By Anonymous - / Sunday 9 June 2013 14:29 / United States - Greenwood
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  lexa1love  |  16

I imagine ill care about getting laid until I die. Just because you're old doesn't mean the libido stops. Hope you realize that your grandparents are probably still having sex if they're living.


72, you have out mental images in my head that may never be erased, so, as a fair trade, I want you to watch two girls, and one cup. Imagine your grandmother doing such with her bingo partner.


Well it is entirely likely she meant 'YOU can decide whether or not to have sex instead of relying on a condom to protect you' hence 'you are your own birth control'. However seeing the conclusion that everyone here is jumping too I can see why this is an FML. She could've worded that a bit better(if that's what she meant).

  lexa1love  |  16

I have seen that video and it did not phase me at all. My grandmother has passed and was never a fan of bingo. Maybe she'd have done it with the milk man though! ;) If it makes you feel better my 74 year old grandmother just told me a year ago. "I sure hate sucking on his thing!" In regards to my grandfather.

  MissyMiss5  |  13

I cannot believe how inappropriate and rude people have become! Why can't we follow the golden rule; if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!

  Booda_Shun  |  28

They've seen so much of life that they're in "developer mode"

By  Aspen_Grace33  |  27

When reading FMLs like these, I always wonder how these people can speak like this to their customers and still have a job. Ignore them, OP. Clearly this person has nothing else going for them that they have to pick on people making purchases.

  VampireBiter  |  7

I've seen much worse, surprised those people never got fired.

In any case, if an old lady is saying that she's being honest and blunt, I'd take this as positive criticism. It helped me change into my dashing self that I am, maybe it can help you too op.

  Pleonasm  |  31

The sentiment is nice, and I appreciate it, but people around here prefer not to see that, ie prefer you send it via PM. If you'd rather not get some edgy people getting all holier-than-thou on you, you should probably keep it PM!
Regardless, I'm just another regular and nothing really exceptional.

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