By diesel444 - 23/08/2010 05:05 - United States

Today, I mentioned to my dad (we have a close relationship) that my last condom had expired. Happy to buy me new ones for the sake of safe sex, he asked me "Do you need small, or extra small?" FML
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FrEsHpRiNcE916 0

if you're old enough to have sex you should buy your own condoms. ydi.


aww if I was a man I wouldve punched him ;) xx

Ludii_fml 0

you guys are that close? hehe gotcha

Why aren't you buying your OWN sperm-catchers, op?? ydi!!

because he has extra small barely secured on by an elastic band :)

Ali_Br_fml 33

so, did you need small or extra small op? Lolz, close relationship you 2 share. Buy your own next time.

is this fml saying he's gay? and is having surprise butt sex with his dad?

DarkWaffle 0

don't worry i hear that wonderstick size is hereditary.

BananaSticker 0

I'm sure he was just joking OP. Besides, this is only an FML if your dick really is small.

ellielovesyuh 0

awh u beat me to it 26! lol xD

The second extra small peepee FML in the past 24 hours. That's more than you can shake a stick at.

He didn't proceed to ask you, He just god damn asked you

d3adb3for3d3ath 0

Win for your dad! Lose for you! haha

the_flirtt 0

I'm guessing ur not packing heat ?

what's the rush to buy new condoms when your old condoms are apparently not getting used?

is there a reason you can't buy your own condoms?

bubbarific 0

close relationship? buyin condoms 2gether? i smell WINCEST!!!!!!!!!!!

that's one father son relationship #closemaybetooclose

bigblue95 0

i dont understand. has ur dad been examing ur dick when fully erect.

smiles4life 1

ok ummm i know you said you have a close relationship with your dad but does it really need to be so close that he knows the size of your dick? :0 lolz :p

Sounds more like: Help, I can't take a ******* joke. FML

Boygenius50 8

OH NO!!!!!!!!! Your dad has a sense of humor! FYL indeed, moron. Apparently senses of humor skip a generation, because if you had one then thus FML wouldn't exist

112 why do you type that thing at the end? #questioningyourstyle

#1 it sounds like he was joking, #2 why does your dad have to buy your condoms? If you're old enough to use them, you should be able to buy them for yourself. and #3, if you have condoms so long that they expire, you probably have no business buying more. Those things last for several years, if they're going bad, you're obviously not getting any

#133 that goes for pretty much everyone on FML.

so... which is it? small or extra small? just kidding. you don't have to answer if you don't wanna. :)

it's a joke dude. father son bonding. damnshit.

omfg im pretty sure by "expiring" he meant he used it . sometimes i wonder the IQ of some people(no offense)

skizzars 2

ummm just how close is you and your dads relationship?!?!?!? xD

shihtzupup98 3

THANK GOD mona_is_here isn't here today!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD

_football4life_ 0

If you 2 have a close relationship then he was probably joking. So this really isn't a FML. If you needed extra small.. shoulda said you would have gotten a large if it wasn't fr his genetics... XD

linx468 8

Wow, if he meant that in a malicious way then he is an idiot.

lickmyjock 0

well I hope you stopped him... *puts on sunglasses* short. yeeeeeeeeeah!

icantmakeupmymin 0

Shoulda been like "if I inherited your genes then I'm gonna need extra extra small."

FYL for getting laid so infrequently that your condoms expire. Those things last for like 4 years haha

FrEsHpRiNcE916 0

perhaps he only asks because he do has a small dick? not an fml at all. my mother often enough asks when im gonna keel over so i stop bugging her. ydi

tserroforrest 0

#2 that is an awesome game and i still play it today ... im 15 so no i didn't grow up with the game if thats what your thinking

In Soviet Russia there's only one size of condoms. Guess, how many "X"'s there before the "L"?

Short comments lately, Cinn. You're not letting the haters get to you, are ya?

Nah, Irish. I just occaisionally don't have a lot to say. I know it sounds unlikely. :)

Ah, good. Just makin' sure. I'm feeling bitchy today, so I'll run my mouth enough for the both of us till I can nap. :}

Wait. *dramatic pause* Cinn, with very little to add? JaneDoe in a bitchy mood? *another dramatic pause* WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!?!?!?! :D Sorry, had to.

Lulz at Steff. Nah, pendatik. nerds is way nicer than even the nice TIJD. ;)

don't take it that bad, maybe he thinks penis size is genetic