By kj1 - 17/02/2014 18:28 - United States - Draper

Today, my boyfriend yelled at me from the other room for washing the dishes "too loudly". FML
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He can get off his lazy ass and do them himself!

Sammi0116 17

Is there any quiet way to wash dishes?


Yeah, she shouldn't be so loud. Maybe he was sleeping...

badmandilon 19

Well, it's a pretty common practice in wives to loudly wash the dishes to give the husband a message, if this is the case, a clear message like "please help me" or "wash the dishes" works better than subliminal messages. Another possibility is that the husband is too lazy and too sensitive if this is the case, I'm sorry OP .

CallMeMcFeelii 13

What kind of world do you live in 35!? Men helping.. Women? With dishes!? What! My mind is so ******* blown right now.. Haha, actually I just helped my woman out with the dishes. I can't wash them for shit, but I can dry them pretty good, haha.

Can't... Tell... If.. He's getting down voted by the woman.. For sexist joke?.. Or by men... Because... He helped wash dishes..

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Probably women, they despise a good ol' fashioned sexist joke. Unless of course it's towards males.. Can't live with em' can't live without them, eh? Haha.

Well someone over thought this post way too much...

Some people just don't deserve girlfriends...

buttcramp 21

35, not all wives are passive aggressive bitches lol

badmandilon 19

#98 you're right, I didn't mean to assume ALL wives do that, I don't even think most wives do that, I said "it's a pretty common practice" not the most common practice. At least 2 of my female friends have confessed me they do that trying to send their husband a message, which they don't get. In the other hand I think husbands should help more in the house.

pandasaresocute 21

You should've told him to come and do it himself if he didn't want to hear the loud noises.

Usually this comment happens further down. Kinda surprised it hit number 2 this time.

Well you see here, un-original people don't need to think of a comment, whereas original comments take time and effort, and seeing as #2 is high up, it demonstrates the lightning fast reaction time of unoriginals whipping out their deck of cue card comments and finding one that fits

caohm 18

He can get off his lazy ass and do them himself!

Or at least take the time to teach her the secret to silent dish washing. He must know how to do it if he is criticizing her for being "too loud".

Perhaps it was OP's dish night, and they alternate? And OP's boyfriend was in a bad mood?

Sammi0116 17

Is there any quiet way to wash dishes?

You slowly caress them with a soapy rag, making small circles and making sure to whisper quietly "shhhhhh".

ironik69 31

Yes. Throw them all away and make his sorry ass buy more later.

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buttcramp 21

my old house had this badass big rectangular sink instead of having a divider in the middle and two drains, it was just one drain with a garbage disposal.. so I was able to quietly wash dishes. I'm constantly banging pots, skillets, and cookie sheets on the divider because I'm not used to having it there. my husband will often say "hey that's really loud can you wait to do that?" and sometimes I say "sure!" but sometimes I say "well it's really been driving me nuts.. I'm almost done."

If it was me, he wouldn't if had time to blink before the plate was smashing into his face.

raycewaytapp 1

@23 from the other room wow your fast

Pshhht, men are never right! *shh relax it's a joke*

Tell him he needs to do them instead so you can learn the proper way to wash dishes.

she doesn't need to learn anything!.. he needs to learn to treat a woman right, be grateful and stop being such a jackass!!

My comment above was loaded heavily with sarcasm. I am not saying she was doing it wrong; I implied that if he thinks she is being too loud than she should make him show her his version of the "proper" way to clean dishes. That way he can do them however he sees fit.

jumpy much? dam calm the **** down bitch

Well, why were you washing dishes so loudly when he was obviously completing a very important video game? Time to learn some manners. You totally deserve it.

I'm guessing is above 10 but below 100.

crazytwinsmom 25

I'm pretty sure 8 was being sarcastic. At least I hope so.

People like OP's boyfriend and #8 deserve to be forever alone.

If he was playing a video game, was it Flappy Bird by any chance?

That abomination does not deserve to be called a video game, #46.

That's a video game? I thought it was an experiment to see how much people could rage

Brianna_Ray 23

Tell him to show you the proper way to do dishes then if he wants to complain about how you do them!

Sounds like he's a dick. Maybe, you shouldn't be doing his dishes from now?