehen I first saw it, your bf's awesome!

sallen0046 4

So what? Every intimate encounter of your life will not be romantic. If you can't learn to appreciate the playful times, you're going to have serious difficulty hanging on to a boyfriend.

True. And just because he was being playful with your **** doesn't mean your life's ****** up. Duh

ayleyyasuko 0

right but it's also about being on the same page. that probably wasn't the best time to pull out the playful

Guys like to play with boobs. Don't stop your boyfriend playing with his favourite toys!

yaa haha be grateful that ur **** are big enough to be a punching bag

22cute 17

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Pb25797051 0

43 is an idiot who wishes her boobs were big

no you're the idiot, she should just break up with the guy if she can't handle the fact that he has a sense of humor in the bedroom. Would she rather he play with some other girls big ****?? I cant stand reading FMLs where its a girl whining about something funny a guy did. There's so many pathetic ugly fat people on the internet who can whine about not being able to get laid or land a bf/gf, so its stupid to whine because a guy shouted "Vinegar Strokes!" right before he came one night.

Bawxy 0

63- sounds like a personal problem. If you don't like a certain brand of FMLs going up, FML isn't the place for you, yeah? Or maybe you should track down the mods 'n' lynch em?

yeah 111 coz hes gonna no what the comment is without lookin

ayleyyasuko 0

this sounds like something my boyfriend would do. or cover his teeth while we are making out to see what "old man snogging" would be like. or randomly start braiding my hair while he's behind me and we are intimate. sometimes it's hilarious. other times (like when i want to be romantic) I don't get the guy. oh well. it's what makes him.

It could have been worse. He could have been an asshole got up and walked away. He was just being funny. Deffs not a FML moment, imo.

KingDingALing 9

You should do the same thing with his balls, OP.

bobys36 0

that it wouldn't even be close to the same as the **** more nearly as funny.....

maybe for you. it's pretty painful for chicks to have their **** punched same for guys and their balls.

#17, it doesn't hurt for all girls. And I'm quite certain it wouldn't hurt anywhere near as much. The reactions from both genders shows that a lot... Guys fall on the ground in pain, girls just complain a little.

ownitx3 0

you can't try to understand the pain either gender goes through, & as a girl it hurts alot, & it's dangerous if you get hit too hard in your breast.

not to burst everyones bubble but I would imagine he punched them lightly in a playful wanly therefore it wouldn't hurt nearly as much as a mans balls which are sensitive to almost every little touch... in the event that he did it hard your boyfriends an asshole and has no concern for your well being...

22cute 17

I think that's the whole point. The bf is an asshole with no consern for her well being. Besides, she could punch him playfully & lightly in the balls - same effect! The real fear that a lil 2 much pressure means real pain is the FML, you see

jessi_ld 2

what girl does it not hurt... one with fake boobs??? mine may not be all that bigbut it still flipppin hurts!

Oh my ******* god, all you girls arguing that a light punch in the tit hurts so much and is very heartbreaking and ruins your chances to ever breastfeed a child need to shut the hell up. You cannot compare getting punched in the balls with getting punched in the tit. I know as a man I don't know what it feels like, but its fat and skin, its not a ********!!!! Grow the hell up and stop whining, periods, childbirth, you can whine all day about that, but I'm not going to sit here and believe that a brisk punch in a nice juicy titty is anywhere near equal to even flicking a nut. That will send any man to the ground, I've been punched in my chest/stomach/arm and thats the same as a boob, skin and fat. You know what, its probably worse because theres so little there to guard your bones, if a girl is rocking C's, playful punches have nothing to do with 'protecting her well-being' she just wanted to write a FML, I'm so stupid

Draminicaus 0

I'm sure the guy wasn't pulling out the Rocky punches with it too. My guess Is that he was playfully batting them to make it seem like he was practicing on a speed bag. (Is that what they're called?) My advice: If you can't handle a sense of humor, dump him. There are probably plenty of guys that take sex as serious as open-heart surgery. chances are he can also find a girl with a sense of humor.

