By useless pos - 01/03/2013 00:48 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I went out to buy a bottle of wine and some condoms. As the cashier scanned the condoms, she snickered and muttered, "Yeah right." She was right; I really was just desperate to look like I have a sex life. I got so upset that I left my items and walked out with tears in my eyes. FML
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titibug823 11

Doesn't matter if she was right, she acted unprofessionally. I'm so sorry she treated you like that. You'll find someone special.

I realize you must care about what others think, but it really doesn't matter what they think. Don't feel the need to fake it.


titibug823 11

Doesn't matter if she was right, she acted unprofessionally. I'm so sorry she treated you like that. You'll find someone special.

Damian95 16

Should've said "Tomorrow I can get a girl, but tomorrow you'll still be ugly."

fishstick557 14

Wow seriously? How can someone be so mean?

I want to give you a hug:( everyone deserves lovee

You're Australian? Mhm, ya, over here, I'll be your sex life :p

Another virtual hug :3 that bitch won't matter tomorrow OP, so why should they matter now? :)

tjv3 10

There was an article on MSN that talked about how there are loads of single women in Australia . It said even the churches were saying that women maybe needed to lower their standards some. Then I also read that Australia wanted eligible single men to come there. How are you single in a target rich environment ??

I realize you must care about what others think, but it really doesn't matter what they think. Don't feel the need to fake it.

I agree! Why does it matter if you don't even know the cashier ._. Some people keep their sex lives private anyway.

I hope the cashier felt guilty and ugly when she saw you like that! ;(.

chanta24 10

Hence why she's a grocery cashier....don't need great people skills. Sorry OP

I wonder if it wasn't so much of the lack of sex the made the cashier say that, but the size of the condoms that were bought. Maybe the op got the biggest size so the cashier snickered at that.

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Ahh, now I know why you became a divorce lawyer. Representing yourself is definitely cheaper than paying someone else to do it for you.

I bet this comment makes OP feel even better about himself.

Oh my Shrike that was such a burn it's more like cremation. This is going in FML QDB.

I'm sorry, but I fail to understand how not having a sex life and walking out of a store have anything to do with each other.

I gotta be honest... I kind of agree with him here.

captainObviously 15

Way to show him he deserves it!!

luckyd880 12

Next time bring a girl in with you while you buy the items. That'll show that cashier!

I am sorry but why should he show the cashier? People should stop caring too much about what others think. What's important is how you feel about yourself!

And self worth is generally generated from the confidence that you get from others. "Don't care what others think" is easier said than done. If somebody gives you a compliment its a completely different story. You're not just going to ignore it. Hence caring about what others think and how they perceive you.

I agree with you that it's important to get appreciation from others. It's always a boost for the self-confidence. But in this case, I don't see why it would be a good thing to show that rude cashier that "hey I have a girlfriend, I get to have sex everyday". First, she probably wont care. Second, OP will still know that it's not true and the only thing that will make him feel better is probably that he got his revenge...

Wow, you should definitely report that comment to her manager. Such an unprofessional move on her part for saying that.

Report her! Seriously. She doesn't know you were just doing it to appear to have a sex life. You could have been buying them for someone else, or for some awesome water ballons. The cashier shouldn't have picked on you.

Even if she didn't say anything, what the hell were you going to do with the condoms? Practice safe wanking? Don't feel to ashamed of yourself OP. C'mon, she's a cashier who probably works at a liquor. Wrong place. -_-

It would have been "unprofessional" if say a pharmacist, said something like this. A cashier, last I knew, is not a professional. Therefore, it was just a snide remark.

I work at a gas station part time to pay my way through college. That doesn't mean I don't act professional. If I said something like that to a customer and my boss found out, I'd likely get fired.

perdix 29

#5, chances are the manager will take one look at the OP, laugh, high-five the cashier and give her a raise. Is that what you want?

It still means she was unprofessional. She could get fired for that.

29 - You just went full retard. Never go full retard.

In that case even the manager has some boss who OP should complain to about the manager's unprofessional behaviour. And this is why a lot of supermarkets has a "phone number for complaints" - OP should report the btch to her manager and call at the "complaint department" as well.

Omfgitsmia 15

So you went out of your way to "prove" to a cashier who doesn't care that you have a sex life? Why not stay home and save yourself a few bucks?

Employees like that piss me off. I work with people all day and rule #1 is regardless of how shitty your day might be you NEVER take it out on the customer.

Unless your a life guard. Yelling at that dumb eighth grader is a job requirement, and it makes you feel better too.

I'm a prison guard so I get to be a bitch to everyone that pisses me off. I love my job.

A female prison guard, theres something sexy about that. Maybe im picturing it wrong. Probably.

That someone might be on the otherside of the world or be in a different time period, however.

soad2014 7

Aww you poor thing. (>*_*>)

What a rude thing to say! Don't worry op someone is out there waiting for you and don't let some asshole cashier make you think otherwise

amogletree 6

Lol I read your comment wrong lol it looked like "duck" lol

I agree but it is the best smoking pic I have seen.

22- That's the point. The commenter is a male, and this photo was Tumblr famous for months.