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Today, I was at the store buying some feminine products. At the cash register, the clerk said to me "Dude, you know those are for girls right?" I am a 30 year old woman. FML
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It's too bad that he mistook you for a man. But, really it's none of his business. Nice men go out and buy their women feminine hygiene products all the time. He's ignorant and just lonely because he doesn't have a girlfriend.

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why smack him.... he probably really thought she was a dude its not his fault he didn't know

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Yeah I agree its not his fault for knowing..But even if you don't wear makeup how can he not tell by your clothes??Or boobs,..unless you are flat chested =(

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YDI for looking like such a man

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but it IS his fault he opened his ******* big mouth. customers can buy whatever the hell they want no matter what gender they are. he had no business to tell her that she's buying girl products. idiot cashiers these days

exactly and even if she was a guy, then she/he could still buy if for the girlfriend/wife.

I'd have to agree, YDI for looking like a man.

#68: Yeah, except that lots of guys buy tampons for their girlfriends/wives. Most guys are not stupid enough to buy them for themselves. I know plenty of guys who buy them for their girlfriends - I always thought it was pretty common knowledge that sometimes guys do. It wouldn't be at all out of the ordinary, and it's a hell of a lot more likely than a guy trying to buy them for himself.

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#68, are you an idiot? It is no where near the cashier's rights to open his fat mouth. Guys buy feminine products all of the time for their pansy girlfriends who apparently can't get off their own ass to get them. So, no, first of all he has no right to say that and thereby slander the poor woman, and nor does he have any right to say anything at all in the first place. Your job as a cashier is to ring items through, price check occasionally, and small talk. Not to question the customer's purchases. OP, report it, or stick some feminine products in his ass and see if he likes it. FYL

@13: You are under the incorrect assumption that all chicks wear low-cut tops and show off their boobs to every passer-by. FYL OP, indeed. I agree the cashier should shut the hell up. Customer's always right... maybe you wanted to stick them (tampons? douches?) in your ass or something (if you were a guy). It's none of his business... @99: Hey, I tried to get my dad to run up and buy some stuff, but he wouldn't. Why did I ask him? Because I was stuck on the toilet, not because I was being a lazy ass. He told me just to stick toilet paper in my crotch and do it myself.

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Nope I never said the OP should wear low cut tops. Ill admit that I have seen people that I couldn't tell if they were a man or woman so naturally I would look for something a man wouldn't have like boobs. If you want to read more into what I said that's on you. Take it personal even if it wasn't meant to be.

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hahhahahaha you're probably very ugly and look like a man

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Yes she did. Without adding it, everybody would assume she's an early teen or something, to be flatchested and easily mistaken for a boy. A 30 years old woman tends to look more feminine, (or at any rate has no hopes to grow additional boobage), so obviously the added info was needed for the FML to be complete and funnier.

1) If a cashier actually started his/her sentence to a CUSTOMER with "Dude," he/she is clearly a moronic douchebag unfit to ever function in the professional world. You just don't talk to customers like that. 2) Like others say, he/she had no right to pry in your business like that. I'm sure the manager would have appreciated it if you'd have punched their employee in the face right then and there.

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boobage )))) IMAO. Something Ali G would say )))

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Everyone pitching a fit because the cashier made a mistake due to the OP's mannish features really needs to settle down and take a step back. "Why would he even say that?!?" - Well, he thought he was being helpful - chances are the OP didn't come up to the counter with just a box of feminine products - and the cashier was merely confirming there wasn't some kind of mistake. If you don't want to deal with these potential misunderstandings, OP, you should go to a store that has a self checkout line.

It's too bad that he mistook you for a man. But, really it's none of his business. Nice men go out and buy their women feminine hygiene products all the time. He's ignorant and just lonely because he doesn't have a girlfriend.

wow im guessing you're not married? how can you be a woman and look like a man. i mean the fact that ure out shopping for feminine stuff tells me that you do take care of yourself and i assume you're not a tomboy of any sort. and i doubt the clerk was an idiot so.. do something about yourself!

Dude, piss off. Not every woman likes to cake themselves in 5 lbs. of makeup to impress total strangers on their daily errands.

hey, u dont need make up to look like a woman alright. i mean seriously, if someone mistook you for a man how would you feel? did i even ask her to put on make up? she's obviously bothered about the fact that he thought she was a man, thats why she posted it here on FML. so i'm telling her to do something about it. i dont see anything wrong with that so you piss off.

I am mistaken for a boy quite often, and I'm used to it. I don't wear a ton of makeup, fluff up my hair, wear lowcut jeans or shirts, or wear a pushup bra to make my boobs look like they're twice their actual size. In this day and age, if you don't do any of the proceeding, then you're bound to be mistaken for a man because people have gotten so used to the fact that women pretty themselves up before leaving the house, even if it's just to go down the street to pick up a carton of milk.