Draminicaus 0

67: A bit much? Cmon, I don't see your man-boobs producing milk. A playful pat to the balls could hurt just as much as a bat to the boulders.

how abou YOU shut the hell up, because a punch in the **** hurt like hell. we may not fall to the ground, but then again, we have more pride then to show how much it hurts.

b1acksharpi3mark 0

Why do you think girls complain about getting punched in the boobs??? It is NOT the same thing as getting punched in the shoulder or stomach. It hurts like hell, but most girls are too proud or self-conscious to fall to te ground and grab themselves. Anyhow, I can't compare it with getting punched in the balls, because I'm not male, but I can tell you that even a playful punch can cause much pain if in the chestical area for a woman.

LMAO, I'm sure the boyfriend wasn't actually punching her hard, he was probably just tapping them. The OP needs to get a sense of humor. Enjoy the funny things in life.

I sorta wanted to punch a baby after seeing 87's pic.

#87 Yes! I can't claim to know what getting hit in the nuts feels like, as I don't have any. But getting punched in the boob frickin' hurts. It radiates a sickening pain in the stomach, the same kind of sensation you get before you throw up, and the pain radiates for minutes afterward, it doesn't just stop or go away. It's not the same kind of pain when you hit your ******** - in gymnastics I failed and landed on a bar, I probably should have seen a doctor because I was bleeding and that's just not safe, but I was young and today my parts still work. That was a quick, sharp pain that stung for the rest of the day, but it wasn't a sickening gut feeling. I have never, ever - even when I had an ovarian cyst bursting and let me tell you that kind of pain had me worried I had some ectopic pregnancy and I was going to die - fallen to the ground gripping myself and moaning in pain. Laying there moaning doesn't get anything done, so I don't know why people (of either gender) do it, it's embarrassing. Anyone who would hit someone else's genitals (breasts included) is a jerk, male or female, but I also believe the OP's boyfriend was probably gently and playfully batting at her breasts, which doesn't hurt but it is annoying.

yazmi_09 3

really? cuz I've been punched in the tit and the pain doesn't radiate to my stomach and lasts like 30 seconds and doesn't even hurt all that bad, so no getting hit in a tit isn't comparable to getting hit in the nut cuz guys are crippled and on the verge of tears for like 5min. Besides I'd imagine op's boyfriend to be doing this gently not punching them hard

yazmi_09 3

and 122 I have also had a ruptured ovarian cyst to where I was throwing up cuz I lost a lot of blood and kept getting really lightheaded, and needed surgery to fix it, and I also did not tumble to the ground and moan, but that was also because even walking and laying down hurt like there was no tomorrow and getting on the ground would hurt worse

slimshadyy_fml 0

you try going through a period and tell me you had a great time.

therealsuperman 0

you all way overthought this fml. this has been the most pathetic argument I have ever read.

67, breasts aren't just "skin and fat". Just like testicles, they have nerve endings, which means that they CAN be just as sensitive if someone were to punch/hit them. As a female, I can tell you that it does hurt like hell. I agree with #122. It's just a horrible, very painful feeling when you get hit there. We usually DON'T fall to the ground like little babies. What's that going to do? Nothing. If you're mentally strong enough, you won't collapse like that. Which, I believe, most women do. So, you can never speak for the other gender, just how I will never say, "oh, getting hit in the nuts doesn't hurt that bad", because I'm not male. If you want real facts and information, go do some research.

you wanna know why girls don't fall to the ground after getting hit in the tit? because it DOESN'T hurt as much as getting hit in the dudes. guys don't fall down because it hurts... when you hit a dude in the nuts his whole body basically seizes up and he just falls. you girls can say that giving birth sucks, yea okay I agree but don't compare a punched tit to hitting a guy in the nuts.

SCREW YOU #67! you dont ******* know anything. try pushing a ******* watermelon out a small hole, or bleeding for a week and having terrorist bombings in your uturus. and you say a hit to the boob couldnt coulnt compare to having a hit in the nuts, but it is EXACTLY the same

Do you even know what childbirth FEELS LIKE?

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