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Today, I was standing in line at the checkout, and my children were arguing with each other. The guy in front of me sighed loudly and told me over his shoulder: "There're these things called condoms, you know." FML
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Ask him if his parents know about them, rude prick.

I guess his parents didn't get the memo either


Ask him if his parents know about them, rude prick.

Nah man I think of it like a tag team I go in first and soften em' up Then you come in and finish them off

Looks like the condom was rudely pricked...

Should have said there's also these things called muzzles, would be perfect for him.

i don't know that his comment wasn't justified. was the parent trying to stop the arguing or just letting it continue on and on? I know some things can't be helped but if they're not listening to the parent, it's time to go and come back later.

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@74 It says they were arguing. We don't know if they were actually causing a scene or if that guy thinks kids shouldn't disagree in public. Either way, implying her children shouldn't exist just because they had an argument is shitty.

Or just tell him his mother should have swallowed. Lol

It was kids.. How many kids do you know that sit down and quietly discuss their problems? What do you think is more likely: the op's children were quietly arguing like adults and the man suddenly snapped at them or the kids were being loud arguing and it got on the guys last nerve. The comment is terrible, but so is having to be close to kids not being controlled by their parent. Have to agree that we need more info.

That's when you say "Thank God you use them. We don't like when ass holes reproduce!"

tell him to go **** himself, either he doesn't have kids or takes no part in raising them that's how kids are, no big deal

Tell him that his parents should've used them.

and his mouth needs some duct tape over it. we all have our problems.

How do you **** yourself with a condom??

First find a way on how to **** yourself, then you can decide on whether you want to use a condom or not.

Safe sex guys, you should use a condom to **** everyone, including yourself.

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"Yea, and your mom should have used one"

A huge dick like him would know /all/ about condoms.

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I don't know about "huge dick" - his personality seems to have gotten a majority of it.