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Yeah I agree with Irockmyworld because if shes not wearing makeup then her clothes must pass as guys..and no you don't need makeup but it's fun!

no thats rubbish. so youre saying if it werent for boobs and make up and clothes, men and women would look the same? there's something called facial features, or even the length of ure hair and how you keep it. and you really shudnt be proud of the fact that ure mistaken for a man a lot. that just shows something is really wrong.

and besides, if she really didnt care abt her clothes or boobs or hair or make up then she shudnt be bothered abt the clerks remark. she has a choice. end of story.

You're the one who started it by saying that OP should 'do something about themselves'. Facial features can't be fixed, and not every woman like to put up with growing out long hair and keeping it silky in order to hold the picture perfect image of being feminine.

yes she should. why shouldnt she do something abt it. ure the one who told me to piss off when i said she should take care of how she looks. im not saying she should look like some hollywood star at even 5am in the morning or when she goes to buy milk but at least look decent when out shopping or something. if you want to carry on looking like a guy then be my guest but u dont need to give her shitty advice. i mean look at everyone else, they're pretty much giving out advice on how to look better. just cause ure fine with ppl mistakin u as a man all the time doesnt mean the OP is fine with it. she posted here which shows she's not happy. so we're telling her to change. screw you if u cant understand such simple logic. go back to being a man

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LOL you #24 are making me laugh..

Apparently I'm the only one remaining in this world that believes people shouldn't have to worry about their natural appearance.

so if you're born with a cleft lip you wouldnt do anything abt it? if you turn out a hairy girl and have beard or moustache, you wouldnt do anything abt it? natural appearence is fine, when it doesnt result in embarrassing you. since when has making yourself look better ever been a bad thing? hell, you even feel better after u look at yourself in the mirror. god you're pretty weird for a girl.

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how do you know the OP isn't fine with it? a lot of the people who post stories on here don't post it cuz they actually think their life is ******..whatever happens is funny and they want to share it so it doesn't mean that now she's gonna become depressed and cut herself cuz some dumbass cashier thought she was a guy. and why the hell do you have to look decent when u go out? who cares what you look like? people like you and other posters on here who emphasize aesthetics are the real root of the problem for the materialization of women.

Since when is making yourself look better a bad thing? I'll tell you when. When the facade comes down and people all of the sudden see you for the way nature intended and look at you with disgust and rant about how you've 'let yourself go'. Many times this ends up disappointing people because they held the belief that you looked a certain way with all the extra crap on you, all the time. People today are a bunch of judgmental bastards who have forgotten the concept of true beauty being on the inside. Now, we have the media giving us shit if we weigh more than 100 lbs, don't wear tight clothes, don't have DD-sized cups, don't make our hair bouncy, and, of course, the makeup. If we don't wear it, there's apparently something wrong with us. And of course, there's the people who are too blind to figure out the very obvious anatomical differences between a man and a woman. And for the record, I'm not weird. The media just hasn't brainwashed me yet.

wtf, ALL im saying is for her to make herself look like a freaking WOMAN at least. im not telling her to put on make up, im a girl and i DONT like make up, im not telling her to go have plastic surgery for her manly features, neither am i telling her to get a boob job. ALL im saying is DONT look like a man. its so easy and ure turning it into some big media brainwashing thing. godddddd.

wow are you guys like those hell extreme feminists who dont shave or anything? i agree with irockmyworld, no ones saying she has to change but why complain about being called a man if you dont mind it? obviously it affected her and if so, then she should do something about it. if she doesnt have boobs, who cares, but if you have facial hair or a monobrow etc etc you should probably wax, or, again dont be surprised when you're called a man.

Enlighten me. What advice do you have to make one NOT look like a man that doesn't require makeup, a pushup bra, skin-tight clothes, and fancy hair produces. A woman should look like a woman anyways, because of natural anatomy! Nobody should feel obligated to alter their appearance just because they're leaving the house.

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Wow both of you should calm down. irockmyworld was only offering advice to help the OP. If she didn't feel bothered by it I DOUBT she would post it on FML!! I for one would not like to be mistaken as a man.If you don't care if peope mistake you for a man then good for you!! And all your talk about natural appearances,then should I assume you don't shave?Because that's unnatural. You must not shower either? Right?

thank you kwinters and sexymessy for backing me up. im so tired of having a meaningless argument. okay lets see, she could just brush her hair for one, like kwinters said, get rid of a monobrow if she has one, maybe not wear such baggy clothes esp jeans, not walk around in sneakers, maybe a nice sandal or heels if the OP likes them. trim her nails, paint them maybe? maybe carry a nice purse or handbag. a little lady's perfume?? then again i dont know wad the OP is doing wrong so i cant say what exactly she can improve on. but there def is room for improvement.

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Sexymessy: We're both pretty calm and actually Luckster is being as civilized and as composed as one can be in this conversation. Not once has she resorted to personal attacks on you or Rock/world. And like I said earlier, you don't have to be bothered by stuff to post it on FML. I post stuff on here ALL the time which is sad/pathetic but also funny and I want to share it and see what kind of comments/fights people get into on here so I can amuse myself later on. (Currently, our fight is exactly the type of stuff I'm looking for when I post stuff). Anywayy, if you don't wanna be mistaken as a man..good for you as well. And please don't put your intelligence on show by comparing showering with appearance. There's a difference between "looking like a woman" and "dressing up for aesthetic purposes" and hygiene (referring to shower comment).

