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  VDubbGrrl  |  4

Bballsoccerrocks, not only does your question make ZERO sense, you had to be doubly annoying by posting it twice!

"Were they good I guess?" Is the worst question I have read all day.

  showdaddy46  |  0

If you can say "you are," as in "you are stupid," then you need an apostrophe. Just a rule of thumb for all these newbies to the English language.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Sorry, #76, I was actually using the reply feature for its intended purpose and my comment should be read as a response to #10. I didn't think it was necessary to clarify this but apparently it's not as obvious as I assumed due to annoying children being unable to resist their pleas for attention and deciding to post irrelevant comments as replies.

  yumlicious  |  4

Meant to say cat. Srsly. T and R are right next to each other. And easy to be mixed up when typing...especially on iPhone and their tiny virtual buttons.