By CrappyValentine - 14/02/2012 18:56 - Netherlands

Today, I tried convincing my Valentine-hating boyfriend to send me a card, by explaining how important it is to me. He finally agreed and sent me a card. I opened it up, and it wished me 'harmony and well-being on Lupercalia'. What is Lupercalia? It's an ancient Roman festival where men run down the street naked, whipping people with goat skins to encourage fertility. FML
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That's why you shouldn't force your boyfriend to do nice things for you. It won't happen (and with good reason).


YES! DON'T STOP! Now get the egg-beater...

*whips Gingersnapper* *whips Averizzle* *whips fmivida1* Now go, and be fertile, my children.

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ydi for ebing so shallow about a $6 little card from target when you know he hates valentines day anyway

purplemnm 9

*walks up to sirin, bends over, and waits* >.>

*pulls her mod-hammer out of Purplemnm's ass* Okay, I'm done, I need to be get shitfaced and moderate people now >_>

*pulls her mod-hammer out of Purplemnm's ass* Okay, I'm done, I need to be get shitfaced and moderate people now >_>

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*pulls her mod-hammer out of Purplemnm's ass* Okay, I guess I need to go get shitfaced and moderate people now >_>

Pulls out camcorder in anticipation of making a blockbusting pornography movie*

purplemnm 9

aww no kinky time for meee ;(

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And this is why Sirin is single. Don't beat me?

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That's is the most awesome Valentines day card ever. I would save that letter. And good for you OP. This isn't an FML at all.

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Okay let me start of with... LMFAO!!! purplemnm got **** blocked by Saten... I mean Sirin... Ajjas finally made a joke I'm proud of him~ And I def did came...

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who else just had weird mucus just splurge out thier ass

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ewwww.... but anyway that is an epic win OP.

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#93 your an idiot just don't talk. ever. bahaha

MadaZer0 8

"bahaha" How the **** is that funny? What you think idiocy is a joke?! That just makes you more of an idiot than me. Think before you comment jackass.

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purplemnm 9

@ 93 I also found that sirin stores her mod-hammer in my anal cavity I feel special -hugs self- ^_^

how is that an fml thats an awesome boyfried!!!

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As you should purple... As you should :)

You deserve it for pushing him to do something he didn't want too, besides that's absolutely hilarious! XD

Y'all must be hella desperate to get virtual orgasms on a French news feed website.

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... Is it wrong that I have a boner after reading this thread of comments?

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hey stop making weird comment some kids are on fml to!!

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purplemnm 9

why does my comment keep dissappearing and reappearing?

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you should have been turned on by that. (;

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Because you're so ******* awesome.

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This is a YDI for bitching over not getting a flimsy, worthless card that will probably end up in the trash after he cheats on your with your sister's ex-girlfriend.

Sister's ex-girlfriend? Why not just sister? I don't understand what assuming her sister is a lesbian, or that she even has a sister, adds to your comment.

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I don't get why people treat valentine day like 'important for every person in the world and I would be extremely hurt if you don't give me expensive presents while I give you cheap home made chocolate.'

I don't get why so many guys are anti-Valentine's Day. It's ONE DAY a year. Most girls I know aren't looking for diamonds or ridiculously over-priced roses. They just want their significant other to make a gesture that says, "Hey, I know there are a lot of other girls out there, but I want to spend the one day of the year dedicated to love with YOU." You have an ENTIRE YEAR to plan something. I will agree, though, that girls should do something equally nice for their guys.

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Well did you run down the street nekked?

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That's the real question here. Your boyfriend is pretty damn funny.

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That's why you shouldn't force your boyfriend to do nice things for you. It won't happen (and with good reason).

or just don't force valentine onto people? lmao that's a good one. I'll remeber it next time people ask me to celerbrate valentine.

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first "your life sucks" :) I waana be apart of that:P

well nothing says happy valentines day like being whipped it the face with.......... skin? oh my.

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He is! and Hallmark thanks you too...