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OH and another thing I want to point out. I'm not saying she shouldn't go pretty herself up if that's what she wants. What I'm saying is that she shouldn't be bothered by the cashier's comments or what anyone thinks of her. If people see her as a man, who gives a ******* rat's ass about that? Do what you feel is right and best for you. That goes with shaving too. If you feel like shaving is making you feel better, go for it. If you hate it, you shouldn't worry about what guys think or other girls think. My point is simply that girls don't need to care about what the society is thinking..just go and do what YOU want..if that includes brushing your hair and wearing girly clothes, go for it. But if you're only going to do it for others, then save yourself some time and use it for better things.

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When I said calm I basically meant your making a big deal out of nothing. Here's the problem. Irockmyworld perceived this FML as a "Wahhhh I was mistaken for a guy" So naturally she offered some advice. Your taking it as the fml is funny to the OP and we dont know if that's how the OP felt either. So I really don't see your point in continuing this disagreement since we DON'T know how the OP feels! And as far as the shower goes, I only added that in there seeing as how Lucksterz(sp?) was so obsessed with being all "natural" which apparently even you "natural" folks have limits on as well.

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There's no limits on being natural. However, being natural doesn't equal being unhygienic. Thus, we do shower. And yes, I agree that this conversation need not go on. I now see my folly in arguing when it doesn't really change or affect anything or anyone...So good day to you ma'am.

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I thought that by 'feminine products' the OP was euphemistically referring to tampons or something. Which isn't 'taking care of yourself', it's kind of a necessity. But even if the OP is masculine-looking, this is the cashier's fault for rudely commenting on his customer's choices. He's not being paid to offer sarcastic commentary on their groceries.

i think so too! i used to have short hair, wear no make-up and people would always mistake me for a boy or a dyke. today's society is horrible, everyone has to look like a ***** for a guy to pay attention to them

I just want to say, thank you for being the only intelligent person left on FML.

Luckster, I like you lots CB I wear jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers, no make up, but I do have long, wavy hair, and STILL have been mistook male. If not, then they shout "dyke!" and insist I'm some sort of freak for not wanting to wear revealing clothing... even my own mother and father. For a while, my father was extremely pissed off at me for not piercing my ears... I still have no idea why. People are damned ******* stupid.. Also FYI: heels ******* suck ass... why ******* wear something when it hurts? AND they're kind of part of that "fake" line up. I asked my mother "Why did you make me wear these?" and she said "well women wear them to look taller and thinner" .... what's wrong with being short? and I'm already skinny, I don't ******* need to look "slimmer" ... and of course, it doesn't even make that much of a ******* difference to bother with, does it? I mean, I've never once thought someone looked "thinner" because of their heels... nor "taller" since I knew they were just wearing heels. Costume fail. Exactly what you said in 33... And I've attempted to post several FMLs of my life I wasn't necessarily bothered by, but amused at. A ****** life is an amusing one, in case we haven't noticed by our "LOLs" at the posts here... Oh, and keeping clean IS natural, just so you know. And shaving? Most chicks don't get enough facial hair for it to be noticeable, and anywhere else doesn't matter since the OP is fully clothed. There are certain anatomical difference between males and females that have nothing to do with boobs. Our faces are different, our general shape is different, our hands are different.... OP's cashier was just a moron.

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See you took what everyone said personal. No one was giving any of YOU advice on how not to look like a man. You just took it that way because obviously someone has told you that before. Your arguing over advice. No one has to take it. So let it go. I could care less if you don't bye into the "hype" of dressing up. It's your opinion just like it's mine to say I like doing that. Just like there are other reasons to do it. Not every person that wears makeup is wearing it for a man. Personally I like to FOR me, to see how much I can change my look,or ENHANCE my natural beauty and there are days I don't wear any, I don't feel like I need makeup to be beautiful to me its just a choice. Not once did anyone of us say that looks are everything because I know they aren't!!Personality outlasts beauty any day. And #112 I guess you didn't read the posts right because we brought up shaving based on Lucksterz saying why can't people just be natural. I assume then she must not shave because that is not natural. I guess everyone has their own definition of natural.

I don't see why you're making the assumption that she isn't a tomboy just because she's buying tampons...tomboys need tampons too...

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In my opinion (like you people care haha) I don't see why looks matter so much. I've been mistaken for a boy, but either way I find myself attractive. Shallow people have karma find them in shallow waters.

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aree you an actrative loooking " guy" ? lol

Rule 32. Clerks should know better anyway.

how bout you lose some weight or something. do someting so you look less like a dude... makeup always works....

Yeah, right. Being fat is an exclusively male trait, and men never wear make up. You didn't really think that comment through did you?

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