By fantastic - 03/02/2012 18:47 - France

Today, I went to the store to get Valentine's Day gifts to decorate my boyfriend's and my new apartment. He was there shopping with his wife. FML
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How is he married to someone else if he is living with you?

at least you don't have to get him a valentine's day gift.


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lol.. it's attached to your rod mutha licka!

rabidgoon how does that make her a *****?? she obviously didnt know that he was married! duhh

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how does that make her a *****? she didn't know he was married an if she did she probably wouldn't be upset about it. ignorant.

#23...I think you mean 99.99 percent of all guys are all assholes. The rest are dead.

true, only .1% of all men.. ever have died. FAIL

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52 That may be true, but 100 percent of men have assholes.

90% of percentages are made on the spot.

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51: I'm pretty sure it's the other way around lol.

Not true. There are people, men included, in the world that have no lower half of their body... Not that I am trying to say that men aren't assholes, because they definitely are, but this is just a little fyi. Lol. = )

"my boyfriend and I" isn't correct in this sentence because you would say "I's apartment".

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IM OLD GREEEG I GOT A MANGINA! mighty boosh is ******* awesome.

You're a jerk. She obviously didn't know

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Aww...OP....that really does suck! At least now you know he's an ass, and can now move on with your life.

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you should walk up to him and say last night was fun. wink. or you could tell her everything that's happened between you guys.

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haha I agree with you on the first one!!

How is he married to someone else if he is living with you?

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I you look she said she was buying stuff to decorate her new apartment, and his own apartment. They aren't living together.

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yea they are she said "my boyfriend's and my new apartment" so that means it's their apartment.

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actually you guys are both right because they didn't live together and now they got a NEW apartment so they probably just move in together

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ydi for beleiving it. it was probably a friend and u over reacted. or maybe u were stoned. or maybe he's an alien. or maybe it's true.

at least you don't have to get him a valentine's day gift.

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sounds fake to me why is he not living with his wife? unless he pretended that he travels a lot a lot!