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Today, for Valentine's Day, my boyfriend gave me the half-eaten chocolate bar that I left in his fridge two weeks ago. FML
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At least he remembered it was Valentine's day?

You would perhaps prefer that he either ate the whole thing or left it out in the sun so it would melt? Show some gratitude. All I got today was a cigarette butt and a purple nurple.


At least he remembered it was Valentine's day?

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY OP!!! At least u got a gift.

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Well, did YOU get him anything for valentines day?

Screw valentine's day. Happy Pancake tuesday!!

Wow, that's even worse than the pack of gum I received... You definitely deserve a good "FYL"

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Be happy OP. All I got for valentines day is the flu.

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At least he gave you something and didn't forget lol

The best thing he could give you for valentines day, is a lil' bit of lovin.

he cared enough to save it. I would have eaten it.

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Maybe he did forget about it, and as she was giving him her gift, he was like oh shit and busted out the candy bar. It was the only thing his feeble mind could come up with at the time.

who doesn't remember that? it's all people talk about for a week.

Why did you refrigerate a chocolate bar?

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Lots of candy is good cold. Try a frozen Milky Way.

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I would have understood putting it in the freezer. Just not the fridge.

72:to keep it cool, yet not frozen, so it when you bite it, it won't break your teeth

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We keep chocolate chips in the fridge. They're better cold.

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I don't think that's the point of op's story dude

Honestly, I hate valentines day because girls always expect it to be the most romantic day and puts pressure on every guy.

I hate valentine's day because I, as a girl, am expected to pressure my guy with all that ikky schmoopy-doo crap. Is it just me, or is all valentine's decor either stupidly mushy wuvvy or stupidly vulgar?

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I think Valentines day shouldn't exist. Men should treat their women with respect and love every day, not just once a year.

And visa versa. Loving respectful relationship is best relationship.

46 and 86 you're both speaking in extremes. It sucks because of the way society views the occasion but there is nothing really bad about the day itself. There is no harm in doing something extra special once a year, expecting someone to maintain this all year round is honestly a bit of a joke. If you get comfortable in a relationship it is not uncommon to be unromantic, and still be quite happy with it, then once a year go all out. It just sucks that - in young couples especially (time wise, not age) - there is a level of expectation that remains quite ridiculous. And uh, 55, maybe grow a spine and learn to uphold your own opinions in your life. Who allows expectations to force them to be an asshole? How about noticing that it is ridiculous and standing up for yourself?

146- I like what you said about it being okay to not always be romantic. I do believe, however, that valentine's day ruins that whole "once a year" plan. Romance is about spontaneity, showing your appreciation for someone because you want to. Females have begun to expect (and even demand) romance on this particular day, and that ruins the romance of it. Since when has valentines day been about getting the best, most expensive gifts, and not about showing people that you love them?

157, I don't know why people have trouble reading the entire post I make, but I have addressed your point in the last sentence of the exact paragraph you're referring to. Also, to you romance is about spontaneity, that doesn't mean others can't appreciate the day for what it is and still find it very romantic. My question is more why so much hate on the day when it is the unrealistic expectations of individuals that can ruin it?

165- Fair enough. I don't hate the day at all; I just choose not to celebrate it. I completely agree with you though. I'd just rather show my love for someone because I want to, not because a day says I have to. All day yesterday, people kept asking "What did you get?" They didn't ask "Who are you spending the day with?" or "What are you and your loved one doing today?" I was completely disappointed in how materialistic society has become, so I was mostly just ranting in my last post. Sorry if you thought I was arguing with you. :)

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Time to play a game called 'Dump the Douche!'

It's easy, first you buy a douche, second, you use it, and third you throw it away. It's not really that fun of game or a game at all for that matter but those are the rules. Remember it's a single player game like... ummm... tag.

Justy101 23

I'm just taking a stab in the dark here, but I'm guessing the only rule is to "dump the douche".

87- you are wrong, because there is a whole mess of other rules that come after dumping the douche. Most of which deal with either A.) Avoiding the douche. Or B.) taking revenge upon the douche. Each with their own respective rules.

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I, along with millions of single people and children in Africa, got nothing for valentines day. So stop meowing and enjoy your chocolate bar

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Don't complain about being singe. If you are single it is your fault, so stop meowing about it and go feed your cats. Stupid cat lady.

6 I know there is terrible things going on in Africa, a lot of parts in the world, and maybe in your life but don't be downer. This is a place for things that sucked, are funny, and or someone's life is actually ******. If you want to go here depressing stuff got to and enjoy that site.

Shut up! Stop whining, get off the computer and get a life!

For a minute there, I thought #84 was perdix. Change that profile pic, bro...

Hey it's not like you have a life trolling on the internet you stupid loser, so shut up

You would perhaps prefer that he either ate the whole thing or left it out in the sun so it would melt? Show some gratitude. All I got today was a cigarette butt and a purple nurple.

I sent out a mass messege saying happy valentines. I got no messeges back. I'd take a purple nurple any day.

I got a half eaten apple thrown at my head.

my valentine is a Pentium 4, how sad right?....only plus to that is i can keep her turned on for hours

... 1) doc your life sucks . 2) why be grateful.. It's better to get nothing at all. 3) dump the fag.

Only thing I got today so far was a massive headache when I strode headfirst into a low hanging I-beam at work and put myself on my ass. Still not really complaining for two reasons: One, day's not over yet, wife likes to keep me in suspense ;) an Two, if a headache and whiplash is the worst thing I can gripe about in my life, I'm doing just fine. :) Cheers!

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All I got today was my period and extreme cramps.

Very well then ICATiger and Glitter cookies: Happy Valentine's Day!!! There. Now you can't say all you got was nothing and cramps. ;) (Is that a little sad when a stranger online does more for you on V day than everyone else?) :p

I got raped. By my lovely female German Shepard. Happy valentines. :)

Of course, it could be his way of telling her to stop leaving her shit everywhere. A half eaten chocolate bar left in his fridge for two weeks? Yeah, sounds like he was trying to tell her something to me. Who leaves their half eaten food in someone elses fridge for extended periods of time?

It's half a bar of chocolate. You should be happy and eat it

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And hopefully you gave him a breakup

There's nothing quite like being alone on valentines day, eh?

Hopefully she broke him off a piece of that kit-kat bar.. (sorry, that is what his comment made me think of)