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Today, I brought my boyfriend of 2 weeks home to meet my mom and she started talking about how she really wants a lot of grand-kids. He called 2 hours later and broke up with me. FML
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Some parents really need to get it through their heads that their offspring are not required to push out babies of their own.


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Who cares about the mom? Sure, it's better to hit it off with the family, but not a necessity. There are a lot of people in my girlfriend's family whom I don't like.. to say the least. But I love my girlfriend. I suppose 2 weeks isn't 4 years, though personally I wouldn't break up with a girl for that if I liked her.

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He must have thought she was too greedy.

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its mom lingo for 'I want to have sex with you'

At least you found out ahead of time that he didn't want children... silver lining?

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Never EVER talk to Mom's about boyfriends. I learned that when I was 19 and had a good relationship with a boy. We sat there kissing on the couch and she came in and started chanting: SEX! SEX! SEX! My boyfriend called later that night and broke up with me.

Oh, come on, they are only two weeks together. How can he possible know yet how many children he wants with her? It takes time for a serious decision... I also think that they are still teenagers, which means that the baby-part is yet not important in their life. OP's mother has intimidated and scared him.

6 - No silver lining here. The mother needs to be controlled... who the hell wants their mother asking that two weeks in? Chances are the girl hasn't even thought that far. So, hearing that, the guy may have figured they were in cahoots and he split. My boyfriend and I have been together a long time and we haven't even started talking about kids or marriage. I am perfectly happy with this, as is he. I know not every couple wants to wait forever to have "the talk", but where we're at, it's a good thing it hasn't come up. OP, might I suggest, knowing how your mother is, waiting until several months in to bring him home with you? Unless of course you're living at home.

yes wait a while to bring a bf home. with a different mom you mightve been able to pull off two weeks but not with yours. also, next time prep your bf. if they expect crazy going in then they might not be so upset about it. ;)

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i think he just used what OP's mom said as an excuse, we all knew he wanted to break up with her since day one ;P

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Some parents really need to get it through their heads that their offspring are not required to push out babies of their own.

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Sorry, but sounds like your mom is usually that awkward :/

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