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Hey update for everyone: I decided "surprise" my mother and sister by inviting my new boyfriend over for dinner but didnt say who it was. When he came through the door and I introduced him as my boyfriend they stared shocked at me realizing that they had put their feet in their mouths. And just to add a little more salt to their wounds, I kissed him, smiled sweetly at him and asked my sister and mother "So, what do you think of him again? Im sure he would like to know if you approve." Needless to say they got the hint that not only do I not have low self esteem but I am VERY PROUD to be his girlfriend lol btw they havent talked crap about him since!
By ready_set_go - / Thursday 9 April 2009 01:14 / Canada
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At least the OP has a reason for these perceived self esteem issues. Her bitchy family.

I would have come out with it right then and there. And then wailed on my sister for being a sort sighted mole. I bet they would have been pissing themselves laughing after that!

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