By nottoosmall / Wednesday 3 April 2013 16:57 / United States
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  not_a_robot  |  15

Just buy like fifteen boxes so he will be like, "Are these for the next few months?!", then, be all sly and say, "Nope, they're all for tonight". Then kick his ass and rob him blind. What a dick.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

132, your comment made me think of Horrible Bosses, when the guy is a sex offender for peeing in a playground, in the middle of the night, next to the bar. I'll never get sick of that movie!


You must not have your penis license. See, when you go to buy condoms, you need your penis license, much like, if you were to drive, you would need a drivers license. Now, where your age would be on a normal drivers license, a actual photo of your penis, along with it's length, diameter, and TMI (lenght x girth/width) are shown. It's really common knowledge.

  CzechIsBack  |  15

The cashier knows because a regular condom fits over an arm - just fill one with water and watch how big it becomes! Also condom companies are on the record of selling the exact same size as normal packaged into XL. It's for guys with self esteem issues. No dick in history has been too big for a regular sized condom, not even a porn star's.

  wldd0g  |  9

Actually 151, "regular" condoms are what I used for years, until I tried and XL. Now I no longer want to ever go back to regular again. It made a world of difference for me.

  dawnimus  |  21

Regular condoms ARE too small for some guys. Just because they fit over your arm does not mean they fit _comfortably_ over your arm (or a large penis). Same principle as a somewhat heavy-set person wearing stretchy clothes three sizes too small. Sure, they can get them on but in no way does that mean they 'fit', or are comfortable for the wearer.

  CorranH  |  3

151, you have no idea what you're talking about. As others have pointed out, just because a condom can stretch does not make it comfortable. Also, the ring of latex at the base is MUCH less elastic than the rest; I once went home blue-balled because the girl I was with only had regular size condoms, and we physically could not force it on.

  123man  |  11

And not only could he get arrested, but unless he's got an erection, it won't prove much. The size of a limp penis doesn't always have a direct correlation to erect size. There are a lot of factors, e.g. "shrinkage!"

  challan  |  19

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  Pleonasm  |  31

That makes no sense: Mums should know what their sons' dicks look like because they changed their diapers as a baby? And that dicks are identical from father to son?

  challan  |  19

52- I thought it was clear that I meant she had seen much of his penis throughout his life... Guess not. She'd know if he was above our below average lol

By  jessherself13  |  21

Well OP, it was only a Walmart cashier. They don't know the size of your manhood unless you dropped your trousers for them, so just ignore them. But FYL indeed for their comment, but if that really is your size you shouldn't let their comment get to you.


Today, my teacher plugged the speakers into the wrong input on his computer, and said, "Oops, wrong hole", to which one of the students who often makes the same mistake said, "Story of my life". I understood it differently and started laughing. It would have been fine if the teacher wasn't her father. FML

By zachjm98 / Tuesday 15 September 2015 10:31 / Canada - Ottawa
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